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“The true nature of some ulama is being exposed. As Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’aan Majeed, these trials are there to distinguish the filth from the pure.” (Mufti Emran Vawda)

The FILTH is the munaafiq molvis and bogus sheikhs and the many other munaafiqeen in our midst. –The Majlis

In refutation of the hysterical nonsensical clamour of a bunch of munaafiqeen who are  satanically struggling to ensure  the closure of the Musaajid, Mufti Emraan Vawda of Durban issued the following rebuttal:

I have read Zehir Omar’s letter dated 4 April 2020 a few times. I am still trying to figure out what the furore is all about.

The letter can be summarised in one sentence taken from the letter, which reads: “On behalf of our clients, we therefore appeal to you to consider accommodating the constitutional rights of Muslim citizens in the lockdown regulations.”

Now when Zehir Omar is approaching the Government for some sort of concession regarding Salaah with Jamaat, why should anyone oppose it or become an obstacle is his cause?

What is the worst case scenario? If he tried but failed, that would still be commendable.

The best case scenario would be that the Government grants his clients some sort of managed concession to have Jamaat Salaah. Surely that is something praiseworthy and desirable? Even if I am still confined by the lockdown, it will give me great joy in the heart that at least some of my Muslim brothers are able to fulfil this important injunction of Deen.

Nowhere in his letter does he claim to represent all Muslims of South Africa. Why should others then be offended?

It simply fails me why another Muslim would want to fight back at his efforts. I understand that some may not support him, but what really boggles me is why someone would oppose or undermine his efforts. Why the sudden desire to write to the President to undercut Zehir’s endeavours?

It truly pains to see the low level we have scooped to. This type of camp mentality is killing the Ummah. Instead of looking at the issue, people are looking at who is behind Zehir’s drive. Since they have other issues with his clients, they feel a need to cripple his campaign. It is unfortunately driven by selfish egos. And the ones who are at the forefront of sabotaging Zehir’s letter are the very ones who, when it suits them, call for respect of difference of opinions. In their minds, there is only one Islamically correct opinion, which is that Musjids must be closed. They are emphatic and single minded in that anyone who acts contrary to their view is being absolutely irresponsible. No two ways about it.

Whilst on the one hand it is deeply painful to see how events are unfolding, but on the other hand this is an opportunity whereby the true nature of some Ulama is being exposed. As Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’aan Majeed, these trials are there to distinguish the filth from the pure.

This brings me to another related topic. It is well known that since the Tablighi Jamaat had split, each Aalim would have his own inclinations of which side to support. At present the Tablighi Jamaat is under attack from an external enemy. This demands that in present climate, both sides should put their differences temporarily aside and defend the Tablighi Jamaat as a whole, whether one supports Maulana Sa’d or not. This is not a time for either side to score points against the other.

When the Romans tried to take advantage of the difference between Sayyiduna Ali and Sayyiduna Mu’awiyah Radhiyallahu unhuma, it is reported that that latter replied with these words.

من معاوية إلى كلب الروم اخسأ يا لعين فلئن عدت إلي لأصطلحن أنا وصاحبي وآتينك بجيش أوله عندك وآخره عندي


May Allah Ta’ala open our hearts and minds, grant us guidance and save us from the enemies disguised as one of us.

“From Muaawiyah to the dog of Rome. Scram (Voetsek)! O La-een (Accursed one)! If you intend coming towards me, then I shall make peace with my companion and confront you with an army, the advance-guard of which will be by you, and the rear-guard by me.”

(End of Mufti Emran’s rebuttal)


With contempt Hadhrat Muaawiya (Radhiyallahu anhu) addresses the Roman emperor. He likens the emperor to a dog, hence the appropriate term of contempt, viz., ‘Scram! Voetsek! Go to Hell! We say this to all these Munaafiqeen who are clamouring for the destruction of Islam whilst they masquerade as ‘Muslims’ Scram! Go to Hell! Get out of Islam! You can no longer fool the masses of the Ummah with your hypocritical portrayal of ‘Muslim’. They are filthy rats, snakes in the grass, rubbishes, khanaazeer, agents of Iblees and vermin of the worst kind. Their filth and contagiousness assign the Corona virus to the realm of oblivion. May the La’nat of Allah break your necks!

13 Sha’baan 1441 – 7 April 2020


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