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21 Rajab 1441
16 March 2020


“Certainly, the munaafiqeen (attempt) to deceive Allah While He deceives (thwarts) them. When they stand for Salaah, they stand indolently to show people (that they are Muslims). They do not engage in thikrullaah except a little (to deceive Muslims). They dither between this. Neither are they here nor there. Whomever Allah misleads, never shall you find for him a pathway.”

(Surah An-Nisaa’, Verse 143)


“Certainly, the munaafiqeen will be in the lowest (at the very bottom) level of the Fire. Never shall you find for them a helper.”

(Surah An-Nisaa’, Verse 145)

The worst enemies of Islam are not the non-Muslims, not the Jews and Christians. The worst and most despicable enemies of Islam are the Munaafiqeen (Hypocrites). In our community they are today surfacing by closing the Mosques, prohibiting people from Salaah, and insanely lapping up the filth which the kuffaar disgorge in the form of their panic and fear-guided measures against the conspiratorial Chinese virus. 

Islam’s directive for Muslims with regard to epidemics has been revealed by Allah Ta’ala more than fourteen centuries ago. It is of imperative importance for Muslims to know and understand that: 

1. It is absolutely haraam to close any Musjid for fear of the purported plague/epidemic in the wake of a virus allegedly having escaped or intentionally let loose from the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. Closure of the Mosques is the devilish machination of the Munaafiqeen in our midst. Among the most villainous munaafiqeen working to destroy Islam in South Africa are those in charge of the Quds Temple in Cape Town, the trustees of the Johannesburg Mayfair Mosque and the Qabar Pujaaris (Grave-worshippers). These scoundrels were the first shaitaans who closed Mosques without being ordered to do so by the government. While the government is limiting musallis to a hundred, these munaafiqeen over eager to gain the pleasure of the government and other kuffaar, decided to close the Mosques. They are among the vilest specimens of Allah’s creation. For them will be the lowest level in Jahannam.


2. It is haraam to perform Fardh Salaah at home for fear of the bogey epidemic.


3. It is haraam to prevent Musallis from entering the Musjid if the number exceeds a 100 as decreed so unjustly by the president.


4. It is haraam to believe that a disease is contagious. The disease spreads only by the Command of Allah Ta’ala, and it will run its full course until attainment of its limit as prescribed by Allah Ta’ala.


5. The panic which has spread more than the disease itself is the effect of kufr. Those who lack Imaan, are overwhelmed with panic and unfounded fear. The munaafiqeen in our midst – those who have closed Musjids and those who are curtailing Salaah, and rolling up carpets to stupidly ‘sanitize’ the floors – are spineless cowards. They are employed by Shaitaan to destroy Islam from within.


6. A plague is Allah’s punishment for the deluges of sins, immorality and transgression of the people. No one who has been ordained for Divine Wrath will escape the punishment even if he/she is quarantined.


7. Dua is not sufficient when struck by calamity. The need is for reformation. The essentials of Reformation are Taubah, to re-pledge obedience to Allah Ta’ala, to adopt the Sunnah, to abandon all sin and to engage in Thikrullah. But dua and thikr minus moral reformation in the way prescribed by the Shariah are futile.


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