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Among the many letters concerned Muslims are writing to us, one Brother writes: 

“There is a very huge uproar regarding the Comprehensive Sex Education that is planned to be introduced in the school curriculum. Can Molana please proffer advice as to how we should oppose it.


Many Muslim women are joining WhatsApp groups with men on the same groups discussing and vehemently opposing the CSE. Does Molana think that this is the correct way to voice their displeasure? Or is it a ploy of Shaitaan for women to be on the groups. I personally think discussing the filthy CSE content on the groups in itself is filthy with no hayaa.”



The women and men who engage in the filthy topic are themselves filth. They lack even a vestige of hayaa. These people are not Muslims. They only masquerade as Muslims whilst in reality they are munaafiqeen.


Since the past several decades, we have vociferously campaigned against secular schools and universities despite there having been no uproar whatsoever. In fact, we have repeatedly and vigorously proclaimed the stance of the Shariah regarding these immoral kuffaar  institutions of secular learning.


Our stance is that it is haraam to learn even arithmetic and geography in these immoral schools, leave alone the current shaitaani ‘comprehensive sex education’ filth which the followers of the Devil are introducing.


Brother, no amount of ‘uproaring’ will avail. Muslims have long ago embraced with love and honour the kuffaar schools of immorality. They accord far greater importance and serious and diligent concern to secular education in immoral institutions than to Qur’aanic knowledge. The Qur’aan and Islamic education have been brutally made subservient to secular education. The Deeni Ta’leem of children is a hobby or a past-time activity to be adopted and discarded at whim and fancy. It is not regarded as the Fardh obligation imposed on the Ummah by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Even kuffaar sport, which is a fundamental constituent of secular education, and which Muslims and even the evil muftis have justified and satanically halaalized, is elevated to a higher pedestal than Maktab education – the ta’leem of the Qur’aan and the Basics of Islam.


This shaitaani attitude of the Muslim community will have its sequel in the Divine Court on the Day of Qiyaamah when Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) will complain to Allah Ta’ala, saying:


“O my Rabb! These my people have made  this Qur’aan an object for buffeting (a football).”

Besides the immoral, shaitaani CSE issue, secular schools – not secular education – are haraam. It is haraam to learn any branch of secular knowledge at these immoral schools of the Devil. The uproar against CSE is meaningless. It is a lot of silly hot hair signifying nothing. As we near Qiyaamah, the trend of naked immorality will incumbently become incremental. The stage has to be reached when people will fornicate like dogs on the streets and in the malls to provide shaitaani entertainment.


Muslims – the vast majority – today are ‘Muslim’ merely by name. At heart, they are atheists. Despite the uproar, the filth will become an embedded constituent of the devil’s curriculum of these schools. “Muslims’ will embrace it.  The initial bleatings of protest which you term ‘uproar’, will soon evaporate and the filth will be accepted, and later applauded and honoured by ‘Muslims’ to justify the continued attendance of their children at these schools of shaitaan.


The community is rotten to the core. It stinks with the rot of immorality. The feeble and flabby whisperings against CSE are not an ‘uproar’. If there is a genuine UPROAR, the authorities will heed the protests. The only way for Muslims, if they believe themselves to be Muslims, is to stage a massive boycott of these schools. They should totally abandon secular schools, and make their own proper and valid Islamic arrangement for the provision of valid secular education for their children.


The billions of rands which the Muslim community wastes down the devil’s drain on haraam, weddings, haraam luxuries, haraam holidays, mock umrahs, mock hajj, haraam functions of a variety of evil kinds, and in many other haraam and wasteful avenues should be  constructively and intelligently utilized for the provision of Islamisized secular education.


There is no other advice.  May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect us from the evils of the nafs and the snares of shaitaan.

17 Rabiul Awwal 1441 – 15 November 2019


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