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The following letter issued by Classic Processed Products, more than adequately portrays the haraam PORK-VARK shenanigans of the MJC.


(End of Classic’s letter)

From the Shariah’s perspective it is an absolutely ludicrous haraam scenario!!! Despite, Classic boldly maintaining: “That all meat products from Classic should be treated as non-Halaal”, and that “stores must move our meat products out of any designated Halaal area, and that the products should be displayed in cabinets with other non-Halaal products” – despite this brazen declaration, the MJC KHINZEER, validates the haraam, baatil ‘halaal certificate’ it has issued the Pork vendor. Whilst this Classic vendor proclaims its meat products ‘non-halaal’, the MJC’s certificate claims that the ‘halaal’ status will remain until 31 July 2020.


These carrion purveyors and all those ignoramuses who destroy their Imaan by ingesting the MJC certified carrion, are all in the category of KHANAAZEER.

1 Rabiuth Thaani  1441- 28 November 2019


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