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24 Rajab 1441
19 March 2020



Although the  MJC’s renege from Islam as propounded by  its mouthpiece, Taha Karan, is  lamentable and a momentous disaster for itself and that ignorant segment of the community of Cape Town following it, it comes as no surprise.  The pathway which the MJC had adopted in recent years is cluttered with acts and statements of kufr. The ‘sheikhs’ of the MJC had long ago traded their Imaan for the contemptible gains of the world. Although they had practically renounced Islam long ago, only their verbal confirmation of their irtidaad was in the pipeline. Thus, when Taha Karan openly propagated the abandonment of the Fardh Jumuah Salaat, his and the MJC’s kufr and irtidaad were explicitly affirmed. 

Making haraam even a Mustahab act of the Deen is Kufr. Thus the Fuqaha of Islam state emphatically: “Miswaak is Sunnat, but rejecting it is Kufr.” There are no words strong enough to condemn this vile act of kufr of the abandonment of Jumuah Salaat propagated by Taha Karan. What remains of a man’s Imaan when he is able to so brazenly advocate the cancellation of the Fardh Jumuah Salaat? Taha Karan’s most contemptible and wretched preaching of kufr in Islam’s name has relegated him and his MJC into the domain of satanism. It is now clear that he was concealing his nifaaq  which people of intelligence  discerned some time ago  percolating from his obnoxious tongue in the form of rotten ‘fatwas’ of kufr and dhalaalah. 

So vile is Taha Karan’s anti-Jumuah advocacy that even the very liberal Mufti Taqi of Pakistan has pronounced that suspending Jumuah and Fardh Salaat is haraam. When even such a liberal scholar for dollars as Mufti Taqi cannot stomach the blatant kufr of Taha Karan, then  the notoriety of the kufr should be glaringly  apparent. 

Our advice for the concerned Muslims of Cape Town is to ignore the evil ‘suspension of Jumuah’ made by the MJC murtads. Jumuah Salaat will always remain Fardh until the Day of Qiyaamah. The Musjids are not the property of the MJC renegades nor of the evil trustees who comply with the instructions of the murtad ‘sheikhs’. People should assert themselves and perform Jumuah in the Musaajid. They should appoint their own Imaams and not be bullied by a rotten hierarchy of Satanists. On the Day of Qiyaamah, the people will have no valid excuse to present to Allah Ta’ala for having abstained from Jumuah Salaat. 

Allah Ta’ala has granted every Muslim sufficient intelligence to enable him to distinguish between food and faeces, kufr and Imaan. It is shirk to submit to the evil kufr ‘fatwas’ issued by the Satanist MJC.  Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan: 

“Those who do not decide/rule according to what  Allah has revealed, verily they are the kaafiroon.”


Taha Karan and the MJC are among the “Kaafireen” mentioned in this Verse of the Qur’aan. Those who follow the MJC murtad-kuffaar will be on the path to the Fire of Jahannam.


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