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According to the Qur’aan and Hadith, the most abhorrent of Islam’s Practices to the Munaafiqeen is Salaat. That is why all the Munaafiqeen of the world, taking advantage of the current bogey, have enacted consensus on striving and fighting to keep the Musaajid close. 

A Brother from the U.K. reporting on the current situation in the U.S.A. writes:


“In Texas the government has allowed all religious places to open. Churches have begun to avail themselves of the opportunity. In contrast, those who claim to be Muslims there, have reached almost complete unanimity on keeping the Masjids close. The following is their statement:

We all witnessed recent tweets from Islamophobes on Ramadan, Muslims and Mosques.

Even a minor incident or handful of incidents will create a havoc for the community and will be portrayed as Mosques becoming epi centers for the spread of COVID19.

All medical experts from Islamic Medical Association of North America, American Muslim Health professionals, Fiqh Council of N. America, AMJA and National Muslim Task Force for COVID19 representing over 60 National Muslim organizations are all together in favor of keeping everything closed until June 1st.

Please don't get carried away with announcements from some quarters which are made under political compulsions and other reasons.

(End of the statement of the Munaafiqeen)


In all countries where the Musaajid have been closed by government oppression, the Munaafiqeen have taken it upon themselves to outclass the government when concessions are made. Despite the U.S.A. government having granted permission for the places of worship to open, the Munaafiqeen continue with their satanic self-imposed ban on Salaat and the Musaajid. 

Here in South Africa, genuine Rubbish Munaafiqeen had closed numerous Musaajid under their control even prior to the government announcing the oppressive lockdown. Prior to the lockdown, when the government had restricted the number to 100 musallis, a so-called Ulama body reduced it to 50. Bootlicking is a natural attribute of Nifaaq. Allah’s La’nat will yet apprehend and destroy them.

Filthy spies, professing to be Muslims, prowl around like sewer rats reporting to the police when Muslims are performing Jamaat Salaat in homes or in their Musaajid. There can be no viler human species than these filthy, spineless spies who snitch on Muslims performing Salaat.

9 Ramadhaan 1441 – 3 May 2020


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