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The MJC which in reality is a council of JUHALA issued the following donkey ‘fatwa’ calculated for spreading discord:

Chances that Eid al-Fitr for this year will be on any date other than 5 June are slim to the point of negligibility. The available astronomical data convincingly indicate that the crescent moon will be easily visible all over the world on the evening of 4 June, leading to 5 June being Eid.


This cartel of carrion halaalizers whose speciality is to halaalize carrion and feed the ignorant Muslim masses carrion chicken and carrion meat, having no other constructive Deeni activity, issued its drivel statement which is in total contradiction to the Fatwa of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


Just what is the need for this trash ‘fatwa’ of the Council of Juhala? What is the objective for this stupidity?  It is only the satanic desire for creating fitnah – discord and controversy in the community. Furthermore, what constrains professed Muslims who proclaim themselves as ‘ulama’ to issue rubbish ‘fatwas’ in  diametric conflict with the Fatwa of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)?


When a Muslim follows the atheists of West into their ‘lizard’s hole’, then his thinking becomes atheistic. He sees beauty and wisdom in the theories and methodology of the Yahood and Nasaara. That is why these juhala are so enamoured with the ‘astronomical data’ of fussaaq and fujjaar astronomers and atheist scientists. They accord this data preference over the categorical proclamations and fataawa of even Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


Regarding Ramadhaan, Eid and the Islamic months in general, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that we should begin and end the Fasting of Ramadhaan with the sighting of the crescent moon. While this is the only criterion to determine Eidul Fitr, the juhala of the MJC, enamoured by the wayward astronomers and atheist scientists, have introduced the haraam bid’ah of ‘astronomical data’ which have absolutely no application in terms of the Shariah. Astronomical calculations are totally precluded from the Islamic equation regarding the determination of Eidul Fitr, Ramadhaan and the Islamic months.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) presented the Ummah with the following criterion:  If it is overcast, etc. and the hilaal is not sighted at the end of the 29th day, then the month will be 30 days. There is absolutely no need to add on or delete from this Command. The accretion of astronomical data is a haraam bid’ah.


Regardless of the prediction of astronomical data, it remains incumbent on Muslims to sight the hilaal at the end of the 29th day of every Islamic month even if the moon is 5 hours old according to the atheists and fussaaq. The age of the moon has no relevance with the rooyat (sighting) ordered by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The Law of Allah Ta’ala in this regard is that if the moon is sighted by aadil Muslims, the new month is confirmed. There is no other requisite. Islam is simple and has been divinely designed for all people of all times right until the Last Day.


Thus, if AADIL witnesses report their sighting, Ramadhaan, Eid or any other Islamic month will be confirmed even if the moon is one hour old. The word of an Aadil Muslim in this context will not be discarded in favour of astronomical data regardless of the accuracy and correctness of such data. If according to all the available astronomical data sighting is not only slim, but impossible, then too, it cannot override the testimony of Aadil witnesses who report their sighting.


The most that the juhala who follow the astronomers can say, is that seeing the moon of one hour is a scientific impossibility. While we shall agree with these ignoramuses on this score, this scientific verity cannot override the Shariah. Hence, even if the Aadil witnesses had erred in their sighting, it is of no consequence. Their word shall be imperatively accepted on the basis of Shar’i command, and the new month confirmed and declared.


Assuming that the Aadil witnesses had truly erred and had mistook some other heavenly object for the moon, then too, it makes no difference. Whether they had actually seen the hilaal or not, is not the issue. There is absolutely no harm in celebrating Eid or beginning Ramadhaan on days which according to the astronomers are not the first day of the new Islamic month. As long as the criteria of the Shariah have been adopted, Ramadhaan and Eid will be valid. While according to the trash data it will not be the day of Eid, according to the Shariah, it will be Eid. Our Shariah is Islam, not astronomical data disgorged by atheists, fussaaq and fujjaar and  churned into rubbish ‘fatwas’ by those who specialize in carrion halaalizing and leeching the community to fill their coffers with haraam boodle.


Regardless of the astronomical data, it remains Waajib to sight the moon at the end of the 29th day of the Islamic month. This year the 4th June coincides with the 29th of Ramadhaan, hence sighting the hilaal on 4th June will be Waajib. There was therefore absolutely no need for the trash ‘fatwa’ issued by the council of juhala.


In the estimation of astronomers and scientists even if they are professed Muslims, the Shariah is second fiddle. It does not have the same significance which they accord to their mundane sciences. To them, their ‘sciences’ are of decisive importance while the masaa-il of the Shariah may be juggled and interpolated to bring them into subservience of their worldly data. Since these characters have acquired their teaching and understanding from atheists, fussaaq, fujjaar and zanaadaqah, their brains have been fitted into a straitjacket of kufr, hence shunting the Shariah and discarding its ahkaam when in conflict with their worldly data are deemed necessary. The juhala sheikhs and molvis who are enamoured by the false glitter of the dunya having abandoned the Taqleed of the Shariah believe it necessary and intelligent to make taqleed of stupidity – the trash of the astronomers and scientists.

18 Ramadhaan 1440 – 24 May 2019


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