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A Muslim organization in Germany appealed against the ban on Musaajid to the constitutional court. The court overturned the blanket ban on Musaajid and other places of religious worship. Agence France-Presse reports:

Germany’s top court rules against virus ban on religious services

Ruling follows appeal by Muslim association seeking to allow Friday prayers during remainder of Ramadan

BERLIN — Germany’s highest legal authority, the constitutional court, has overturned a blanket ban on religious services during the coronavirus crisis, saying that exceptions could be granted if sufficient precautions were taken to avoid infection.

The ruling Wednesday came after an appeal against the ban from a Muslim association in the northern state of Lower Saxony, which “intends to carry out Friday prayers… in the remaining weeks of the fasting month Ramadan,” the court said in a statement.

Given the “serious infringement of religious freedom” caused by the ban, it was “hardly tenable” that there was no possibility to apply for an exception, it added.

The court ruled that an exception should be granted if “an increase in the risk of infection could be reliably denied.” …………

It added that the infringement of religious rights was “particularly large with respect to the Friday prayers during Ramadan,” though the ruling also applies to “churches, synagogues and other religious communities.”

Germany introduced a ban on religious assembly as part of its first package of measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus back in mid-March.

Though the federal system means there are some exceptions, most states have upheld the blanket ban, and the constitutional court’s ruling in the Lower Saxony case will set a national precedent.

The ruling comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel and regional state premiers prepare to meet to discuss the current coronavirus measures on Thursday, with religious services high on the agenda. ……………

Yet the constitutional court said that shops and religious services “should be judged differently,” as there was much greater scope for differences in the size and structure of religious services.”       (End of report)


The case in the German Constitutional Court is exactly the same as the application made by two Muslim Applicants in the High Court in Johannesburg. Judgment is still awaited.


The German court’s judgment is not only a kick in the pants of the Munaafiq Bogus uuccsa, it is a kick in its face. It is now necessary for the Munaafiq Bhum, Munaafiq Karan, Munafiq Patel and all other Munaafiqeen who are vehemently opposed to the Musaajid opening, to let out a loud clamour that the judges of the German Constitutional Court have no concern for the safety of human life, for human dignity and for health care, as the uucsa Munaafiqeen have contended in their court papers against the Muslim Applicants. The La’nat of Allah and His Malaaikah is on the Munaafiqeen.


The many conditions which the kuffaar court attached to the permissibility are obviously unacceptable to the Shariah.  Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Munaafiq Bogus uucsa had argued against opening the Musaajid even with the bundle of kongfu conditions. This vividly illustrates the nifaaq and hatred for the Musaajid and Islam which lies hidden in the hearts of these vilest of the vile Munaafiqeen.

Insha-Allah, our booklet which refutes in detail the arguments of the Munaafiq Bogus uccsa will be published in the next day or two.

6 Ramadhaan 1441 – 30 April 2020


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