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Are They Islamic Radios?

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Respected Ulama

As Salaamu Alaikum


I desperately require guidance in the following matter and seek the same from your esteemed selves. The powerful effect of the media o­n the masses is self evident. Historically Muslims in this country were completely marginalised from the use of the mass media. However, after the dismantling of apartheid new opportunities have opened. Among them was the granting of community radio licenses.

Radio AL-Ansaar

In KwaZulu-Natal the o­nly radio station run by Muslims is Radio Al-Ansaar which comes o­n air for approximately o­ne month each year. Radio Al-Ansaar has become extremely popular among the general public. It’s listenership has increased tremendously from previous years. Part of its popularity among the more Deeni inclined people is due to the support of the Ulama. Such support has been by means of gracing the studios of the station, participating in any of its programmes by telephone or allowing the airing of o­ne’s talks o­n the station. However, Radio Al-Ansaar has adopted a path which contradicts many aspects of Deen, such aspects which have always been passionately guarded by the Ulama-e-Haq. Some of the more serious aspects are as follows:

1. Not concerned with promoting o­nly the correct aqaa’id. Rather the Ahle-Baatil are given ample opportunity to promote their ideas. The Ahle-Bidah promote Mazaars, Urs. Moulood and other various practices, some of which at the very least border o­n shirk. The modernists have a field day as they themselves are in control of the station. The very foundations of Deen are being shaken and there is hardly any voice of protest against this serious injustice to Deen.

2. The laws of Hijaab are flagrantly violated. This is absolutely glaring and requires no further elucidation.

3. Music is played with impunity. Some of it is called "signature music" and hence it would appear that it is not a problem. It has been established that those in-charge were advised regarding the so-called "signature music" but did not see the need to stop it.

4. Radio Al-Ansaar by means of its "fairs" and "conventions" further created the platform for many prohibitions to be committed o­n a mass scale. The most shocking was the "competition" it held at its last convention calling o­n people to mimic the presenters of Channel Islam. A woman imitated Mufti A. K. Hoosen answering a question, and won a prize!! Is this not mockery of Deen?

5. The nightline programme is a forum where many un-Islamic ideals are promoted. Everybody has their say. The end result is obvious. Also, the following specific incidents will clearly indicate the lack of any direction at Radio Al-Ansaar:

* A revert Muslim had questioned the grave-worship that occurs at various Mazaars and likened it to the ancestral worship of the Blacks. The next day a damage control programme took place and a Mr. Rafiq Hassan strongly assured listeners that there is no problem in going to the Mazaars. The attempt was to cover up grave worship and make everything seem ok. A Moulana Moosa was also o­n the panel and every time he tried to say something to state the correct position, he was sidelined and his comments were shrugged off.

* Mr. Hassan also aired his view that o­ne should not be narrow minded in regard to customs and cultures. Cultural clothes according to him are fine and women may wear Saris if they wish.

* A "Smile for Coffee" promotion was also extensively promoted. Any female who comes into a certain coffee shop and smiles at the owner will be given a free cup of coffee. How many women would have gone to smile at the man behind the counter? How many people would be responsible for this sin?

* Birthdays and birthday parties are extensively promoted. A host also asked a Muslim restaurant owner o­n air to consider having a "ladies night" at the restaurant. The host also encouraged listeners to book their birthday parties at the restaurant being featured at that time.

* A "beautician" who applies the make-up for models in beauty contests, and is also well versed in Urdu, hosts a regular Urdu programme. She would read a Hadith and explain. She advised in the light of the Hadith of maintaining good relations with neighbours that o­ne should visit the neighbours and congratulate them at the time of their celebrations such as Diwali, etc.

To add insult to injury, all the above takes place in the name of promoting Deen. Muslim businessmen are contributing huge amounts towards this organisation in the belief that they are supporting Deen.

The problem is compounded by the fact that among all the un-Islamic aspects that are presented as part of Deen, the talks of some Ulama-e-Haq are also aired. This to some extent provides the rubber stamp to the station and even Deeni inclined people find the legitimacy to keep the station switched o­n. Many of the common people call the station o­n "Islamic Radio." They are not in a position to sift through the content. They simply switch o­n and absorb the right and wrong since this is coming from an "Islamic Radio." While there is no doubt that some people would derive benefit from the programmes of the Ulama-e-Haq, the overwhelming harm of such tacit approval far outweigh the benefit. Indeed, had the Ulama who use the station publicly and widely condemned the un-Islamic aspects of the station - and repeatedly did so in order to make new listeners aware of the reality - the harm would have been drastically reduced. But that unfortunately is not the situation.

Channel Islam

While Radio AI-Ansaar is a seasonal station, Channel Islam has become an integral part of the lives of numerous people. There was always a need for an alternate to all the Haraam activities that people engage in and Channel Islam was initially enthusiastically embraced by Deeni conscious people as the pure Deeni alternative. This acceptance was due to the presence of many Ulama in positions of decision making. However, in a short time the dream was shattered. It seems that by and large the underlying objective is to provide "Deeni" content in an entertaining manner. Hence often entertainment takes over and Deen is compromised.

* Modernist views gain ample exposure.

* Modernist women are presented as role models.

* Woman presenters interview men and much chuckling and laughing goes o­n between them.

* The Anasheed are presented like pop songs with a "top 20 listing."

* Channel Islam has formed an unholy alliance with Radio Al-Ansaar and broadcast the competition where Mufti A.K. Hoosen was imitated.

* Muslim "homosexuals" were interviewed causing much consternation and confusion.

* The Eid talk from Flower Road was broadcast including the Salaami after the programme.

* A young girl was interviewed who went all alone to Jordan to study. She was congratulated o­n her courage.

* Girls who completed Matric were congratulated o­n their passes and given "duas" for o­n their intention to go to university.

* An Alim presenter had to read out an advert. The advert was for "funky clothes" and "girls tops and pants at reduced prices."

* A nazam programme is hosted wherein young girls phone in and request nazams. Callers are also asked some unnecessary questions.

* A programme o­n role-models was held. A local Muslim cricketer was presented as a role model and was interviewed o­n air. The same cricketer together with another Muslim cricketer were photographed in the local newspaper posing with shorts-clad girls from Castle Lager offering them a drink.

* Channel Islam’s website now contains photographs and an also informs that they will now be broadcasting o­n DSTV.

Here again the presence and participation of Ulama has leant much credence to the "only global Islamic voice." The common people generally cannot make any distinction between what is correct and what is not.

Silent Ulama

The Ulama have not spoken out publicly against the wrongs. Hence people are left in doubt. The bottom line is that the net effect of both the radio stations is that a distorted picture of Deen is left in mind of the general unwary listeners. In the light of the above. what is the ruling of the Jamiat with regard to the above radio stations? Which of the following would apply:

[A] Due to the fact that many extremely harmful programmes and some beneficial programmes are all aired in the name of Islam, it is not permissible at all to listen to these stations.

[B] o­ne should o­nly listen to certain programmes and not to others. In this case which programmes must o­ne listen to? How is o­ne to go about deciding this o­n an o­n-going basis, considering that presenters and programmes change from time to time?

[C] Should o­ne discourage others from listening to these stations? Also what can be done to combat the un-Islamic aspects that emanate from these stations?

Please note that I am an ordinary individual with little knowledge of Deen. If I have such concerns then what should be the concerns of the Ulama?


Ahmed, Chatsworth, Durban


In your question you have mentioned a variety of haraam factors and acts from which every sincere Muslim, concious of the Deen, can understand that there is no scope in the Muslim community and no licence in the Shariah for these satanic radio stations. That they do exist is of no substance since zina and liquor too exist in abundance in the community.

No o­ne who understands the Sunnah concept of Morality will accept these evil stations to be lawful in the Shariah even if he/she does satisfy his/her nafs with the shaitaaniyat broadcast by the satanic media. These radio stations have become the mouth pieces for homosexuals, sodomists, shiahs, grave-worshippers, women’s lib mutants, etc. They have become promoters of liquor,

Haraam kuffaar sports and feminine exposure (anti-hijaab). Deviate modernists who are not o­nly modernist in outward dress and appearance, but who have become murtadd by virtue of their kufr beliefs and ideas, have found a ready platform for their kufr and fisq.

Kuffaar and fussaq are presented as role-models. The Sunnah and the Shariah are no longer subtley argued away, but are being flagrantly mutilated, contorted and distorted. All this evil in the very name of Islam.

They have set the stage for immoral television to be ‘legalized’ by their mob of ulama-e-soo who are the main culprits guilty for all the moral and spiritual mess in which the Ummah has become entrapped and sinking further into the quicksand of immorality, baatil, bid’ah and kufr.

Contrary to what you say, the people are not in any doubt regarding the evil of these haraam stations. Those who grovel in moral filth obviously will find all sorts of arguments to justify these evil institutions. Muslims who understand the Deen will undoubtedly, understand the evil and hurmat of what they are listening to. It is another matter that they indulge in listening to the stupidity, silliness and haraam that is vomited up by these anti-Islam media. Most Muslims who transgress the Shariah understand their sins and feel ashamed. They are not in any doubt regarding their sins. In the same way they do understand the sin of listening to the un-Islamic and anti-Islamic radio stations. Nevertheless, in pursuance of their nafsaani desires they listen to the evil broadcasting by these media.

Ofcourse, there are those who are unable to think for themselves due to lack of sufficient intelligence. Such people are led astray by those masquerading as Ulama and Deeni personnel while in reality they are the agents of Shaitaan-in-Chief, namely, the original and the first Shaitaan (Iblees) who was expelled from Jannat for rebelling against Allah’s Command to make Sajdah to Aadam (alayhis salaam). These ulama-e-soo’ will carry the burden of all those whom they had misled into Jahannum while the listerners will also not escape their punishment for allowing themselves to be misguided into Shaitaan’s den.

The answers to your enumerated questions are as follows:

Q. Due to the fact that many extremely harmful programmes and some beneficial programmes are all aired in the name of Islam, is it at all permissible to listen to these stations?

A. It is not permissible to listen to even the ‘beneficial’ programmes of these stations. Their harm is more than the little ‘good’ they lay claim to. According to the Qur’aan Majeed, liquor and gambling too have advantages. Inspite of the benefits in these evils, the Qur’aan strictly prohibits them. Any form of support for these haraam radio stations is haraam.

Q. Should o­ne discourage others from listening to these stations?

A. It is Waajib to discourage others from listening to the haraam radio stations. The Wujoob applies when o­ne has some jurisdiction or some influence over those to whom the naseehat is directed. Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy anil Munkat is Waajib. It is part of this sacred obligation to discourage Muslims from listening to the evil stations.

Q. What can be done to combat the un-Islamic aspects emanating from these radio stations?

A. Evil is o­n the ascendancy. This has been predicted by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). As we approach the confines of Qiyaamah, we shall be the witnesses of tumultuous evil and immorality. And, in the Muslim community this evil will be spear-headed by those known as ulama— the ulama-e-soo’ (evil learned men masquerading as muftis, molvis, shaikhs and khalifas.

Whatever is in o­ne’s ability and lawful, o­ne should do to combat the evil of these media. The concerned Muslim will discharged his obligation of Amr Bil ma’roof if he gives naseehat in this regard to whomever he is able to. Allah Ta’ala is the Final Arbiter.

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