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The U.K. group of molvis, Wifaqul Ulama, in reality, Wifaqul Juhala, in bootlicking its Yahood and Nasaara masters on the issue of the China Pig Disease (CPD) has issued the following list of advices to misguide and mislead Muslims from Siraatul Mustaqeem:


Coronavirus [Covid19] and the immediate steps Masa'|id and Madaris need to take

- if the teachers observe any signs of illness in the students of the Madrassah or

if the children are ill then call the parents and send the children home.

Our  comment

Prior to the China Pig Disease (CPD), this measure was not advised by Wifaqul Juhala.  The morbid fear spawned by defective Imaan has constrained this uncalled for measure. Little ‘signs of illness’ do not justify depriving the child from Ilm-e-Deen. If the sickness is severe, obviously parents will not send their children to the Madrasah.


- Ensure extra and more thorough cleaning is conducted regularly.

Our comment

This is Islam’s ta’leem at all times. While the Sunnah was all along inadequate guidance for these molvis, they are roused into action by their kuffaar masters who have dinned into their ears the ‘danger’ of the CPD phantom. Cleanliness is integral to Imaan. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily Allah is Clean. He loves cleanliness. Therefore keep clean your afniyah (the section outside your home).” When there is emphasis on the maintenance of cleanliness and hygene of even outside the home, then to a far greater degree will the emphasis apply to the interior of the house and to the body.


The manner of the advice by Wifaqul Juhala implies that cleanliness is a western concept acquired from the Yahood and Nasaara, hence its ta’leem is now given in emulation of the kuffaar.


- Masajid must not have communal towels in the wudhu area.

Our comment

This advice is motivated by baseless fear and with the focus shifted from Allah Ta’ala to the kuffaar masters. There is nothing un-Islamic and nothing dangerous in giving communal towels in the Musjid. The CPD virus attacks only on the command of Allah Ta’ala. It will apprehend and neutralize only those who are earmarked for Allah’s punishment and for those for whom Allah Ta’ala has ordained the lofty pedestal of Shahaadat.


- The Musallees are advised to place their own face cloth or tissue on the place where they will perform the sajdah.

Our comment

This is pure bunkum licked up from the platter of rijs provided by the Yahood and Nasaara whom Wifaqul Juhhal is emulating right into the “lizard’s hole”. Paranoia has driven these misguided molvis to the brink of insanity, hence they are displaying mental disequilibrium with their silly advice.


- We advise people to perform their Faraidh in the Masjid and then, perform their Sunnats and Nafl Salah at home.

Our comment

This advice too is stupid and devoid of Shar’i substance, and haraam. It is also irrational. If the CPD virus is likely to attack during Sunnat and Nafl Salaat in the Musjid, what deters it from attacking during the Fardh Salaat? It will not spare the one earmarked for the Athaab regardless of him performing Fardh Salaat. While performing Sunnat and Nafl at home is valid and permissible, it is not Islamically valid to run away from the Musjid because of fear of CPD.


- If one is feeling ill, then perform Salah at home. We can understand this from the instruction of performing Salah at home when there is heavy rain:

- "lbnSirin RA narrated that Abdullah lbn Abbas RA said to his mu'addhin on a rainy day, "When you utter the words ‘I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,’ do not say, ‘Come to prayer but say ‘Pray at your homes’ , by this {announcement} the people were surprised. He said,

"One who was better than me has done it. The Friday prayer is an obligatory duty. But I disliked putting you in hardship so that you might walk in mud and rain." {Bukhari} (This illness is more detrimental to one's health than heavy rain]

Our Comment

This ‘daleel’ is stupid and baseless in the extreme. Firstly, the Wifaqul Juhala molvis are not known to be followers of the Maaliki Math-hab which was the Math-hab of Ibn Seereen (Rahmatullah alayh). On the basis of fears expressed by the People of Rijs whom the juhala molvis are emulating, never will it be permissible to abstain from Jumuah Salaat nor from the daily Fardh Salaat in the Musaajid.


These spineless molvis are advising Muslims to abstain from Jumuah Salaat simply on the basis of kuffaar fears which the molvis have adopted as valid grounds for abstention from such a fundamental Ibaadat as Jumuah Salaat.


Mud and rain are NOT valid grounds for absenting oneself from the Musjid according to the three Math-habs. Normal rain and muddy conditions are not valid reasons for abstention from the Musjid and Jamaat Salaat.


The postulate: “This illness is more detrimental to one’s health than heavy rain”., is baseless.  The analogy is fallacious. This is a monstrous LIE and stupidity. As long as a person has not been incapacitated by illness, he may not cite as grounds for abstention the phantom and fear presented by the kuffaar for a future disease yet to be contracted. There are billions of human beings who will not contract CPD despite being in contact with the diseased people. This is overwhelming evidence for the command and control of Allah Azza Wa Jal.


In China itself where the Pig Disease originated, hundreds of millions are unaffected whereas a few hundred in populations of tens of millions are affected in other countries. The whole sordid issue is pure shaitaani obfuscation created on the basis of stupid fear spawned by the attitude of kufr which has been vomited into the brains of the molvis of Wifaqul Juhala by Iblees.


Plagues and epidemics are not new to mankind. These forms of Divine Punishment had existed since time immemorial. In the great epidemic during the era of the Sahaabah there is adequate lesson and guidance for Muslims. While Wifaqul Ulama in bootlicking emulation of its kuffaar masters advises Muslims to abandon the Musaajid, never did the Sahaabah proffer such kufr advice. If such a drastic measure bordering on kufr had been necessary during an epidemic, there would have been ample guidance from the Sahaabah.


Sahaabah who had returned to Madinah from the plaque-stricken region were not debarred from the Musjid. They were not satanically quarantined. This is a measure of the kuffaar who are atheists, and whom the juhala of Wifaqul Juhala are bootlicking and following right into the “lizard’s hole” mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


- The advice that is being given by medical professionals is that this illness affects the older generation more; so the senior members should consider performing their Salah at home.

- We should take these precautions but at the same time we must place our trust and faith in Allah Almighty, as good health and illness is from Allah Almighty.


Our comment

It is haraam to follow this kufr advice. The ‘trust in Allah’ advice is pure nifaaq. The professionals of the medical associations are Zanadaqah. They masquerade as Muslims whilst their hearts are brimming with kufr. Their Aqaaid are convoluted with kufr. Their brains operate within the narrow confines of the straitjackets fitted by their atheists university masters. It is not permissible to adopt this kufr advice.


Engage in lstighfar and the Duas prescribed in the Sunnah as much as possible, for example:

(End of the baatil bunkum advice)

Our comment

This advice is hypocritical. It is merely to present an Islamic cover for the kufr bunkum propagated by the mudhilleen of Wifaqul Juhala.

In the historical trajectory of this Ummah of Islam, we have reached the station and era to which applies the following declaration of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“Verily, Allah will not eliminate Ilm (of the Deen) by obliterating it from (His) Servants (the Genuine Ulama), but He will eliminate Ilm by  taking away the Ulama. Thus when there will remain no Aalim (of the Haqq), the people will take the JUHALA as  leaders. They (these juhhaal molvis and sheikhs) will issue fatwas without  (valid) Ilm. Thus they will be astray and they will mislead (the Ummah).” (Mishkaat, etc.)

18 Rajab 1441 – 13 March 2020


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