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A Brother from Newcastle laments: 

Mufti Saheb, we have some concerns regarding a recently formed youth organization in a country town of kzn, namely NMYA (Newcastle Muslim Youth Association) - a sub-committee of the main Muslim Jamaat of Newcastle, namely NMC (Newcastle Muslim Community). 

This organization, headed by two Ulama, was formed with the primary function of our Muslim youth development in mind. They do have some uplifting youth programmes, Qiraat & nasheeds and get-togethers, braais etc which seems all fine. 

The concerns are as follows:

1. They have now embarked on functions such as "Family Fun Day", which really speaking has very little to do with the upliftment of our youth. Instead, it has turned out to be as the theme reads, family fun day (similar to a souk event), where although they have separate facilities for men and women, there is vulnerability through a common entrance, we have witnessed intermingling, discreet meetings happening, and men entering the womens only tuckshops/stalls to purchase food. Most of these food stalls are run by the officials and members of the committee. There is no music at the event. A certain amount of the donations are utilized to purchase stocks of apparel wear which they brand their name/logo and resell at a profit - a money spinner.

Would it be okay (according to Shariah) for this organization to host such an event and to focus on marketing their brand more than concentrating their efforts on the youth who are in need of assistance? 

2. They go around the town asking us, for donations for youth programmes, and despite this, they levy an entrance fee or cover charge for this family fun day to cover their costs. Is it possible that they are advancing their own ends, and possibly also marketing their own businesses that the Ulama (in charge) own in town? Please advise. 

3. As mentioned earlier, they do get the youth together (as well as the many adult members of the committee) and have braais with money collected from us, the Muslim businesses of the town. At these social braais, more than the anticipated Tarbiyyah programmes for the youth,one witnesses a merry-making atmosphere for both the youth and adults.

We have been advised by the elders of having these social get-togethers as it helps to bond the people of the town. Is this in conformity with the Tarbiyyah programmes (of our youth) for which it was possibly meant? 

4. Most disturbing is that we are now witnessing almost all Deeni posters, eg Ramadaan naseehah, Itikaaf programmes, Haj lectures, Qurbani and many other Deeni advices, etc being under their posters and brand name instead of the mother body, NMC - Newcastle Muslim Community which we all know to be the main Muslim Jamaat body for all such notices and posters, etc - hinting either a subtle "coup" or change of hands which none of us are aware of. Or is it possibly an aggressive brand marketing strategy employed for some reason?

On this point, Mufti Saheb,one cannot approach the trustees of the main Jamaat, namely NMC about this new "development" for fear of victimization [as is historically proven].

Please advise on how to go about this whole scenario that is emerging, and is very disturbing to most Musalllees, but out of fear of the high handed tactics of some of our trustees, most are forced to swallow it in. 

Mufti saheb, please forgive me for burdening you with this situation which requires Mufti sahebs sterling advices. May Allah reward you for all your efforts and your advices will be of great benefit to the community.

Please remember us all in your Duaas.

Jazaakallah, Wassalaamualaikum

(End of the Brother’s letter)


Shaitaan operates in extremely subtle and cunning ways. He spreads his snares to entrap people by degrees. He dangles ‘deeni’ appearing bait to ensnare Muslims. Tricks such as ‘youth development’, ‘qiraa’t’, nasheeds and the like are the bait to trap people into ultimately indulging in flagrant fisq and fujoor. 

Even UIama are today entrapped in a variety of shaitaani snares, having become the agents of Iblees. The imaginary morality programmes presented as the chimera for the entrapment are soon transformed into immoral activities such as ‘family fun’ days, braais, etc. Soon men and women are lured into zina situations. 

The so-called ‘separate facilities’ is a standard trap of shaitaan. It is the initial stepping stone for zina. Whilst the Qur’aan Majeed warns: “Do not come near to zina”, these agents of Iblees operate subtly and cunningly behind hollow, deceptive ‘deeni’ fronts to open the avenues for zina, fisq and fujoor. 

Far from the stated aim of ‘youth upliftment’, both the youth and the elders becoming entangled in vice. The Shariah is flagrantly flouted on a wholesale scale. Imaani inhibition towards sin is completely eroded and eventually extinguished. Shaitaan introduces the objectives of satanism by gradual degrees. 

There is also the monetary objective which the organizers camouflage with ‘deeni’ hues. 

Just view the absolutely horrid filth of fisq and fujoor of the Al-Ansaar souk and the evil activities of other agents of Iblees all operating in the name of Islam while in reality Islam is being undermined. Immorality, fisq and fujoor are presented as pious and holy objectives. Thus the organizers even eliminate their Imaan. When evil is halaalized, then Imaan is eliminated. 

While there is no music now, soon music too will become an integral constituent of the satanic ‘family fun days’. Then the agents of Shaitaan will justify it by citing such Hadith narrations and aberrant views of some Ulama which have absolutely no applicability and which are haraam to cite in justification of fisq and fujoor. 

The branding of items with logos and names is also a haraam emulation of the kuffaar. Garments may not be branded or labelled with logos. It is part of the fisq and fujoor of the shaitaaniyat of the kuffaar. The garments ordered by the Sunnah are simple and designed for the acquisition of humility whilst the wearing apparel of the kuffaar are designed for the objectives of satanism – nafsaaniyat. 

People who emulate so grossly and crassly the styles, ways and methods of the kuffaar are in reality atheists despite professing to be Muslims. They are kuffaar deep down in their hearts. While they verbally proclaim themselves to be Muslims, there is aversion in their hearts for the ways and styles of the Sunnah. 

It is a grievous error to contribute funds to this so-called ‘youth’ organization. In fact, one of the most contemptible and deceptive words coined in this era is the swear-word, ‘youth’. It in reality equates to satanism. When the term ‘youth’ is mentioned, the perception of  satanism is spawned in the minds of those who understand the zina, fisq and fujoor base of undertakings related to ’youth’. Only stupid people allow themselves to fall into a trap termed ‘youth upliftment’. In fact, it is a plot of Iblees to cast people into immorality. 

It is haraam for the organization to host these shaitaani events. It is haraam to participate in these Ibleesi plots. It is haraam to contribute, aid and abet in sin and transgression. These modernist, zindeeq, shaitaani organizations are evil and sin from beginning to end. The primary focus of Iblees is on the objective of alienating Muslims from Thikrullaah.  All merrymaking, fun functions are devil-inspired with the objective of effacing Allah’s remembrance from the heart of the Muslim. That is why Muslims are today so averse to the ahkaam of the Shariah. Their hearts are impregnated with shaitaaniyat which has been legalized and halaalized by licences issued by the ulama-e-soo’. 

Islam commands seclusion and dissociation from the public domain. Associating with people should be to the degree of only need, not for the acquisition of nafsaani fun which is stupidly and deceptively accorded validity and permissibility by deceptive terminology – youth upliftment and the like. The fun day and other activities of this Newcastle organization and of all other similar shaitaani bodies are all integral activities of satanism. 

The entrance fee charged is haraam. It is in the category of riba. Those who devour riba are, according to the Qur’aan mentally deranged by the “touch of shaitaan”. Most certainly they are advancing their own monetary and nafsaani objectives. With the chimera of ‘youth upliftment’ dangled in front of the ignoramuses who participate in these shaitaani funfare activities, they fill their pockets with haraam money. 

The merrymaking atmosphere prevailing at the so-called satanic ‘tarbiyah’ programmes is glaring evidence for the satanism of this operation of the devil. What type of ‘tarbiyah’ programme is it which fosters shaitaani merrymaking and nafsaani braais? 

What can the stupid trustees do if you and others execute the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi anil Munkar to them? Do you fear these ignorant fussaaq more than fear for Allah Ta’ala? Only spineless men are scared of moron fussaaq trustees. Such trustees should be given the boot. It is your Waajib obligation to state the Haqq. It is abhorrent to fear shadows. What form of ‘victimization’ are they able to perpetrate?

4 Zul Hajj 1440 – 6 August 2019


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