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In its latest list of stupid ‘guidelines’, the moron molvis of the KZN Jamiat

competing with  Darush Shaitaan for some of the kufr ‘limelight’, states:


“The Government is enforcing a total lockdown and as such, masaajid will not be able to hold congregational prayers for the general public. We therefore advise that Salaah be performed in congregation in the home or other appropriate venues.”


Our Comment

This stupid advice indicates the mental imbalance of these molvis following in the footsteps of the munaafiqeen. Soon the KZN Jamiat’s molvis will also end up in the rotting rubbish pile-up of munaafiq molvis and sheikhs.


The government’s lockdown does not apply to only Musjid congregations. It applies to home congregations as well as to “other appropriate venues”. Instead of   vomiting rubbish and haraam advice, Muslims should be advised to perform Jamaat Salaat wherever this is possible.


Several Musaajid throughout the country have conducted Jumuah Salaat with hundreds attending despite the lockdown punishment. As far as the teeming millions of the population living in squatter camps and informal settlements in shacks and makeshift shelters are concerned, there is no lockdown.  We have observed outside movements with large numbers of people in the townships despite the lockdown. There are no police and army to enforce the lockdown. The lockdown applies primarily to the affluent segment wallowing in obesity and wealth whilst the teeming masses are on the verge of starvation. Something disastrous is set to erupt, and it will be Punishment at the Command of Allah Ta’ala. These munaafiq molvis and bogus sheikhs must necessarily suffer. They reek of kufr and nifaaq.


The moron Jamiat molvis say:


“The Muath-thin shall give the  Athaan as normal. At the end he may add the following words twice: Alaa salloo fi buyutikum”.


Our comment

These miscreant molvis have exhibited their stark jahaalat with this moronic advice. It is NOT PERMISSIBLE for the Muath-thin to utter these words in or at the end of Athaan. For Fourteen centuries, the Athaan was not interpolated with these words. Insha-Allah, in a separate article the relevant Hadith and the stupid comments of the jaahil molvis  shall be discussed and explained. At this juncture it suffices to say that these words should not be recited thereby corrupting the Athaan on which their is the Ijma’ of all Math-habs.


Furthermore, it is a mockery of the Athaan and of Islam for the Muath-thin in the prevalent circumstances to recite the Athaan over the microphone. When the munaafiqeen have closed the Musaajid, it is indeed diabolical for the Muath-thin to indulge in the nonsense of the microphone with the sacred Athaan.  How silly and how stupid to utter: “Come to Salaah! Come to Salaah! Come to Success! Come to Success!”, i.e. come to Salaat and Falaah to the Musjid, then to insanely utter the contradiction of  “Perform Salaat  in your homes.”


Kufr and nifaaq are the effects of shaitaani urination in the brains, hence these Jamiat KZN molvis are capable of the effluvium of their drivel advice.


The juhala of the KZN Jamiat further disgorged:


“We should accept that this is a total lockdown…Therefore the congregational  Jumuah Salaah for the general public will for the time being be suspended.”

Our comment

The Jamiat KZN is a toothless mongrel which lacks the ability to even bark

correctly like a mongrel dog. Those who are able to conduct Jumuah in the Musaajid are not in need of the stupid advice nor  will Muslims abstain from

Jumuah  on account of the call of these neo-munaafiq molvis.


If these epistasis specimens had any genuine Imaani  Aql, they would not have proffered the such copro-advice regarding Jumuah and other Salaat. The advice for Muslims is to make dua and to strive to perform Jumuah and Jamaat Salaat in the manner commanded by Allah Ta’ala. Bootlicking advice is haraam.  When we are helpless, we shall execute the Commands of the Shariah as best as we are able  to, and seek forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala for our inability and weaknesses which are the effects of  gross shaitaaniyat, sin, transgression and immorality in which the Muslim community is drowning. 

The morons of the KZN Jamiat say:


“Those  living  on the Musjid site may choose to have Jumuah Salaah in the Musjid.”

Our comment

This is a further indication of the abject jahaalat of these molvis. Those on the Musjid site have to compulsorily perform Jumuah Salaat in the Musjid. It is not an optional choice. It is compulsory. At the time of the Salaat, the Musjid door should  not be locked. Whoever arrives for Jumuah may not be debarred.


It is essential for Muslims to understand that what is happening and the humiliation which has befallen us are the making of our own shaitaaniyat.

The worst human devils in this era are the jaahil molvis and  bogus sheikhs.

We are helpless and grovelling in abject disgrace, licking the boots of the Kuffaar because Muslims have abandoned Islam. There is no solution other than turning unto Allah Ta’ala in repentance and renewing the pledge of Obedience, and this Pledge precludes indulgence in all the evil and bid’ah which the moron molvis have legalized. If Muslims fail to understand and heed this mild calamity,  the consequences are too ghastly to contemplate.


May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us. May He guide  or destroy the

munaafiqeen in our midst.

2 Sha’baan 1441 – 27 March 2020


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