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Hajj & Umrah Scams

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Among the Signs of the Impending Hour of Qiyaamah mentioned in the Hadith is that the dunya will be pursued, searched and acquired with the a’maal (deeds) of the Aakhirah. 

The chimera of Hajj, Umra and Aqsa is today being used, misused and abused for despicable monetary gain. The stupid masses are beguiled by the vile molvis and sheikhs employed by travel and hajj/umrah agents. All travel agents who are in the field to coin the boodle on the Hajj, Umrah and Aqsa tickets are in reality Agents of Iblees. Several centuries ago a Maaliki Faqeeh/Wali had explained that  the shayaateen harness into their plot the travel agents to beguile  ignorant people – to trick them into buying ‘hajj-umrah’ and now  aqsa ‘packages’ which open the avenue for sin and transgression from the moment the  bogus ‘hujjaaj’ leave home until they return. 

The hajj-travel agents utilize the services of moron, evil molvis and sheikhs to entrap people into the hajj-umrah-aqsa scam and defalcation shaitaaniyat. All who are implicated in these scams are goaded on by Iblees who is in charge of the hajj-umrah-aqsa Infraction of the Shariah. 

In Cape Town one of these travel agents spurred on by Iblees is organizing a stupid ‘hajj-umrah-aqsa  seminar’ to gain maximum monetary benefit from the seminar scam which will be bedevilled by an array of  ulama-e-soo’- all hirelings of the travel agents. Shaitaan has urinated into the brains of these miserable sheikhs and molvis who are, at the behest of Iblees, presenting the hajj-umrah-aqsa canard to perpetrate a host of Shar’i infractions in the guise of ‘ibaadat’. But the entire shaitaani saga operates under shaitaani inspiration and direction. 

The travel agents, the molvis, the sheikhs, the singers and all those moron members of the community who undertake journeys for Nafl Hajj, Umrah and the haraam trips to Turkey and Palestine for ostensibly and deceptively making ziyaarat of Musjidul Aqsa, are most callous, heartless and selfish. They demonstrate blithe disregard for the Shariah, for the suffering of millions of Muslims all over the world and for the Accountability (Hisaab) in Qiyaamah. 

These heartless people, all agents and followers of Iblees, are adept in the satanism of squandering massive amounts of money to gratify their nafsaani lusts which they justify under deeni guise. While they attempt to deceive themselves with the mirage of hajj, umrah and aqsa, deep down their rotten, stone-hearts they understand that their motivation is nothing but nafsaani lust. They are bereft of the haziest idea of ibaadat. 

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The Muslimoon (the Ummah) is like one body. If the head pains, the entire body is affected. If the eye pains, the entire body is affected.” 

But these followers of Iblees have no pain and no pity for the suffering Muslim masses of the Ummah. They squander huge amounts of money on haraam travelling trips and jaunts. They squander on shopping sprees, on luxuries, on sin, in holidaying and merrymaking, then they excrete all of it thereby preparing their travelling tickets for Jahannam. 

The villainous molvis and sheikhs who will be the speakers at shaitaan’s seminar in Cape Town are crooks and bogus. They are frauds of the worst kind. Under Deeni subterfuge they promote the scheme of Iblees. There is no benefit and no reward in the nafl hajj, umra and aqsa ziyaarat scams and canards of this era. 

The singing of stupid songs (naaths) by stupid so-called ‘huffaaz” at the seminar of Iblees is satanically inspired as part of the entertainment and merrymaking to entrap stupid people for the boodle. While the Ummah is burning and suffering, and while the House of Islam is engulfed by a mighty conflagration of kufr, fisq and fujoor, these moron molvis and sheikhs for the attainment of their monetary and other despicable objectives increase the darkness of the hajj-umrah-aqsa haraam circus organized by travel agents at the behest of shaitaan. 

Members of the public should search their hearts, and when doing so, they should bring to the fore the suffering of the millions of brutalized Muslim refugees all over the world. If a Muslim is sincere – if his objective is Allah’s Pleasure, then reflection and soul-searching will most certainly indicate to him the haraam folly of undertaking these nafl hajj, umrah and aqsa trips. 

If a person is indeed in the quest of thawaab, then the reward of Hajj and Umrah is available daily in the comfort of the home. Perform 4 raka’ts Ishraaq Salaat. The reward is one Maqbool Hajj and Umrah. Look at the faces of your parents with affection. The reward is one Maqbool Hajj for each loving glance. Glance ten times daily at your parents – you will receive the reward of ten Hajj, Insha-Allah. This is mentioned in the Hadith. 

Extricate yourself from your self-imposed deception that you are going for umrah to gain thawaab. Reflect and seek Allah’s aid. Then your reflection will inform you of the thief and devil in your heart goading you into a deluge of travel sins plastered with a veneer of deeni colours. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan: “In fact every person has insight over his nafs even though he puts forth excuses.” The evil which lurks in your heart is revealed if with sincerity you accept the command of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam): “Seek a fatwa from your heart.” Stay far from these scholars for dollars who are all the agents of the Devil-in-Chief.

4 Jamadul Ukhra 1441 – 30 January 2020


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