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Is red wine vinegar halaal? SANHA has awarded the halaal status to Woolworths RED WINE VINEGAR. Explaining the basis for certifying red wine vinegar halaal, SANHA says:

“Halaal Status of Vinegars

From a chemistry perspective, when a grape juice product ferments, it becomes wine...and when wine oxidises, it turns into vinegar. SANHA accepts all vinegars including cider vinegars, herb vinegars, rice vinegar.

What is the status of wine vinegar according to the Shariah?


SANHA, the Carrion Halaalizer is an entity which grovels in abject jahaalat, and whose motive is the acquisition of boodle regardless of the haraam status of acquisition. The molvis of SANHA are motivated by the haraam boodle to certify any kind of rijs and najaasat halaal. The concern is only money, and the money has practically defaced and even effaced the Imaan of these SANHA carrion halaalizing characters. 

Their ‘halaal’ logos have appeared on even pork which is unconcealed haraam, which every moron Muslim too understands. SANHA’s concealed haraam is the millions of carrion chickens, the carrion meats, etc. which are ‘halaal’ certified despite the blatancy of the haraam status of the carrion. It is therefore not at all surprising if SANHA will certify and halaalize liquors such as whisky, vodka and the plethora of other wines on the basis of some ‘chemistry perspective’. 

The halaalization of liquor MUST happen. It is as sure as day and night because Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has informed us that an age will dawn when his Ummah will halaalize liquor giving it some fancy name to detract from its hurmat. Only carrion entities, molvis and sheikhs who are in league with Iblees have the kufr audacity of executing this satanic task of halaalizing carrion and wine. Only those who are destined to be the fuel of Jahannam possess the satanic ‘mettle’ for halaalizing carrion and wine, and feeding it to millions of Muslims thereby ruining their Imaan. 

Consider the red wine vinegar. Despite SANHA having molvis – stupid, moron molvis – in its ranks, the only daleel these morons have presented for certifying the red wine vinegar is the story they have acquired from kuffaar chemistry experts. While from a chemistry perspective a product can undergo a metamorphosis to change it into another product, a process termed in the Shariah Qalbul Maahiyat, it is not permissible to award a Shar’i status to a product purely on the basis of the findings of kuffaar experts wallowing in kufr and janaabat. 

In its argument for awarding the red wine vinegar the halaal status, SANHA has failed to present any Shar’i daleel. This gross ineptitude conspicuously displays the jahaalat of SANHA’s molvis. If they had possessed genuine Ilm, their brains would not have to grapple with any ‘chemistry perspective’ for the acquisition of the Shar’iah’s stance regarding vinegar. The Shariah, i.e. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah, have already ruled on the status of vinegar more than fourteen centuries ago. Therefore, for the status of vinegar – any vinegar – regardless of its derivative source, there is absolutely no need to turn to the kuffaar experts for daleel.

During the time of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah, vinegar was undoubtedly produced from wine. The wine was left in barrels and vats for months. It underwent a metamorphosis to be transformed into vinegar which is halaal. Hence, even if the vinegar is produced from wine, it is halaal. It is halaal not because of SANHA’s certification based on the ‘chemistry perspective’. It is halaal because Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah said that it is halaal. 

Even if such vinegar has an alcohol residue in the end product, it will still be halaal in conflict with Shar’i reasoning and principles. In terms of the principles of the Shariah, vinegar produced from wine should actually be haraam. However, Qiyaas (Analogical Reasoning) is set aside when it is in conflict with an express order or practice of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Thus, the hillat of vinegar and of cheese which contains rennet, despite being ‘haraam’ on the basis of Shar’i principles are pronounced Halaal on account of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah having consumed such vinegar and such cheese. This halaal cheese should not be confused with cheese in which the ingredient is haraam rennin. This subject has been explained in detail in our booklet, Cheese. 

To obviate confusion and SANHA-type mischief and shenanigans, it is necessary to clarify that the hukm (ruling) of something which is in conflict with valid Shar’i Qiyaas may not be extended to other products. Thus, the halaal status of vinegar and cheese (i.e. cheese which contains calf rennet, not cheese with the enzyme rennin) may NOT be extended to other products in which alcohol is used. 

It should be clearly understood that vinegar produced from wine is halaal, not because of the ‘chemistry perspective’, but because Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had certified its halaal status. 

It is also necessary to understand that if any substance is added to the wine for enhancing the process of metamorphosis, then such vinegar will be haraam for followers of the Shaafi’ Math-hab. Only vinegar produced in the age-old style from wine is permissible for Shaafis. 

Furthermore, artificial vinegar is NOT vinegar, hence it is haraam. It is a harmful substance consisting of water, acid and whatever other chemical muck the kuffaar add to create the deception of ‘vinegar’. Since artificial ‘vinegar’ contains alcohol, it is haraam. It may be used to clean blocked drains. Together with bicarbonate of soda, the artificial vinegar does open up blocked sink drains. First add some of the soda to the drain, then pour a cup full of the artificial vinegar and close the drain for a few minutes. Then flush with boiling water. 

Now comes the issue of the name. SANHA has awarded its carrion ‘halaal’ logo to be affixed to labels flagrantly stating ‘RED WINE”. It is indeed ludicrous and not permissible to certify a product whose label reads wine or pork regardless if the product is not wine and pork. Certifying products described as pork or wine is revolting to the Imaan of genuine Muslims even if there is no pork or wine in the product or even if these are synthetic. 

It is not permissible for a Muslim to say that the halaal mutton he is consuming is pork or the milk/juice he is drinking is wine. If he says so even jocularly, then he will gain the sin of actually consuming pork or wine. And, if whilst drinking the juice, or consuming mutton he cracks the kufr joke, and recites Bismillaah , then he  will be guilty of kufr. He is guilty of Istikhfaaf and Istihzaa’ of Allah’s Laws, hence he commits kufr. He has to renew his Imaan and his Nikah. 

If someone asks Zaid whose father is accompanying him: ‘Who is  the man with you?”, and  Zaid jocularly responds: “He is my mother’s sex-partner.”, then Zaid has perpetrated a kabeerah sin. He has disgraced his father and mother despite the fact that his statement is true. 

It is vital for Muslims to utilize correct words when describing anything. Thus, it is not permissible for a halaal logo to appear on a bottle which boldly proclaims red wine. The ‘halaal’ logo together with a product on whose label appears pork or wine, casts the masses into confusion. Besides the confusion, another grave danger is created. Imaani inhibition to haraam is eroded. The Muslim becomes desensitized and accustomed to haraam. That is why the masses are today indulging in haraam on a wholesale scale totally oblivious of the destruction they are wroughting to their dunya and Aakhirat. 

Common Imaani decency and concern for the Shariah would have deterred SANHA from certifying the vinegar as long as ‘red wine’ was advertised. But since the Imaan of these carrion characters is dead, they are too blind to understand the villainy of their certification. 

SANHA and its ilk will have much to answer on the Day of Qiyaamah for the ruin they have brought to millions of juhala and slaves of lustful desires. SANHA and the whole rotten carrion cartel will on the Day of Qiyaamah suffer the loads and burdens of the haraam perpetrations of millions who had their consumption of rotten carrion, pork and wine on the basis of the certification of these agents of Shaitaan. Their arguments produced for justifying their haraam shenanigans all come within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat:

“Thus, have we appointed for every Nabi enemies from shayaateenul ins (human devils) and shayaateenul jinn (jinn devils) who whisper (satanically) adorned statements (and ideas) to one other in order to deceive.”

The satanically deceptive statements are termed in the Aayat, zukhruful qawl.All the arguments and ‘daleels’ of the miscreant, shaitaani molvis and sheikhs are of the zukhruful qawl category. The ignorant ones are entrapped by such satanic deception.

29 Shawwaal 1440 – 3 July 2019


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