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An abundance of stupid hot air is being churned up about pure bunkum being excreted by politicians who are at each other’s throats. The motivation is pure nafsaaniyat goaded on by Iblees. When the hearts are bereft of Khauf-e-Ilaahi (Divine Fear), and oblivious of Maut and Hisaab of the Aakhirah, then people, especially politicians descend into the lowest dregs of degradation.


A press statement of Ganief Hendricks, the leader of Al-Jama-ah Party has just now come to our notice. We shall comment on certain issues in the statement which refer to us (The Majlis). We are not interested in the other issues which are devoid of Deeni substance. 

In his press release, Ganief Hendricks has made the following claims: 

(1) He (i.e. Mufti Desai) labelled Mohammed Ally as a confounded liar.

(2) Mohammed Ally was taunting Mufti Desai every hour of the day and that he has done so with a 100 social media posts.

(3) Al-Jama’ah’ explanation for visiting Iran has been accepted by The Majlis.

(4) The Majlis has retracted its statement which it had made regarding Al-Jama-ah’s participation in the Iranian ‘unity’ function, and the accolades conferred on the Shiah Soleimani killed by the U.S.

(5) The Majlis has agreed to draft a statement.


Our Response

(1) At no stage did The Majlis or Mufti Desai label Mohammed Ally a ‘confounded liar’. Our statement stated with clarity that the one who claims that The Majlis had retracted its statement is a confounded liar. We have no reason to believe that Mohammed Ally had made such a false claim, hence our statement was not directed to him. It was directed to the one on whose head the cap fits. Whoever falsely claimed that The Majlis had retracted its statement is a confounded liar. 

(2) The Majlis has not received a single ‘taunt’ from Mohammed Ally. We are in the total dark regarding these alleged ‘taunts’. 

(3) We have not accepted Al-Jama-ah’s explanation for visiting Iran. The visit had conveyed the distinct idea of support for the Shiah government, hence our vehement objection. 

(4) The Majlis has not retracted its statement. A retraction is the effect of acknowledgement of error. We see no error in our statement, hence there can be no retraction. Calling Soleimani a ‘martyr’ was a capital blunder which ignited Muslim indignation. A Shiah cannever be a Shaheed in terms of the Shariah. 

(5) The ‘draft statement’ was suggested by us to Ganief Hendricks. We had urged him and still do that he should issue a statement clarifying that: 

(a)   He had erred in lauding accolades on Soleimani.

(b)  He (Ganief) is a Muslim and that he has no links with Shi’ism.

(c)   His participation in the unity conference in Iran was improper. It created a pro-Shiah impression, hence there is a need to dispel it.



Any agreement which we may enter into with any person, entity or organization should not be construed as support for the person or party. Our stance – the Shariah’s stance – on participation in kuffaar politics is glitteringly clear. There are no ambiguities, no fence-sitting and zigzag meanderings in any of our stances which are all stances structured on the basis of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

We support NO political party. Leave alone Al-Jama’ah, we believe that even our illustrious Akaabir Ulama, Hadhrat Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani (Rahmatullah alayh) and Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi  (Rahmatullah alayh) had grievously erred in their respective political stances. The former had actively supported the Hindu Congress Party, and the latter had supported the Muslim League of the Faasiq Jinnah.  Insha-Allah, we shall explain our view in greater deal in a future article. Our obligation is only Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar.

26 Jamadul Awwal 1441 – 22 January 2020


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