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The lust for money is more intoxicating than liquor. It blinds all perception of reality. One blinded by this lust miserably fails to distinguish between Imaan and Kufr.

Descending from halaalizing carrion chickens and carrion meat to halaalizing ‘synthetic’ pork, SANHA has now descended into the dregs of the sewerage gutter of halaalizing KUFR – the kufr of Trinity – the kufr of assigning partners to Allah Azza Wa Jal.


Take a look at this picture of a carrion chicken halaalized by SANHA. The label states:  “JESUS IS LORD”, that is: Jesus is  God, i.e. Isaa, the son of Maryam is Allah -Nauthubillah! According to Christian doctrine, godhood is a triumvirate of three gods. In many Aayaat, the Qur’aan Majeed severely castigates this SHIRK to which SANHA has attached its shaitaani ‘halaal’ logo.


The lust for money has blinded this Shaitaan. Not a twitch of conscience agitates in the hearts of these human devils masquerading as Muslims. As long as the boodle is available, SANHA will ‘halaalize’ every filth and sin. There is no greater treason in Islam than Shirk. Will the stupid, baseless argument of ‘error’ again be presented in an abortive attempt to wriggle out of this shirk mess? These molvis have really messed up the Imaan of the ignorant laymen with all the haraam which they have passed off as ‘halaal’.


While some of SANHA’s munaafiq compatriots are battling to have the Fardh Salaat and Jumuah Salaat outlawed, and the Musaajid kept close, the  illegitimate molvis of SANHA are feeding the community with carrion  ‘blessed’ with   the incantation of shirk: “Isaa the son of Maryam is Allah! –Nauthubillah! With regard to this most abhorrent shirk, the Qur’aan Majeed states:  “Do not say, ‘trinity’ (i.e. Allah is a triumvirate of three gods). Refrain (from this shirk), it is best for you (O Ahl-e-Kitaab!). Verily, Allah is only One. Glory unto Him (pure and above is He of the blasphemy) that he has a son. For Him is whatever is in the heavens and the earth.”

“VERILY, THOSE WHO SAID THAT ALLAH IS MASEEH, THE SON OF MARYAM, HAVE COMMITTED KUFR…….Verily, whoever commits shirk with Allah, He (Allah) has made haraam for him Jannat, and his abode is the Fire. The zaalimeen will have no helper. Verily, those who say that Allah is one third of the trinity, they have blasphemed (stated kufr). There is no deity but The One Allah.”


Carrion, pork and shirk are the salient features of SANHA. Shaitaan has utterly desensitized his agents. They are now brazenly and blatantly proclaiming their nifaaq, kufr and shirk which they have hitherto concealed within their rotten hearts.

30 Sha’baan 1441 – 24 April 2020


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