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What is the Shariah’s view regarding therapies such as Aafiyah Healing, Reiki, body talk and similar such methods of treatment?

I have heard one of these characters has approached Mufti Ebrahim Desai to approve his courses. This, in my opinion, will be very dangerous for the Imaan of many people. Just look at the fatwas of Mufti Ebrahim Desai. He dilutes the evil of these therapies with his permissibility fatwas without understanding the door of fitnah he is opening. Please comment.


We have seen some of the Mufti’s fatwas on these evil therapies. He has, undoubtedly, erred grievously with his permissibility fatwas which are the effects of extreme short-sightedness. He has failed to understand that he has unwittingly aided and abetted in halaalizing sihr. Some of these satanic therapies are either aligned to sihr or akin to magic. At the very least, he has opened the avenue for sihr.

The life style and the methodology of these ‘therapists’ should have been adequate for smelling a decomposing rat. The man who practices this junk aabracadaabra therapy with hand movements just like a sorcerer, is a confounded faaasiq, faajir and zaani. He freely intermingles with women, and imparts aabracadaabra lessons camouflaged with deeni terminologies and the deceptive pursuit of altruistic objectives. The religious ‘niceties’ being the chimera for attracting moron men and women, are termed in the Qur’aan Majeed, zukhruful qawl (statements adorned with satanism). Their methods are inspirations of Iblees.


The Mufti Sahib has also failed to understand that the primary objective of these saahireen (sorcerers) and saahiraat (witches) is the boodle. Monetary gain is the motive.  One witch has advertised her fee of many thousands of rands for her silly, but dangerous, aabracadaabra lessons which are plastered with a thin veneer of Islamic terminology. No intelligent Muslim will fail to see right through the veil of deception.


We warn both the Mufti Sahib and the Muslim public to exercise extreme caution, and not allow themselves to become ensnared in the snare of Iblees which these agents of Iblees lay for entrapment. Involvement with these sorcerers and witches is tantamount to dicing with Imaan.


These confounded ‘therapies’ have among the ingredients rituals of shirk and kufr cults. They seek to delude the ignorant with what they term ‘body talk’. In reality it is shaitaan talk. When shaitaan had succeeded to swiftly slip in his zukhruful qawl even at the end of a Wahi during the very process of Revelation, then what does the intelligence of even an uneducated Muslim say regarding satanic manipulation of the aabracadaabra style and incantations of these lost souls who hoodwink people for the boodle?


These confounded therapies are shaitaani therapies. While the motive of its stupid practitioners is monetary gain, the motive of Iblees is to ruin Imaan with kufr. Even plain hypnotism minus the aabracadaabra shaitaaniyat is not permissible for treating ailments. We therefore urge the Mufti Sahib to retract his fatwas on this issue.



9 Sha’baan 1441 – 3 April 2020


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