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3 Jamaadil Ula 1433 – 27 March 2012


The presence in South Africa of the Honourable Shaikh Maahir Maiqily, one of the noble  Imaams of Musjidul Haraam, provides  the Muslims of this country an opportunity to pose certain important questions and to proffer advice, which the  Honourable Imaam is duty-bound to convey to the king of Saudi Arabia who has transformed the Holy Land of Jazeeratil Arab into a  vassal state for the U.S.A.

Whilst we understand that protocol and etiquette dictate that these questions and advice should be channelled to the Saudi king via the Saudi Embassy in Pretoria, this route is not available to  concerned Muslims because the South African Poodle attached to the Embassy has blocked this avenue. When legitimate channels of dialogue  are unjustifiably  blocked by small-fry poodles, then the only alternative for airing  legitimate concerns is the public forum.


The life, blood and reputation of Muslims are sacred. The Saudi belief that those who do not subscribe to the particular 'Tauheed' creed of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab are Mubaahud Dam (i.e. they are murtads/kaafirs who should be executed) is  rejected with contempt.
Hitherto, despite  the mubaahud dam doctrine, the Saudi regime has not openly branded the followers of  Math-habs  as kaafir. The reason for  withholding  the public proclamation that we Hanafis and Shaafis are kaafir, is political considerations  and the realization that any such public edict could seal the fate of the Saudi regime. 90% of the Ummah will have to be banned from Hajj on the basis of the Saudi belief that we, followers of the Math-habs are murtads/kaafirs.
This claim is not wild conjecture. We as well as the Saudis unequivocally believe that Shiahs are kaafir.  The Saudi regime has massacred Shiahs in outlying villages. But despite  this fact, Shiahs are allowed to enter the Holy Cities for Hajj, etc., and Shaikh Huzaify, the official Imaam of Musjidun Nabawi in  Madinah Munawwarah has been dismissed from his post Shiahs come in their thousands and dominate the Holy Places. Due to absolute deficiency in Imaan, the Saudi regime has incorporated the Shiah doctrine of  Taqyah (Holy Hypocrisy)  into its so-called puritanical creed of 'Tauheed' to accommodate this incongriency. On the basis of this  accursed doctrine of Taqyah which  political considerations constrain the Saudis to employ,  Shiahs are not proclaimed kaafir despite there being absolute certitude  that  according to the Saudis, Shiahs are kaafir.
The very same accursed  Taqyah stunt allows the Saudis to withhold the  public proclamation  of kufr from the followers of the Math-habs. However, for the purposes of our current concern we give the Saudis the benefit of the doubt and concede the possibility  of them having reviewed their doctrinal stance to  abrogate their kufr view regarding the followers of the Math-habs. Thus, we ask the Honourable Imaam, Shaikh Maahir Maiqily to ask the King of Saudi Arabia: "Why is he holding thousands of Muslims without trial in his brutal detention centres?  Even if  the Saudi king has embraced the U.S.A.'s  concept of  'terrorism'  on the basis of which he has robbed tens of thousands of Muslims of their freedom, there are  innumerable  senior  Saudi citizens, including  innumerable Ulama  who are languishing in the torture facilities of the king. These Ulama, university professors and other  liberal Muslims of the secular establishment do not fit  the  'terrorism' profile which  the U.S.A. has  spawned and vomited into the mouth of the Saudi king.
The innumerable Ulama suffering Saudi torture have been robbed of their freedom and subjected to misery and torture solely for upholding the Qur'aanic command of Amr Bil Ma'roof Nahy Anil Munkar. The liberals of the secular establishment are unjustly incarcerated  for their opposition to  the  king's subservience to the western kuffaar, primarily, the U.S.A. They oppose  Saudi Arabia's role in the orientalist conspiracy as well as in  other political spheres. And, the majority of the  detained and tortured Muslims are those who have been detained  in terms of the U.S.A.'s doctrine of terrorism,   
Regardless of  the perceived crimes of  the 40,000 plus detainees of a variety of persuasions, the bottom line is that all of them are the Reciters of LA ILAHA IL LALLAAHU MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH.  As such, in terms of Rasulullah's famous, heart-stirring declaration  on the occasion of Hajjatul Wida' (The Farewell Hajj), all these detainees held under cruel conditions in evil detention centres, are  MAHFOODHUT DAM, i.e. their blood, life and reputation are sacred – more sacred than the very Holy Ka'bah whose servant the king proclaims himself to be.
Does the king have a  heart in which there is Imaan? With all these brutalities being perpetrated on Muslims in a sustained manner for decades primarily at the behest of the U.S.A., is it possible to believe that  Imaan can reside in such brutal hearts as we find existing in the  members of the Saudi regime? We believe that the Honourable Imaam of  Musjidul Haraam, being an ambassador of the king, does have the right and the opportunity to discuss this issue  with the king. Undoubtedly, the Honourable Shaikh may not open his  mouth in the public forum. Any such foolhardy action will simply increase the  list of  detainees by one. But nothing prevents the Honourable Imaam from privately raising this issue of the detention of thousands of Kalimah-Reciters with the king.  It is imperative  for the Imaam to  make a genuine endeavour to  talk some sense into the ageing king  whose  one leg is firmly  and deeply rooted in his grave, with his other leg also dangling over the precipice. We respectfully  request the Honourable Shaikh Al-Maiqily to convey to the Saudi king that:

(1)  The Muslims  of South Africa demand that the thousands of Kalimah-Reciters be forthwith released, and  if the king believes that there is legitimate cause for  incarcerating them, to produce them in a properly-constituted shar'i court of law.

(2) Saudi Arabia being the Custodian of the Haramain Shareefain should institute measures to gradually give fulfilment to Rasululluah's dying command:  
'Akhrijul yahuda wan nasara mien Jazeeratil Arab.', i.e. “Expel the Yahud and the Nasara from the Arabian Peninsula."

If the King diverts his eyes from his U.S.A. master and focuses on Allah Azza Wa Jal, then   his  protection and defence are announced in the following Qur'aanic aayat:  "And, if you (O Mu'mineen!) adopt Sabr and Taqwa, never ever will  their plots harm you in the slightest bit."
The scope of this  pamphlet has permitted only one question. Insha'Allah, more questions and naseehat will follow.  Was-salaam

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