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“To date only 0.0063% of the population is affected …. the economy is in tatters”


“Advocates Nazeer Cassim SC, Vuyani Ngalwana SC, and Erin Richards have laid down the law to Ramaphosa by rejecting his explanation, accusing him of avoiding accountability and reminding him of his constitutional obligations to act ‘with a high standard of professional ethics’ and  to ‘ensure transparent governance facilitated by access to information.’   ………….


“In a separate letter to Lubisi, Cassim upped the ante, saying the government’s lockdown regulations had inflicted a “great injustice” on South Africa’s young democracy and “further created the schism between the haves and have nots”.

He said the economy was in tatters, healthy people have been quarantined while there was “no social justice in the thinking and application of the principles of the lockdown”.


“The economy is in tatters. Who knows the depth and consequences of this? Some predict anarchy - what we do witness is hunger, anger and a destruction of family life. Thus the cost is too enormous to countenance. To date, only 0.0063% of the population has been affected with coronavirus. The fatality rate of those inflicted stands at 1.9413% of all reported cases,” Cassim said in a letter sent in his personal capacity.


Writing on his blog, anchored in law, Ngalwana rejected Ramaphosa’s explanation and demanded accountability.

“The President answered neither of the two questions. Instead, speaking through the cabinet secretary, the President dressed down the advocates, lecturing them on “trite principles of our Constitutional democracy”, excoriating them for “insistence on putting in jeopardy all measures taken to save South African lives” and threatening them saying their inquiry “is not commensurate with their positions as officers of the court”, he wrote.


“Having read both the letter of the two advocates requesting information and clarification from the President about the provenance of the NCC(C) that the President chairs and the extent of its powers, on the one hand, and the President’s “sharp” response to their letter, on the other, one wonders whether lawyers who dare seek clarity from the President about matters of constitutional importance are safe to raise these questions not only in their personal capacities as citizens (s 3(2)) but also as legal practitioners (s 22) representing those who do.”

(The Sunday Independent)





(Extracts) BY Themba Mdlalose     04 May 2020


“……….The pragmatically optimum option is to choose a course of action or inaction which entails as little government involvement as possible so as to limit the destruction which inevitably accompanies any involvement of the incredibly corrupt and incompetent ANC government. In South Africa the spread of the corona virus so far is unremarkable by world standards. I have no medical knowledge and therefore I do not know the reason but what I am sure of is that the reason is not the lockdown because we have a lockdown only in name.


The ANC deployed the police and the army to supervise the lockdown. Both institutions are renowned for their fondness for parades. You would have thought the police and the soldiers are the best qualified people to teach large crowds how to form orderly queues which observe rules for social distancing. This was supposed to be one of their main duties when enforcing lockdown. After all the fundamental reason why we have a lockdown is to enforce social distancing.


But huge crowds taxi and bus ranks, in supermarkets, in malls and at points where people collected food parcels were left to their own devices. These crowds were more congested than pre Corona crowds. One was left wondering why we took the drastic step of shutting down the economy, sport and education if it was still allowed that crowds be so congested. You would think that when these problems occurred the police and the army were busy doing something constructive elsewhere.


Elsewhere the police and the army were either enforcing rules like zombies, bullying people or engaged in corrupt practices. These activities are best illustrated by means of examples: There is a video of a man working alone with a spade between the front fence of a house and the street. The police arrive and order him to get inside the premises claiming he is violating lockdown rules. He complains that he is working so as to buy a meal but the zombie Brigadier won’t listen. Rules are clear he says.


We have seen enough examples of bullying and abuse of power to confiscate items such as liquor for personal use which is corruption. This complements the grand corruption which is being perpetrated by politicians in the awarding of corona tenders. The scale of this corruption is going to be enormous. Blade Nzimande is considering transforming all universities in this country into UNISA before the tertiary students can resume their studies. The fake communist is planning to loot.


The ANC is only going to succeed in destroying the economy instead of limiting the spread of the virus. Will the Command Council (whatever those ridiculous people call themselves) just end this lockdown and stop this wanton destruction of our economy for no good reason. The ANC ought to appreciate it more than anybody else that hunger is going to provoke their supporters to torch what is remaining of the infrastructure.

18 Ramadhaan 1441 – 12 May 2020


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