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In his desperate attempt to gain support and favour in the Muslim Community, the Munaafiq Cross-Worshipper, Reverend Abraham Bham, after opposing the Muslim Community’s court application for opening the Musaajid, says in his Bogus uucsa’s statement:

“We will be engaging soon at national level with, amongst others, the Minister of Health” to open the Musaajid. Nifaaq gushes from his mouth and from every aperture in his body. This is a desperate attempt to fool and befuddle the Muslim Community. But he should understand that people are not as stupid as he has presumed.

The Munaafiq is now scheming of ways to steal credit for a decision which the government will have to make. Sooner or later permission will have to be granted by the government for the opening of religious institutions, Musaajid, Churches, etc. Schools will soon be opening. There will be no legal and constitutional grounds to deny the rights of people to have access to their places of worship. When this permission is granted, then these Bogus uucsa Munaafiqeen will claim that the Musjids have been opened by their efforts.


The Community must inform the government that we are not interested in any ludicrous agreement made by it with these Munaafiqeen. They do not represent the Muslim Community. They are charlatans out for name, fame and haraam boodle.


Stating another laughable stupidity, the jaahil  Munaafiq Cross Worshipper says: “We thank the Muslim community as a whole for adhering to the unprecedented call of the government to abide by the lockdown regulations and urge one and all to remain patient and continue doing so until the conditions for a safe return to congregational worship has been established.”


Nifaaq has convoluted the brains of these munaafiqeen. They fail to understand how stupid they sound and look with this laughable mockery and clowning. Besides the Muslim Community, the vast majority of the population – the  tens of millions in squatter camps and informal settlements, the Muslim Community as a whole,  and other segments of the population all over the country have not been observing the draconian regulations which the oppressive government has enacted without  consulting the people as is required by their great god, the secular constitution of this so-called democracy. The government has reduced the democracy to a farce with his oppression.


The brutality perpetrated by the police on Musallis in several Musaajid,  the snitching  and reporting to the police by the Munaafiqeen, the clandestine Jamaat Salaat  taking place in thousands of Muslim homes all over the country, the agitation by lawyers, the threats of court action, etc., all indicate the massive scale of dissatisfaction and non-observance of the draconian regulations which have been unconstitutionally been forced on the population.


The Muslim Community hates the Munaafiqeen. No one heeds the stupid call of the Cross Worshipper – a call designed to appease the Community after the court Nifaaq debacle.

12 Ramadhaan 1441 – 6 May 2020


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