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Hadhrat Aishah (radhiyallahu anha) relates: I asked Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) regarding the plague. So he informed me: 

“Verily it is a Punishment which Allah dispatches upon whom He wills, and (at the same time it is) a Mercy upon the Mu’mineen (true believers). There is not a man on whom the plague falls, while he tarries in his house adopting patience, seeking reward, and knowing that nothing will befall him but what Allah has written for him, except for him will be a reward the like of a Shaheed. ”

(Saheeh Hadith recorded in Musnad Ahmad)

In another authentic narration, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) declared:

The one who remains in it (i.e. while conducting himself in the correct manner e.g. fulfilling all his obligations such as the Jumuah and other congregational prayers) is like a Shaheed, and the one who flees from it (i.e. transgresses the Shariah) is like one who flees from the march (of the battlefield).”

(Musnad Ahmad)

* In a Hadith recorded in Saheeh Bukhari, fleeing from the battlefield is listed, alongside such sins as Shirk and murder,  amongst the seven destructive sins that doom one to Hellfire.

Sibt Ibn al-Jawzi (rahmatullahi alayh) provides  a vivid description of a pandemic that befell the Ummah in the year 449 Hijri.   Muslims rushed to fill the Masjids, which is representative of the behaviour of the believers (Mu’mineen) in every single of the numerous pandemics to strike this Ummah in the past, to the extent that, in some instances of extremely severe epidemics sent by Allah to decimate an entire community, not a single believer would be left remaining alive in a region to attend the Masjids, hence  automatic closure of the Masjids in such areas.

It is in such scenarios of trial and affliction that Allah Ta’ala inspire the true believers (men along with their families) to take advantage of Rasulullah’s (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) promise of Shahaadat (martyrdom) – an instant cleansing of one’s entire of life of sins and a shortcut to eternal bliss – reserved exclusively for those who do not flee from the “battlefield”. In the context of an epidemic, fleeing from the battlefield and thereby ruining one’s eternal life, refers to failing to take the opportunity to turn to Allah Ta’ala in sincere repentance, to engage in abundance of  worship and Dua, and to avoid with utmost care, transgressing any of the Sacred Bounds of Allah.

Never in the entire, 1400 year history of this Ummah, throughout its numerous plagues, epidemics, and pandemics, did a single Faqeeh (jurist), nor even a single Munaafiq (a Kaafir masquerading as a Muslim) scholar, ever dare to come out and declare the suspension of Jumuah or the daily congregational prayers, as the pro(re)gressive, liberal LGBT scholars of today, “coming out” of the woodwork, have done in reaction to a so-called pandemic whose fatality rate (1% – 8%) is comparable to the survival rate of some of the real pandemics of the past.


The assertion propagated by such modernist pro(re)gressives to befool the masses that the Fuqaha (Islamic jurists) did not understand any concept of disease is a lie and act of deception stemming from either gross ignorance or gross kufr  concealed in the form of nifaaq. On the contrary, the focus of the Fuqaha and the Auliya was on  the explicit  statement of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) that a  plague is a Punishment and a source of Shahaadat. Therefore, the  material cause of the plague was of no  significance to the  Fuqaha whose sacred obligation was to only  state the Commands of Allah Ta’ala and  its ramifying consequences based on the Usool of the Shariah.

An atheistic concept of precaution or preservation of life which entails the destruction of the eternal life is in reality the destruction of both lives. The idea of  foiling the Command of Allah Ta’ala is  utter kufr unbecoming of  entertainment by a Muslim. Only munaafiqs relish in such kufr.  Such  persons are akin to the one who flees from the battlefield, thereby earning eternal doom, labouring under the  baseless and mistaken of prolonging life. His family who assists him (whether standing his ground or fleeing) falls in the same category as him.

The Fuqaha only denied the concept of contagion as propounded by the Mushrikeen of pre-Islamic times and inherited by  the atheist scientists of today, and now adopted by the pro(re)gressive, modernist liberals and munaafiqeen masquerading as Islamic scholars. The imperative demand is to  firmly believe in  the Laa adwaa (no contagion) tenet  stated explicitly by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). A separate article, Insha-Allah, will cover the topic of contagion in light of the elucidations of the Fuqaha, which should also serve as an exposé of the acts of deceptions, distortions and outright lies perpetrated by pro(re)gressives, masquerading as Islamic scholars, in order to dupe the blind sheep whom they herd towards eternal destruction.

Not a single “Daleel” dangled as bait in front of their herd by such fraudsters is new or had escaped the countless Fuqaha throughout the ages. The ruling of extreme weather such as a thunderstorm excusing one from attending the congregational prayers, for example, is as old as Islam. Yet, never did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) even hint at applying such a ruling to individuals in a genuinely deadly pandemic (e.g. one with a 90% fatality rate), leave aside a total suspension for the entire congregation, nor did the Perfect guidance and message he conveyed to the Ummah ever give such an impression to the innumerable Fuqaha (true scholars) of the Salafus Saaliheen era who dedicated their entire lives to the correct understanding of the Qur’aan and Hadith.

Any interpretation which conflicts with the  clear meanings assigned to the Ahaadith by the Fuqaha of the Salafus Saaliheen era  are rejected with contempt. Such interpretations have absolutely no Islamic significance.  With the passage of time, according to numerous authentic Hadiths,  there will prevail an incrementally  greater preponderance of Dhalaal (misguidance) and Mudhilleen satanic ‘scholars’  who pose as ‘ulama’. They are experts in the sphere of  misguidance.  Even some even sincere scholars, due to their short-sightedness,  fall prey to their  misguidance. This will increase as we approach ever closer to the Final Hour.

Even from entirely decimated regions in which no one was left alive to attend to the Masjids, thus causing some of them to close down, not a single Fatwa exists from any Aalim that even suggests the suspension of the obligation of attending Jumuah and other congregational prayers. The fact that the pro(re)gressives today are intentionally causing obfuscation to hoodwink the  masses, deceptively citing such closure of Masjids resulting from the total absence of people left to attend to the Masjids, and insidiously conflating it with the unprecedented capital crime of prohibiting what has been Waajib (eg. attending Jumuah) by the Ijma (consensus) of the Ummah for 1400 years, testifies to the latent evil of these fraudsters masquerading as scholars.

Allah, exalted is His praise, works in mysterious and wondrous ways. By means of this virus, amongst the smallest of His creations, and even at that, an extremely lame one relative to the genuinely deadly pandemics of the past, He is thoroughly exposing the Munaafiqeen hiding amongst our ranks, and the Wahan (lurid and intoxicating love for this ephemeral life, and a fear of entering the eternal life) lurking in the hidden recesses of all our hearts.

Remember that the Merciful Allah is also Stern in Punishment. Far worse torments, worldly and eternal, await those who have acquitted themselves so disgracefully during this relatively mild test. Even in the laboratories of the Kuffaar such as the virus production plant in Wuhan, from whence this relatively lame Corona virus first emerged, there exists far more deadly specimens which Allah Ta’ala can cause to leak and be unleashed, at the appointed time, upon an unrepentant and wretched nation of Muslims who have decided, en masse, to commit an enormity of unprecedented proportions by voluntarily shutting down the very places to which we are supposed to flock to in times of calamity, in sincere repentance to earnestly beseech Allah Ta'ala to withhold His Greater Punishment.

We shall, for now, suffice with emphasizing the fact that the Shariah was completed and perfected more than 1400 years ago. More than adequate guidance was provided by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) through his complete and perfect Sunnah, for the Ummah to  conduct itself in the correct manner during plagues, pandemics and other natural disasters by which Allah Ta’ala put to test the community of those who claim to be Muslims, and to punish the  rebelliously evil ones. It is through such “battlefields”,  that Allah Ta’ala quickly sifts the Mu’mineen from the Munaafiqeen of  the community.

1 Sha’baan 1441- 26 March 2020


The following statements were omitted from the aforementioned account by the translator:

“The weak would roast corpses and devour them. Likewise dogs would dig out corpses to devour them.

The hearts of diseased persons would burst open pouring forth blood which would percolate from their mouths, or worms would issue. No one knew what these were. Then these people would die.”

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