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1 Sha’baan 1433 – 21 June 2012


Television is FAECES. It is Dajjaal’s ONE EYE.  It is a conglomeration of haraam. Trying to “protect Imaan” with zina and faeces is the satanic act of men driven to insanity by the touch of shaitaan. In its  stupid and deceptive statement in justification of haraam television, the NNB (NO NAME BRAND JAMIAT OF FORDSBURG)  tries another bamboozling stunt to pull wool over the eyes of the Muslim community in its endeavour to desensitize Muslims to the Shariah’s prohibition, the ultimate objective being total acceptance of haraam.
The statement issued by the NNB Jamiat is merely the first step to acclimatize Muslims to the plot of legalizing television. Despite the fact that  most Muslims  own television and indulge in zina  with their television, deep down in their hearts their conscience does agitate and  they indulge in their sins with some trepidation. But, the NNB Jamiat mob of ulama-e-soo’ is now preparing the ground to expunge the faint flicker of conscience from the hearts of Muslims by assuring them that television is Halaal just as  their Haraam Radio Shaitaan is ‘halaal’.
Whilst in its initial statement, the NNB Jamiat states: “The Jamiat (i.e. the NNB Jamiat) however does neither promote nor condemn the appearance of Ulama on television in their individual capacity as a means of combating widespread misinformation and propaganda against Islam.”
This is a despicable LIE. The owners and operators of Radio Shaitaan fully endorse and believe that haraam television is halaal. When this satanic Jamiat  in its official capacity with its devil’s radio flagrantly participated in the recent zina awards function, there is absolutely nothing  which will debar it from proclaiming  zina television to be ‘halaal tayyib’. The above statement of superficial dubiosity is a contemptible canard to deceive and lull Muslims into acceptance of haraam television.
The story of ‘individual capacity’ is another satanic ploy for consumption by stupid people. There is no such thing as ‘individual capacity’ in the Shariah.  If individual members of your team flagrantly flout the Shariah and they refuse to reform their evil, they have to be kicked out and exposed publicly for their public Satanism and their attempt to publicly mislead and ruin the Muslim  community.
Know and understand  well, that Islam cannot be protected with any haraam institution  regardless of any ‘benefits’ in such institution. It remains HARAAM from which abstention is Fardh. Commanding such abstention from  beneficial  institutions and practices, the Qur’aan Kareem states:
“They ask you (O Muhammad!) about liquor and gambling. Say: In these two (evils) there is great sin and many benefits. And (But) their sin is greater than their  benefits. Thus, abstain from it.”
Islam and Imaan are not reliant and do not require haraam for their sustainment. Islam is glittering Noor. It is Purity and Allah is Pure. He loves Purity. It is haraam to wash garments with urine, and it is haraam to give charity with haraam money despite the benefits of these haraam acts. Zina will always remain haraam despite the ‘benefit’ of providing satisfaction to the bestial nafs. To hell with the benefits of haraam television. Islam has withstood the Satanism  of the shayaateen for more than fourteen centuries. Allah Ta’ala has His Pure ways of  guarding this Deen. Only deranged brains understand that Allah’s Deen could be protected with the Tool of Dajjaal. The NNB group of vile ulama are today operating Radio Shaitaan. Tomorrow it will be Dajjaal TV.
They have been knocked into a drunken stupor of deception termed Talbeesul Iblees (Deception of Iblees) by the Shaiytaan-in-Chief with  his new television trap. They are already sinking further in the quagmire of haraam and immorality with their haraam Radio Shaitaan. This haraam appendage of Iblees Laeen has thoroughly desensitized their Imaan, hence they are now looking further ahead for indulgence in greater evil. These vile  molvis of the NNB Jamiat are worse than the Ulama-e-Soo’ of Bani Israaeel, for those evil Ulama had not stooped to the degenerate level of legalizing zina as these NNB villains are perpetrating.
The NNB Jamiat’s Reverend Abraham Bum has acted shrewdly by issuing the Jamiat’s TV statement in the name of the aged Maulana Ali Jeena. Maulana Abbaas Jeena Sahib should reflect that he is on his very last phase of earthly life, and so are we. In this phase when he should concentrate more on his imminent meeting with Allah Ta’ala, it is indeed lamentable and heart-breaking that he has lent his name for a SATANIC INSTITUTION. It is indeed lamentable to observe support for haraam by the aged Maulana   who was once upon a time a member of the Old Guard Ulama-e-Haqq, and who is standing at the threshold of Barzakh.  It is our sincere and heartfelt naseehat to Maulana Abbaas Ali Jeena Sahib to divorce himself from all the haraam khuraafaat into which  the Reverend  of the NNB Jamiat is ensnaring him.
The NNB Jamiat’s averment: “The Jamiat’s position must not be interpreted as an endorsement of television itself…..”   The only  interpretation which sane members of the community will draw from the NNB’s statement is that it fully endorses  Dajjaal’s Eye. The NNB Jamiat is acquitting itself like a munaafiq who lies when he speaks. He conceals in his heart his shaitaaniyat. What is on his tongue is not in his heart. This is the lamentable  position of the NNB Jamiat.  It has become a group which practices Amr bil munkar (commanding evil).
Molvis who appear on television are  genuine shayaateen or worse than devils. They are  devils in human form. They are the type of devils  mentioned in the following aayat of the Qur’aan Shareef:
“And so  have We  made  for every Nabi enemies from human and jinn devils. They mutually whisper (evil) adorned statements to one another to deceive.” (Al-An’aam, aayat 112)
These molvis of the NNB Jamiat are shayaateenul ins (human devils), and their statements and press statements are among the zukhruful qaul (satanically adorned statements of deception) mentioned in this aayat.  May Allah Ta’ala save the Muslim community from the deception and vile clutches of this modernist brand of Ulama-e-Soo’    
A concluding naseehat for Maulana Abbaas Ali Jeena Sahib is that he should read with concentration the advice proffered by his nephew, Maulana Ayyub Jeena who now lives in Madinah Munawwarah. He has written  a letter pleading to the TV molvis to abstain from this haraam institution. The letter is attached hereto. May Allah Ta’ala reward Maulana Ayyub Jeena for having stated the Haqq.

Maulana Ayub Jeena of Madinah Munawwarah
Assalaamu'alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh
With due respect to the fervour you have Hazrat to serve Allah's Deen, it is possible that you may have not seen much of the modern Muslim east. I am living by the grace of Allah in the holiest lands (Madinah Munawwarah), where the media, particularly TV and radio is used to its fullest for propagating Islam. Wallaah, thumma Wallaah, my yaqeen, day in day out, only increases, that if the Arab Ulama adopted the stance that our old Indian Ulama adopted in the beginning, of making TV HARAAM, the world around here would have been different.
Further, if you live and see the confusion of the various individuals and communities of this part of the world, in things that you wouldn't imagine in South Africa and Indo-Pak, you'll be shocked.
When looking a little deeper, you realize it boils down to the same thing: the infuential scholars took too much effect were/are too affected by haalaat around them.
Last week I visited Quba, and I entered the book section of the stall on the premises and spent some time there. My heart fell when going through the 'Islamic' books there. I left with worry, asking Allah from my heart to save my children, etc from ever entering and reading books from a bookstore of this nature before their knowledge of Deen becomes solid. The deviant books were of various types: one example is a fataawa book of the famous Qardawi... In it he crushed hijaab and niqaab to pieces.
Moulana, living here in the hub makes me feel like your type of email is an imaginary one. There is absolutely no reality to serving Deen in that way. Serve Deen and get onto TV, and then... Then what? Win? Win what? Win who? How? And then where to? Win a few  individuals at the expense of too much!
In South Africa, the safety of atmosphere of Deen which was there and is fading away was due to the originality in method by our earlier scholars. No sooner any nation gives it up they're gone. At this point in time, I wish I could encapsulate the halaat of the world of the East to make others see with the lenses of someone living here. My insight into this that I have said above increases by the day. My hearts sees and aches more and more every day. The east seems finished. And it can only be attributed to them leaving the original methods.
Two days ago, I gave a very old senior Aalim a lift. He was a saathy of Hzrt Mufti Aashiq Ilaahi RA. His heart was boiling with pain. He could not stop talking. He said: one day, outside the Haram Shareef, someone came to Hzrt Mufti Aashiq Ilaahi RA and said: come, let us go meet so and so grand mufti of a certain country in such and such hotel. Mufti Saheb said: No grand mufti of this age can match our akaabireen and elders. They can hardly implement Deen properly in their own lives, let alone giving it in its true form to others. Allah had chosen our Akaabireen, in every respect. They held onto Deen through thick and thin. They were the only ones of this age who gave life to every aspect of Deen as far as Ilm and amal is concerned.
He then went on to give examples upon examples.
I visited Shaikh Awwaamah recently, and we discussed the issue of womens dressing: where is it heading to. His words were: It is the effect of the Shaitaan La'een, ie TV. He then related that, fifty years ago, his brother was walking their ustaadh home from Isha, when the ustaad said: I saw in my dream that the jews have entered all the muslim homes. Two weeks later, while walking down the same street he noticed that one of the shop keepers brought in a TV set, and people gathered to see. He looked up and said: this is it. This is what I saw in my dream.
The statement of Imam Maalik is HAQ:
لن يصلح أخر هذه الأمة إلا ما أصلح أولها

My heart aches to see that the only few who have been protected are beginning to tread the same path of the rest, on the same bases.
Moulana, do you really feel convinced you going to get somewhere by opening this door under the pretext of أهون البليتين.
Shaikh Awwaamah once said: If the Deobandis begin to stray then there is no one else left in the world (as a big group still holding HAQ in place).
صبغة الله، ومن أحسن من الله صبغة
Yaa Allaah! Grant us your sibghah!
Today I met an Arab Islamic scholar. We had a lenghty discussion on the Ilmi methods used in the world. He asked me: Can't we import some of your Ulama to start up a Madrasah in some Arab country's markaz, to bring the original method of Ilm like you still have it back to life in this part of the world? He expressed his pains over the condition of Ilm here. By the way, he was a tableeghi, but a man of the soil here, a former lecturer in Islamic sciences.
How much more am I going to go on writing. Instead of placing our Deen and the Deen of the masses at risk, why don't we give every energy we have into bringing back the originality of Sunnah, and depth of Ilm and amal, in the original ways of propagating that were adopted by EVERY NABI of Allah... and then see the results Sahabah achieved with no zaahiri asbaab materializing.
Hazrat, please maaf any gustaakhi. I know that I have written with jazbah. But it is only because of what I see and experience daily.
May Allah guide us.

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