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13 Ramadhaan 1441 – 7 May 2020



A Brother exposing the true colours and hypocrisy of the uucsa Munaafiqeen, issued the following statement:

UUCSA the Gecko 

UUCSA has in the recent past shown its true colours. Its motives and methods are now bare before the public. It is no doubt feeling the heat from the community backlash and expressions of utter disappointment.

In a desperate attempt to save some face, its spin-doctors have as of late come up with a new defence -- that the Applicants were going to lose the case anyway, whether UUCSA came on board on not. Therefore the blame should not be placed at UUCSA’s door.


In adopting this line of propaganda, it has deliberately sidestepped the real issue.


If the Applicant’s case did not stand any prospects of success from the outset, then there was absolutely no need for UUCSA to have been in court in the first place. Their presence was, according to their new position, an exercise in futility.


UUCSA interposed to tell the court that Salaah with Jamaat is not that important, and that the Applicants view that it was something highly emphasised was an overstatement and exaggeration.


More importantly, what is significant is the degree of effect their submissions made on the case. Even if it only very slightly dented the Applicants’ case, the intention is crucial. They entered the fray with the intention of damaging the Applicants’ prospects.


When the gecko approached the fire set up to burn Nabi Ibrahim (alayhis salaam), it intended to kindle the enormous fire. What effect could the possible blowing of a small lizard have on the gigantic fire? It was insignificant, to the extent of being virtually non-existent. However, what was substantial was the motive and attempt, not the actual effect.


To this day we are instructed to kill the gecko due to its evil nature. The incident of Nabi Ibrahim (alayhis salaam) was simply one example of its wicked disposition.


This argument that the Applicants would have failed anyway closely resembles the Eggshell Skull rule. UUCSA must be held accountable for its contribution. The inherent weakness or otherwise of the Applicants case does not make UUCSA less blameworthy for its contribution.


It is time to stand up and say: *UUCSA does not represent the Muslim community of South Africa.

(End of the Brother’s statement)


Strive and struggle as much as they can, these munaafiqeen will not be able to wriggle out safely from the mass of the nifaaq excrement they have disgorged. The final decree is Allah’s.


Bogus uucsa and the Munaafiq lawyers cartel called Amal, came aboard as ‘friends’ of the court, more appropriately as FIENDS of ALLAH. Their sole objective was   to sweat and labour to keep the Musaajid close and to ensure that the daily Five Fardh Salaat and Jumuah Salaat were not allowed in the Musaajid. This was the way of Allah Azza Wa Jal to expose those who were stabbing Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in his Blessed Heart.


Allah Ta’ala wanted to expose these hypocrites, hence He created the circumstances for these horrible Munaafiqeen to become trapped in the cesspool of excrement which they created for themselves.


The Qur’aan Majeed says: “An evil plot entraps only its plotter.” They are now sinking in the quicksand of their copro-filth and are desperately clutching at straws to extricate themselves, but to no avail. They are sinker deeper and deeper into their mess of nifaaq. The Qur’aan Majeed commanding them to remain and perish in the cauldron of the Rijs of their Nifaaq, harshly buffeting them says: “Perish in your (copro) consternation!” In another Aayat, the Qur’aan says to these munaafiqeen destined for the lowest Pit in Hell-Fire:

“Ikhsa-oo! (Scram –voetsek, get lost, perish)!

Do not speak to ME!


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