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Anwar Dolley worked for the haraam MJC carrion outfit for 6 years as a ‘halaal’ inspector at CLASSIC PROCESSED PRODUCTS in Markman Township, Port Elizabeth. In total and flagrant violation of the rubbish ‘halaal’ certificate issued by the MJC Carrion cartel, the company persisted with its PORK products despite the repeated warnings of the inspector.


All the complaints and desperate please of the Halaal Inspector yielded no results whatsoever. The company continued with its PORK products, and the haraam MJC Carrion firm swept the swine rot and filth under the carpet whilst Classic continued to ‘enjoy’ the Devil’s ‘halaal’ certificate to market its haraam products.


Hereunder we reproduce all the information provided by Anwar Dolley. The information is reproduced without editing even a dot.


AsalAamu alaikum my name is Anwar Dolley I recently worked at Classic processed products in Markman port Elizabeth, I got fired coz I couldn't work in a pork environment. I reported to sheikh Moosa Titus and moulaana abdurragmaan Nackerdien from December 2018 until August 2019.

Classic processed products was importing pork spare ribs and various other pork products and cross contamination was happening daily. Both sheikh Moosa and moulaana abdurragmaan knew about it. I have all the emails and pictures that I took regarding this.

Classic processed products is refusing to pay my last salary and even threatened me that I'll never find work again matter of fact work under mjc the matter is referred to ccma. When I asked sheikh Moosa for some financial assistance he blatantly blocked me on whatsapp, until today classic processed products is still Halaal certified under mjc. I have lost almost all my belongings due to the fact that I thought mjc was behind as I was fighting for the Deen of Islam but clearly that's not the case.Hope you find this information useful. See attachments for pictures. I was also threatened by moulaana abdurragmaan Nackerdien that if I go public with this there will be consequences mjcht have done nothing for me, I have send sheikh achmat sedick and the president of the mjc this information but they never came back to me. I'm very disappointed in the mjc as my family is suffering I have nothing to lose so please get back to me regarding this. All I want is that mjc must give me another job and replace all my belongings I had to sell to survive.

I worked 6 years at this company as a Halaal monitor wothout any training from the mjc yet I managed to do it all on my own alhamdulilaah.



Anwar Dolley



Shahid Esau: Wa alaikumus salaam Anwar. I did receive your message and will address the matter with Sh Achmad Sedick this morning, in-sha-Allah. I will revert to you afterwards. Shukran for raising this matter. Take care and salaam, Sh Shahid Esau


: Slm what have the mjc decided


Shahid Esau: Slm, Sh Moosa is unfortunately on leave this week. I have informed Sh Achmad and await his response. We’ll meet with Sh Moosa next Monday, in-sha-Allah. Your understanding and patience in this regard are appreciated. Shukran. Slm, Sh Shahid


: I've lost alot during this whole ordeal even my health deteriorated my family is suffering coz mjc couldn't suspend that certificate they knew about it for 9 months they did nothing I had to work everyday looking at that pork and I decided enough is enough I'm not threatening mjc but if they don't come and address this issue I'll go public I have all the emails and the pictures with this


: Slm Sh shahid due to rumours that abdurragmaan Nackerdien is spreading of me Im sorry to say that I'll expose the mjc he is making my name very bad with my family I had enough of all this lies that he is spreading


Slm how far have you come with this


Good Day


Attention: David Roets



Without Prejudice


We had a meeting at our Offices in Cape Town with our Eastern Cape Inspector Moulana Abdurahmaan Nackerdien who is the MJC Halaal Trust appointed inspector at Classic Foods. He advised us that despite the repeated instructions to remove the Pork nothing was done. area .We are extremely disappointed we the lack of urgency shown to this grave violation of the MJC Halaal Trust Halaal Standards This our Final warning to you on this matter. The MJC Halaal Trust is extremely disappointed that no corrective action had been taken DISPITE our repeated  instructions for remedial steps to be taken to remedy the situation


We have given instructions today at our Offices to Moulana Abdurahmaan Nackerdien to do an unannounced inspection visit of Classic Meats and if he find that the PORK is still present and no corrective action had been taken as requested by both him and our offices that must remove and suspend the certificate the Certificate with immediate effect.


We trust that you do understand our position in this matter




Sheikh Moosa Titus

Chief Operations Officer


[10/21, 17:36] .: This email was sent 27th June 2019

[10/21, 17:36] .: By sheikh Moosa Titus

[10/22, 15:29] .: Slm

[10/22, 15:29] .: You are also just ignoring me

[10/24, 15:07] .: Slm

[10/24, 15:08] .: Have anything been done

[10/24, 15:45] .: All I want is a job that's all I've been dedicated to mjc all along for 6 years

[10/24, 16:25] Shahid Esau: Slm Anwar, I’ve been in contact with Sh Achmad & Sh Moosa. Yesterday I had a meeting with Sh Moosa to discuss your issue. He will forward me an official report today, in-sha-Allah. I’ll let you know of any development. Shukran. Slm, Sh Shahid

[10/24, 16:25] .: Shukraan for your time and effort

[10/26, 14:26] .: AsalAamu alaikum sheikh shahid I would like to know if you or the mjc can't assist me with my rent this month kanala I have nowhere to go and I have applied for uif but it will only get paid end of next month, my rent is R2500 and water and electricity R400 I am in desperate need as my landlord is threatening to throw me and my family on the street. Let me know if you can assist any contribution would be appreciated.


[10/29, 09:40] .: Slm any feedback yet

[10/31, 11:33] .: Slm what I clearly don't understand is why isn't that company certificate being removed for how many months the pork was on site while I reported it nothing was done ever since I'm gone there I heard that they removed all pork, was this something personal against me or Islam coz clearly this was a urgent matter and yet you are also not doing anything about it. What must I do should I go public with this or should I keep quiet and be a traitor of Islam. Mjc made over quarter million each year just for sending a piece of paper while I was doing the work without any training from mjc. I'm done sending you messages I will only be satisfied if Classic processed products certificate is removed and it is made public that they are no longer Halaal and that sheikh Moosa and Moulaana Abdurragmaan Nackerdien should be fired from their positions coz they are incompetent. Get back to me at the end of this day shukraan.

[11/2, 06:34] .: Slm I need a straight answer what is mjc going to do about it

[11/4, 12:21] .: Anything

[11/4, 17:46] Shahid Esau: Slm Anwar, Sh Moosa has submitted his report which was received by Sh Achmad. The issue at Classic was dealt with and the certificate was reinstated after it was suspended. The issue of your dismissal was a labourer-employee one and not related to the other issue.

Regarding your request for a job, this was referred to Sh Moosa for consideration, subject to availability. Kindly liaise with Sh Moosa and Sh Achmad in this regard. Your understanding is much appreciated. Best wishes and salaam, Sh Shahid

[11/4, 17:48] .: That certificate was never suspended

[20/11, 16:49] : This was the conversation I had with shahid esau of mjc

[20/11, 16:49] : That's abdurragmaan Nackerdien

[20/11, 16:49] : From Anwar Dolly

(End of Anwar Dolley’s information)


The information provided by the MJC’s own halaal inspector should serve as an eyeopener to the addicts of carrion. Many eyeopeners have been published in the past. This current one serves to highlight the PORK brains, the kufr and the crookedness of the MJC sheikhs whose sole concern is the haraam boodle which they are annually netting in tens of millions of rands. What are they doing with all this ill-gotten boodle?


Any person who devours any meat products certified by the MJC or even SANHA, needs to examine his/her Imaan.  The deluge of haraam, even pork, which people have been devouring for years have incorrigibly corroded their Imaan.

24 Rabiul Awwal 1441 – 22 November 2019

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