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The organization, GIFT OF THE GIVERS has recently issued a statement in which is mentioned that they have spent R15 million on water projects in Makhanda, but the authorities have not paid the organization.

I wrote the following letter to Gift of the Givers:


Insha'Allah you are well. 

Please can you clarify this for me: 

Kindly explain the category of the funds that Gift of the Givers had spent on the Makhanda project for which you have not been paid. 

Also, is Gift of the Givers in debt for the work done at Makhanda. If in debt, to what amount are you in debt? 

Jazakallah Khairan 


(End of letter)

However, the organization has chosen to ignore my questions regarding the R15 million which they blew in the place called Makhanda. Please comment on this evil state of affairs. This organization, I am sure collects Zakaat and Lillaah as well. What is the status of the Zakaat and Lillaah funds which are used and lost in this manner?


While it is generally known that the Gift of the Givers is a Muslim body, we are not sure of its Muslim status. It has to be firstly ascertained if this is an Islamic organization, and if it does collect Zakaat and Lillah funds. 

If it is established that the community is contributing Zakaat and Lillah to this body, then obviously these Deeni obligations have not been discharged. It is haraam to contribute funds of a Deeni nature to this organization. Those who had contributed Zakaat and Lillah to this body, should demand to be refunded. Their Zakaat and other obligations have not been discharged. 

It is Waajib for Muslims to first ascertain the Islamic credentials and integrity of an organization before entrusting it with funds.

7 Shawwaal 1440 -11 June 2019


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