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Alhamdulillah! The Response of the Musallis, Trustees and Imaams to the CALL of the Deen is encouraging despite the detractions and infractions of the cartel of munaafiqeen, murtaddeen, zanaadaqah and shayaateenul ins. 

A handful of disqualified, i.e. in terms of the Shariah, moron ‘trustees’, in total defiance of the Shariah have written to dissociate themselves from the sacred Call. While these cowards with yellow livers, enjoy the right in terms of the secular constitution to dissociate from the Call of the Qur’aan, their dissociation expels them from the fold of Islam. They have set themselves up as adversaries to Allah Azza Wa Jal, Who declares in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents the Thikr of Allah in the Musaajid (and added to this villainy) he strives in the destruction of the Musaajid?”  (Al-Baqara, Aayat 114)

Among the vilest forms of preventing Thikrullah in the Musaajid, is to close the Musjid thus prohibiting Muslims from entering. In the scenario in which the Muslim community is currently entrapped, the Prevention has two dimensions:

(a)  Prevention by  trustees of the Musjid

(b)  Prevention by the government.


Prevention by trustees

In this regard, the facts are as follows:

(i)      Even weeks prior to the lockdown, the munaafiq trustees in control of some Musaajid, had closed the Musaajid. This act rendered them “the worst of zaalimeen” in terms of the Qur’aan Majeed. When even the government had not ordered the closure of the Musaajid, these bootlickers acted in flagrant violation of Allah’s commands by closing the Musjids.

As such, they forfeited their mutawalliship (trusteeship) of the Musaajid. It then devolved on the musallis to appoint other trustees to see to the affairs of the Musjid. It is not permissible for the community to retain trustees who had grossly abused their position thereby committing the act of kufr of closing the Musjid preventing Muslims from the daily Fardh Salaat and Jumuah Salaat.


Regarding trusteeship of the Musaajid, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Verily, only those who believe in Allah, the Last Day, who establish Salaat and pay Zakaat, and who fear none other than Allah, shall administrate the Musaajid of Allah.”  (At-Taubah, Aayat 18)

The detailed masaa-il pertaining to Musjid administration and trusteeship are to be found in the Kutub of Fiqh. Those who have actively closed the Musaajid are automatically disqualified from trusteeship of the Musaajid. It devolves on the musallis to remove such vile trustees and to appoint others who conform to the criteria mentioned in the aforementioned Aayat.


(ii)   Prevention by the government

If the trustees are pleased with this unjust act of the government, then they (such trustees) are in the same category as those trustees who voluntarily of their own accord closed the Musaajid.

If they closed the Musaajid due to the law compelling them, they will be free from kufr as long as they abhor in their hearts the evil prevention and closure of the Musaajid. Wherever possible, it is their Waajib obligation to approach the government and the courts of law for concessions to allow the Musaajid to open.

A man asked our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam): “When will it be the Hour (of Qiyaamah)?” Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “When Amaanat (Trust) is destroyed, then await the Hour.” The man said: “How will Amaanat be destroyed?” Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “When affairs are entrusted to those who are not qualified, then await the Hour.”

Those trustees who have volitionally closed the Musaajid, and those who are pleased with the government’s order to close the Musaajid are disqualified. They have abused and destroyed Amaanat. It is the obligation of the musallis to adopt all lawful means to remove the disqualified trustees. As a last resort, they may institute legal action to have these ghair ahl (disqualified) trustees removed. There is provision in the secular law for such action.


The dissenting disqualified trustees

So far we have listed over 185 Musaajid countrywide who have supported the Call of Allah Ta’ala – the Call of the Qur’aan – the Call of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). This imperative importance of this Call and the gravity of opposing it are adequately mirrored in the following Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

Regarding those who do not observe the Waajib injunction of performing Salaat in the Musjid, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“I take oath by the One in Whose control is my life! Most certainly, I had resolved to command the gathering of firewood. After it has been gathered, the Athaan shall be given. Then I shall command a person to lead the Salaat. He will then  lead the Salaat while I shall proceed to those people who  are not present for Salaat (in the Musjid). Then I shall burn down their houses.”

(Bukhaari and Muslim)

Commenting on this Hadith, Mullah Ali Qaari says: “The imperative importance of Jamaat Salaat in the Musaajid can be adequately gauged. Just ponder with what emphasis the warning of Divine Punishment has been sounded for those people who absent themselves from the Musaajid for Jamaat Salaat without valid reason. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself had decided such severe punishment for those who abstain from the Musjid for the Fardh Salaat.”


Another Hadith in Muslim states:

“A blind man came to Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and said: ‘O Rasulullah! Verily, I do not have a guide to lead me to the Musjid.” He then sought permission for   abstention.  Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) granted the concession. As he departed, Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) recalled him and asked: ‘Do you hear the Athaan for Salaat?’ He said: ‘Yes.’ Then Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: ‘Then answer!”.


The blind man was ordered to attend Jamaat Salaat despite not having a guide to lead him to the Musjid.

During the first plague, the Plague of Amwaas, during the era of  Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu), in which  thousands died, the people flocked increasingly to the Musaajid, and this was the pattern in ALL subsequent plagues  which ravaged the Ummah in different centuries. The kutub of Taareekh contain detailed information in this regard. Never were the Musaajid closed or abandoned.

In the history of Islam, from its very inception to this day, this is the very first evil episode of Muslims closing their Musaajid voluntarily. Never in Islam did the Ummah experience such a dark and dreadful moment. In fact, the closure of the Musaajid worldwide is of pandemic import. Clearly it is Allah’s Athaab on a murtad ummah which has scorned Allah Azza Wa Jal. We are in an era about which Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Amr (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:

“An era will dawn when the people will assemble in their Musaajid and perform Salaat whilst not a single one of them will be a Mu’min.”

The reality of the closure by the government is not hidden from men of Imaani intelligence. The government is a cog in the Army of Allah Ta’ala Who is using the government to humiliate and punish us for our crimes of rebellion, treason, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr. Just as the invisible virus is a cog in Allah’s Army, so too is the non-Muslim government. Allah Ta’ala operates in wonderful and mysterious ways which are incomprehensible to crass materialists, munaafiqs, murtads, zindeeqs, fussaaq and fujjaar.  Informing us, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“No one besides your Rabb knows His armies.”

Allah Azza Wa Jal sent half a mosquito – a mosquito with one wing – to penetrate via the nose, into the brain of the king Namrud who claimed that he was ‘god’. The mosquito gnawed his brain until he perished, suffering excruciating pain and braying like a donkey. In our current age, Allah Ta’ala has dispatched an invisible, infinitesimal creature, the virus, to put the entire world under siege and in misery. This Divine Punishment will run its prescribed course. We warn the munaafiqeen and their ilk, that at Allah’s disposal is not only the virus in terms of disease. Allah Ta’ala will break and ruin them with diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, multiple organ collapse, and a host of other grave diseases which will bring misery to them until they perish like Namrud. If they have not been divinely earmarked to perish by the action of the virus, they will suffer other serious diseases   which will torture them to death. When this happens, they should call to mind their attitude and stance regarding the Musaajid. The La’nat of Allah cannot be thwarted. So beware, all of you zaalimeen munaafiqeen!

Now that the handful of miscreant trustees of 12 Musjids have publicly dissociated themselves from the Musaajid and from the Call of Allah Ta’ala for the opening of the Musaajid, they cease to have any rights over the Musaajid. According to the Shariah, they are automatically disqualified. They are no longer trustees. Their consent is not required. Their hilarious tantrums have no validity in the Shariah.   They are in Shar’i terms, persona non grata. Their intentions are mala fide. Their dissociation and stupid clamour are devoid of Shar’i substance. Their stupid cry evokes the Qur’aanic advice:

“When they (the Muttaqeen) hear drivel, they ignore it, and say (to  the morons): “For us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds. We do not follow the jaahileen.”

“For you is your religion and for me is my religion.”

The religion of these munaafiq disqualified trustees is the religion of KUFR. Our religion is the Deen of Islam. Thus, WE ARE NOT IN NEED OF THEIR STUPID CONSENT. OUR MANDATE IS FROM THE MUSALLIS AS WELL AS FROM TRUSTEES AND IMAAMS.


The whimpers of dissociation do not cancel the right of the Musallis of the Musjid. The Musallis must assert their right to appoint new trustees when existing trustees have become person non grata. We reject with contempt such trustees, their stupid letters and puerile tantrums. They no longer have any Shar’i status.

“Who is a greater oppressor than the one who fabricates a LIE   on Allah whilst he is called to Islam? Allah does not guide a community of zaalimeen. They (such as these munaafiqeen in our midst) intend (plot) to extinguish the Noor (Deen) of Allah with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Noor even though the kaafiroon abhor it.”   (As-Saff, 7 and 8)

“They (these vermin) hallucinate that they are on something (valid). Behold! Verily, they are liars. Shaitaan has overwhelmed them (satanizing their brains), hence he (has succeeded) to divert them from the Thikr of Allah (therefore they love the closure of the Musaajid). Indeed they are the army of Shaitaan. Behold! The army of shaitaan – they are the losers.

Verily, those who oppose Allah and His Rasool, indeed they are among the most disgraceful ones.

You will not find people who have Imaan in Allah and the Last Day befriending those who oppose Allah and His Rasool even though they are their fathers, their sons, their brothers and their tribe. They are the ones in whose hearts Allah has ingrained Imaan and He aids them with a Rooh (Roohaani Power) from Him. Allah will admit them into Orchards (Jannat) below which flow rivers. Therein shall they dwell forever. Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. Indeed, they are the Army of Allah. Behold! Verily the Army of Allah will be victorious.”              (Al-Hashr)

Blow your trumpets and hysterically proclaim the  stupidity of your tantrums. All the Musaajid on our list are valid and fully in accord with the Shariah. Your stupidity will not achieve their cancellation or deletion. We hold mandates from the Musallis, Trustees and Imaams even if this is anathema to some scoundrel trustees who are automatically disqualified.


Obligation of the Musallis

It devolves on the Musallis as a Waajib duty to displace the moron munaafiq trustees and to appoint pious Mutawallis. If this move necessitates legal action, the Musallis should not hesitate nor dither in their resolve. An application can be made to the High Court to dissolve existing committees which have become disqualified. The Musallis should appoint their own Imaam, and tend to the affairs and administration of the Musaajid where  the  fussaaq trustees are disqualified in terms of the Shariah.


Demand from the existing committees copies of their constitutions. Have the constitution legally scrutinized. You will be surprised of the cans of worms and skeletons in the cupboards which will surface and be exposed. There is a lot of rotten muck swept under their carpets.  They must be exposed and displaced.

The status of the Musjid

Let these morons as well as the Musallis understand well that the Musjid is not private property. Mutawallis are not the owners of the Musaajid. When a venue is declared Waqf for a Musjid, the owner’s ownership is cancelled. Ownership reverts to Allah Azza Wa Jal. Until the Day of Qiyaamah, no one can ever become its owner.


The function of the Mutawalli is to tend to the administration of the Musjid. If necessary, he himself must clean the toilets as well. He has absolutely no entitlement to depart from the Shariah in the execution of his Shar’i duties towards the Musjid. He has absolutely no right to debar any Musalli from the Musjid. It is the inherent right of Muslims to enter and worship in the Musjid. A mutawalli who becomes an impediment for the very purpose for which the Musjid has been erected, must be unceremoniously booted out.


The Musjid is not his property. It is not his father’s property. Every Muslim has the unfettered right to enter and perform Salaat and sit in I’tikaaf in the Musjid. The mutawalli loses his right if he acts in contravention of the Shariah. The Musjid is not a secular institution. It is not a clubhouse. It is not a venue for merrymaking.


In conclusion we say to these moron, juhhaal ex-trustees:


IKH-SOO!!!, i.e. Scram! Get lost! Go to Jahannam!


This is the manner in which Allah Ta’ala addresses the inmates of Hell-Fire:



17 Sha’baan 1441 – 11 April 2020

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