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COVID: The Media Dragons are out for Trump's blood

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by Jon Rappoport

March 25, 2020
Trump crossed another line. He spoke about wanting to turn the economy back on by Easter. He said the cure (locking down the country) isn't supposed to be worse than the disease.

Naturally, the media renewed their sacred vows of revenge.

These vows also include NEVER doubting: the discovery of a new virus; the accuracy of diagnostic tests for the virus; the case numbers; the need for declaring a pandemic; the unchanging wisdom of the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Trump had dared to put the economy back on the firont page. People thrown out of work, hanging on by a thread, small businesses going down, people unable to pay rent and mortgages-the press had managed to push those matters behind the COV hysteria-but now, Trump was pulling a fast one, implying that the wounds of major corporations and his deplorables had to be stitched up.

Above all, he was failing to bow down abjectly before THE VIRUS.The public, of course, and probably Trump, are unaware that the CDC is..

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