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The BIG scam...figures at 2 May it and weep.

Gauteng population 15 200 000 with 1598 people infected. That is 0.010513% of the population.

KZN population 11 300 000 with 1051 people infected. That is only 0.0093% of the population.

Western Province population 6 900 000 with 2700 people infected. That is only 0.03913% of the population.

Eastern Cape population 7 000 000 with 732 people infected. That is only 0.010146% of the population.

Limpopo population 6 000 000 with 36 people infected. That is only 0.0006% of the population.

Mpumalanga population 5 000 000 with 40 people infected. That is only 0.0008% of the population.

North West population 4 100 000 with 35 people infected. That is only 0.000854% of the population.

Free State population 3 000 000 with 121 people infected. That is only 0.004% of the population.

Northern Cape population 1 300 000 with 23 people infected. That is only 0.00177% of the population.

Out of a total population of 59 800 00 people ONLY 6336 people has been infected. That is ONLY 0.0106% of the population!!!

Further to that, of the 6336 infected, 2549 people already FULLY recovered, which is 40.23% of infected cases recovered!
In other words only 3787 people are infected which is ONLY 0.0063% of the TOTAL population!

Of the 6336 infected only 123 deaths has been reported which is a MERE 0.000206% of the population!!!

The fatality rate, IF all causes of death reported are caused by this so called virus, is a mere 1.9413% of all reported cases!!!!

First confirmed case in South Africa was reported on 5 March 2020. That is roughly 60 days ago which brings the death rate to 2 people
per day in average.

Now....quoted the shock...

"The World Health Organisation estimates that 124,000 people died of TB in South Africa in 2016 (about 330 daily).Tuberculosis is a serious
public health issue in South Africa. About 450,000 people develop the disease every year."

Even the common flu kills about 100 people per day in South Africa alone...
"According to the latest WHO data published in 2017 Influenza and Pneumonia Deaths in South Africa reached 35,331 or 7.04% of total

And you call THIS virus a "pandemic" with just 123 deaths from the start of the "outbreak"...?

10 Ramadhaan 1441 – 4 May 2020


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