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Despite desperate attempts by the MJC Iblees, spanning a period of almost 7 years, to retain the PORK filth under the carpet, away from the knowledge of the Muslim community, the stench of the Vark filth and rot was beyond the retentive capacity of the carpet of concealment. The glaring reality of this shocking MJC  PORK shenanigan, and the blatant condonation of the mass  of the Vark mess, compelled the MJC inspector Anwar Dolley to expose the MJC’s PORK conspiracy – a conspiracy perpetuated by the MJC Iblees for seven years for the sake of the haraam boodle which this miserable Shaitaan was extracting from the company for its  haraam ‘halaal’ certificate which in terms of the Shariah does not have the value of even a cheap toilet roll.


In this haraam PORK scandal and saga, the MJC has demonstrated breathtaking and blithe disregard for every rule decreed by Allah Ta’ala for safeguarding the food Muslims have to consume for their physical and spiritual well-being. The esurience for the haraam boodle displayed by the MJC so egregiously is within the parameters of kufr. The MJC’s despicable infractions of the Shariah perpetrated so flagrantly are adequate for handing down the Fatwa of Kufr on these louts who parade themselves as ‘ulama’. They are nothing but agents of Iblees feeding and ruining the juhala masses with rotten, haraam carrion, and by creating such situations in which even Vark gets surreptitiously passed off as ‘halaal’. Both the intelligence and Imaan of these miserable molvis and sheikhs of the phantom dubbed MJC, are intensively necrotized as a consequence of their inordinate lust for money.


On 4th July 2019, the MJC’s  “Chief Haraam Operations Officer, Mr. Moosa Titus, wrote to Classic Processed Foods:

“Classic Foods Scope of Halaal Certifification

Classic Foods Production Facility is Halaal Certified and the Scope of the certificate covers the products of Halaal Foods the Halaal Certificate include every aspect of  Halaal Production.


·         Completely isolated production facility

·         Dedicate Equipment

·         Dedicated Halaal Freezers

·         Dedicated Halaal Storage

·         Halaal compliant Transportation

·         Dedicated staff

·         Dedicated cloths


We have understanding of your position from a business point of view however the MJC Halaal Trust wish to make it clear that we do not want to stand in the way of your business objectives however the current situation from a Halaal Certification point of view is not acceptable and you need to make a decision on the feasibility of keeping your Business Halaal Certified -  it will cost you according to your estimates close to R8 mil. to bring about the required changes. My advice is that you surrender your Halaal Certificate and apply for MJCHT Registration Certificate of your operation only as this situation cannot drag on indefinitely. We need to have a clear directive before our next  meeting which is 22July 2019”

(End of Mr.Titus’s letter)

The request by the MJC carrion cartel for the company to voluntarily ‘surrender’ its halaal certificate is indeed mind-boggling from the Shar’i perspective. It is an explicit admission of the haraam shenanigans taking place at the company’s premises, which entail violations of the terms and conditions of the ‘halaal’ certificate. However, despite the blatant violations, the MJC Shaitaan obsequiously begs the company to voluntarily ‘surrender’ its certificate whereas the correct option from its own perspective would have been to withdraw the certificate and to notify the stupid carrion-devouring Muslim community of the haraam status of the company.


Whilst the violations are in full progress and whilst Muslims addicted to carrion are continuing to purchase Classic haraam meat products, the MJC Iblees maintains the ‘validity’ of its sham haraam certificate. It continues to engage the company in the futile bid to seek satisfactory responses despite the violations in progress. Thus, the MJC sets a deadline of 22 July 2019 just for another meeting to resolve the Pork-Vark mess.


In a letter dated 4 July 2019 addressed to Abduraghmaan Nackerdien, the company Classic states:


  • “Pork on site is not just a matter of immediate solving to make it go away, market call and commercial elements are involved that complicates issues. …..
  • “understanding that technicality, if the Inspector (i.e. the MJC inspector- The Majlis) handles PORK it will have to be the last action of the day or they would have to change to PPC.”


Thus, it is clear that the MJC inspector is supposed to also handle PORK.


Acknowledging the existence of PORK contamination, the Company states in the same letter mentioned above:

“The fact that PORK on site, criss-crossing flow lines, sharing equipment and staff with protective wear, is and remains unacceptable from the MJCHT point of view.”


Although the company acknowledges the presence of PORK on its ‘halaal’ certified premises, and the criss-crossing and contamination, as well as MJC’s concern, it has persisted in this haraam method in flagrant and scornful violation of the ‘halaal’ terms and conditions stipulated by the MJC for its certificate.


Despite the MJC confessing in a letter that Classic is not in compliance with its (the MJC’s) ‘halaal’ standards, the miserable Carrion Halaalizer perpetuates the myth of Classic meat products being halaal. Their full awareness of Classic’s non-compliance was not sufficient for cancelling the haraam ‘halaal’ certificate.


In a letter dated 27 June 2019 to Classic, the MJC’s Moosa Titus stated:

“We trust that this matter will be resolved without any further DELAY. Classic is as currently not Compliant with our Halaal Standards.”(Emphasis ours – The Majlis)

In another explicitly revealing letter dated 27 June 2019, written to Classic, the MJC haraam carrion purveyor states:


“We had a meeting at our Offices in Cape Town with our Eastern Cape Inspector Moulana Abdurahmaan Nackerdien who is the MJC Halaal Trust appointed inspector at Classic Foods. He advised us that despite the repeated instructions to remove the Pork nothing was done. area .We are extremely disappointed at the lack of urgency shown to this grave violation of the MJC Halaal Trust Halaal Standards This our Final warning to you on this matter. The MJC Halaal Trust is extremely disappointed that no corrective action had been taken DISPITE our repeated  instructions for remedial steps to be taken to remedy the situation


We have given instructions today at our Offices to Moulana Abdurahmaan Nackerdien to do an unannounced inspection visit of Classic Meats and if he find that the PORK is still present and no corrective action had been taken as requested by both him and our offices that must remove and suspend the certificate the Certificate with immediate effect.


We trust that you do understand our position in this matter”

(End of Titus’s letter)


In this letter, the MJC explicitly mentions:


  • Despite repeated instructions, the PORK has not been removed, and nothing has been done in this regard.
  • This is a grave violation of MJC’s halaal standards.
  • This is the FINAL WARNING.
  • Instructions have been given to the Halaal Inspector to make an unannounced inspection, and if PORK is still on the premises, the halaal certificate will be cancelled and removed.


The following is the report of Maulana Abduraghmaan, the MJC’s halaal inspector:


Attention: David Roets / David Dutchman




Our representative Moulana Abduraghmaan Nackerdien was commission by the MJC Halaal Trust Board to do an in depth audit of Classic Foods product plant on Tuesday 18th June 2019. Moulanaa Abdurahmaan Nackerdien has submitted his report  and his report revealed the following non-conformance.


Firstly :Section B, point 1


  • There is no proper Halaal or  Non Halaal signage on doors of the Chillers and Freezers etc.


Secondly : Section B, point 3


Goods receiving area is not Halaal Compliant because of the following reasons :


  • Pork are also being received at the same Halaal receiving area.
  • *Pork are being placed and dispatch  from the same  Halaal dispatch area of Classic's, although today there was nothing on the floor.
  • *Pork are being stored in Freezer 1, which is on the premises of Classic's,
  • *Pork Inspection area, has also been erected on the  Halaal grounds of Classic's close to the  Halaal dispatch area.


The MJC Halaal Trust Board will be meeting on the 26th June 2019 and this will be an item on the agenda a  report will be submitted for a directive on Classic Meats Continued Halaal Certification Status.


We urge you to take corrective action on the above listed findings of the our Inspectors audit. Needless to say the presence of  PORK  is a grave violation of Halaal Standards. PORK is not tolerated on a Halaal Compliant Facility and this concern we have explained at the time of your initial application and this item is capture in  clause (b)of  the Halaal Certification contract.


Find below for ease of reference your correspondence and directive on this matter.




Sheikh Moosa Titus

Chief Operations Officer"

No amount of denials, shenanigan interpretations and stupid narratives will be able to save the PORK-VARK skin of the MJC carrion gang. This is not the first, second or third time that the MJC has been caught and exposed with its pants down. Its own inspectors testify to the PORK and Carrion saga in which the MJC is grounded.


In the interests of their Imaan and Akhlaaq, Muslims should open their eyes and brains to understand the immense damage they are inflicting on their souls by devouring the Carrion certified by the MJC, SANHA, NIHT and the other moron, illegitimate carrion halaalizers who have mushroomed in recent years. Allah Ta’ala, warning Muslims against the consumption of satanic filth, states in the Qur’aan Majeed:


“O People! Consume from the earth that which is halaal and tayyib, and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily he is your open enemy. Verily, he instructs you with only evil and immorality, and that you speak about Allah (i.e. His Laws) what you know not.”

2 Rabiuth Thaani  1441 – 29 November 2019


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