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A Port Elizabeth based haraam entity, labelling itself, ‘al-fidaa’ foundation’, whose primary function is to deceive the Muslim community for siphoning from it Zakaat and Lillah funds for shaitaani and nafsaani utilization, has published a picture of a Musjid in the Ciskei region. It has called the Musjid ‘Ethembeni Masjid’. Regarding this Musjid, the bogus, al-fidaa’ foundation has made the following allegations:

“This was the first ever Masjid established in King Williams Town but is sadly in a very bad state. Almost all the windows and doors are broken, there are no lights or carpets.”

The shaitaani objective of al-fidaa’ foundation for having published the picture and the comment is for collecting funds – haraam funds – funds by deception – for its own shaitaani and deceptive agenda. For the edification of the Muslim community, it is essential to make known the following facts regarding the Musjid:


(1) The Name of the Musjid is Al-Musjidul Awwal. The Musjid was built by JUSA, i.e. the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa, (not the NNB jamiat bogus jamiatul ulama South Africa). The genuine JUSA was established in 1970. To this day, the Musjid is registered in the name of JUSA who in terms of the law is the legal owner of the Musjid. 

(2) The Musjid was built in an area where not a single Muslim lived. The ground for the Musjid was presented by the then Chief of the Tembeni region. A low scale Maktab has continued to operate ever since the Musjid’s establishment. 

(3) Brother Luqmaan and Brother Feisal have been in charge of the Musjid ever since its establishment, and they remain in charge to this day. 

(4) Since 1980 until 2018, i.e. for 38 years, when there was not a single Muslim living near to the Musjid, there never was a single case of vandalization at the Musjid. Money has been spent regularly on the maintenance and improvement of the Musjid. Despite no guard/watchman living on the premises, the Musjid was never vandalized nor was a single item stolen from the Musjid over the past 40 years. 

(5) The ‘vandalization’ and ‘neglect’ on which the haraam al-fidaa’ foundation is surreptitiously seeking to capitalize for monetary objectives, have been orchestrated by a sinister group. Some members of this group are those whom we had sent from Tembeni to acquire Deeni Ilm at Isipingo Madrasah and elsewhere. This sinister group whose evil objective is to utilize this Musjid as a base for collecting funds to line their pockets, has orchestrated the ‘vandalization’ of the Musjid. 

(6) Non-Muslims have not vandalized the Musjid nor stolen any of the items of the Musjid. The evil has been perpetrated by these evils persons posing as Muslims and even as maulanas. Al-fidaa’ foundation has clambered aboard the bandwagon to serve its own pernicious agenda, and is utilizing the person called ‘maulana muhsin mbotoli’ to further its shaitaani aims and objectives. This ‘maulana’ has no relationship with the Musjid although we had sent him to acquire Ilm at Isipingo when he was a little child. But he has never ever been in the service of the Musjid nor  was he a service to the community from where he hails in Tembeni. 

The Jamiatul Ulama S.A. (JUSA) will, Insha-Allah, institute measures for the security and better arrangement of the Musjid and its affairs. The Muslim community should not contribute a cent to any bogus characters, especially, Al-fidaa’ foundation. JUSA has not appointed any person nor any organization to solicit funds for the Musjid. SO BEWARE OF THE BOGUS CHARACTERS

4 Shawwaal 1440 – 8 June 2019


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