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A concerned Brother from the U.K. writes: 

Uncle Tom Muslims

Despite complete freedom of religious expression, this will be the first Jumuah since Muslims arrived en-masse in the UK over 60 yrs ago, where British Muslims themselves have chosen not to perform Jumuah Salah and close their own Masajid with their own hands. As yet there is no Government Statute to close our Masajid or Madaris. The so-called Corona-19 or Chinese ‘Kung-Flu’ is merely a reflection of our deeds and conduct. 

Allah Ta’ala has cast into the hearts of Muslims, inordinate fear for a pesky virus, for maut and love for dunya (world). 

In a society swimming in affluence, barakah has been taken away - we fight at checkouts - our traders act like extortionists - hiking up prices umpteen fold.

Of what good is our wealth? Non-Muslim Businesses put us to shame. 

Compare our conduct with the  behaviour of past generations at time of want and tribulations, they would hasten towards the common good, traders and wealthy would feed the less fortunate, poor and destitute - family members and neighbours would support and share with each other. This would herald the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala and removal of calamaties. 

Today, we are turning away and shunning those very elders whose sacrifices, aspirations, far-sightedness and dua have bought into existence all these Masajid, Madaris, Academies, Schools, Businesses, houses and wealth from which we benefit.

The younger generations, especially its dim-witted, hypocritical scholars, professionals and traders are the worst specimens on earth. They are aiding an agenda to distance the next generation from the Masajid, Madaris and their elders.  As a consequence, mischief, futility, failure and irtidaad must prevail henceforth. 

We hear a foul, absurd and preposterous cry from Muslim Quacks (Neem Mullah’s & Neem Hakims) not to perform Sunnah and Nafl Salah in the Masajid, minimise our stay therein, to shorten the Khutbah/Salah and to close down our Madaris. 

They quote fictitious, unsubstantiated statistics and conjure up the ‘what if’ doomsday scenarios to justify their advice and befool a gullible public. Associating with the wrong crowd, Muslim Scholars and professionals are now constrained to appease their colonial masters. Already there are howls to reduce Taraweeh Salah in Ramadhaan and abandon Hajj. 

Spineless Masajid personnel are observed preventing Muslims from placing their foreheads on the Masjid Carpets which were procured with thousands in donations. So-called Muslim doctors are at the forefront. Do they proffer the same advice to their non-Muslim colleagues, patients and communities to stop visiting shopping malls, shops, pubs, take-aways and other venues of futility and immorality? 

It is okay for their children to be exempted and attend schools but they must self-isolate from Madrasah. We are further saddled with an incompetent batch of Muftis and Maulana’s, who lack spiritual stamina and strength to tackle forces of baatil. 

Today, the Haram Shareef, Masjid-un-Nabawee, Masjid Aqsa and our local Masajid all lie empty.  Allah Ta’ala has cast us out of His House because of our rebellious, distrespectful behaviour and attitude towards these blessed venues and Deen. We reap what we sow. 

Allah Ta’ala save us from the munafiqeen within our midst. Laa Ghaaliba illallaah!    Was salam

26 Rajab 1441 – 21 March 2020


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