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Subsequent to our comment on the Eid Gah assault/alleged assault, we have receive the following letters:

(1) From Shameer Malani

Dear respected brothers in Islam, 

As-salaamu-alykum-wa-rahmatullahi-wa baraakatu, 

There is a broadcast message purportedly sent by me which doing the rounds regarding an incident with a Moulana in Pmb. 

The message contains my name and cell number and appears on the face of it to be sent by me. 

I confirm that this message is not legitimate and was not sent by me. In fact was in the company of others when the message initially broadcasted. 

I am taking steps with the authorities to locate the mischief making author of the message whereafter I intend instituting appropriate legal proceedings against such person. 

In the interim, the author is invited to contact me privately to confess and apologise and the matter could perhaps be resolved amicably. Continuing with the spirit of Ramadan I am ready to forgive the author and forget the damage caused to me. I hope and expect that he/she comes forward to avoid unnecessary court battles. 

May Allah swt guide us all to the straight path and cleanse our hearts of malice in shaa Allah. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


Shameer Malani

(2) From Essa Dawood

Respected Moulana 

As salaam mo alaikum
We find it necessary to mention that the businessman accused herein was clearing and preparing the grounds for the Eid gah the following day. He undertook this task with 15 laborers at his own cost.
He is a well known figure in Pietermaritzburg well known and liked and popular figure amongst all the ulema in durban and Pietermaritzburg.
What was disappointing was the failure by the responsible ulema to quell this incident which was clearly blown out of proportion and allowed to fester to the degree that it has.
They simply hinged onto the fact that he assaulted the Aalim without listening to both sides fairly and considering mitigating factors etc.
Really, I really am wondering what was more villainous..., / the alleged assault upon the Aalim, or the shoddy and unbecoming manner or response of the people in resolving the matter quickly , particularly the ulema responsible, following the incident. There are many other factors and information which is sensitive and which shall be revealed depending on how this matter pans out.
Was salaam


(3) From Essa Dawood

Respected Moulana
As salaam mo alaikum
Please forgive me for the multiple e mails in the matter herein.. Just that I remember facts after sending information on this matter/
The businessman herein accused received death threats and very severely verbally rebuked and abused by many  members of the Pietermaritzburg community following the incident. He was warned not to attend the Eid gah and if he did, he would be knifed to death at the place. I personally heard the telephone threats from the father of the Aalim, Suleman Mehtar.
The man who cleared the grounds for the eid gah was not allowed to attend the venue.
Was salaam

Our advice:

The Ulama in Pietermaritzburg should meet both brothers to satisfactorily resolve this unfortunate incident. The ill-feeling should not be perpetuated.

6 Shawwaal 1440 -10 June 2019


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