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The MJC Munaafiq Carrion and Pork cartel of juhala in a copro-statement seeks to bamboozle ignorant Muslims by minimizing the great significance and importance of the Masnoon I’tikaaf which is Sunnatul Muakkadah alal Kifaayah. If no one in the community observes it, the entire community is sinful.

Stating their kufr, the Munaafiqeen of the MJC say: “….However, if we forgo it for this year in consideration of society’s need, the reward will be much greater…”


This is copro-rubbish capable of emission by only Munaafiqeen. There is no surprise in this Carrion & Pork cartel cunningly propagating the insignificance of the Masnoon I’tikaaf. After all, this same cartel of shayaateenul ins (human devils) had campaigned for the closure of the Musaajid and the banning of the Five Daily Fardh Salaat and Jumuah Salaat in the Musaajid. These same illegitimate progeny of Iblees had become the ‘friends’ of the kuffaar court and the Enemy of Allah Ta’ala by opposing in court the Muslim Community’s application  for opening the Musaajid. 

Although several entities are now challenging the oppression of the government in the courts, the MJC Munaafiq’s Munaafiq Tony Karan, is not going to court as its ‘friend’ to ‘save lives’.  His brains soiled with copro-shaitaani substances saw fit to only oppose the Musaajid’s opening in court. Therefore, cunningly seeking to banish the Masnoon I’tikaaf is not at all surprising. 

The MJC and similar other Munaafiqs are working underhand to destroy Islam. These devils are not Muslims. It is haraam to abandon the Masnoon I’tikaaf. The only valid reason a community has in the current devilish circumstances for abstaining from I’tikaaf, is government oppression and snitching and spying by munaafiq characters of the mjc’s ilk. If it is possible to be in I’tikaaf in a Musjid, then it remains Waajib to observe the Masnoon I’tikaaf.

There is absolutely no “need of society” currently to justify abandonment of the Masnoon I’tikaaf. In the rubbish and filthy brains of the Munaafiqeen the meaning of “society’s need’ is their kufr of disease being contagious. These munaafiqeen have lapped up the vomit of the kuffaar, hence they subscribe to the kufr theory of the atheists who propagate the kufr of contagion. It was on this very basis of the kufr theory that the Munaafiqeen had closed the Musaajid where ever they had some   sway over ignorant people. These rubbish and scoundrel Munaafiqeen had closed Musjids a week before the government had announced its oppression of the lockdown. They had surpassed even the atheists in kufr. 

Muslims should not be deceived by the hypocrisy of these shayaateen. Salaat behind these Munaafiqs is not valid. Their so-called ‘fatwa department’ is a department of kufr. The mjc Carrion & Pork cartel has only one objective in life, and that is haraam boodle. Money is their great god. For money have they sold their Imaan. 

Nothing can substitute for the Masnoon I’tikaaf.  Rendering genuine assistance to suffering Muslims is Waajib. But it does not displace the I’tikaaf. It is Waajib for a few individuals in every community to observe the I’tikaaf. The statement of the devils: “…(I’tikaaf yields to matters of greater importance and higher merit”, is cunning and bunkum. In the current scenario there are absolutely NO “matters of higher importance” to justify foregoing I’tikaaf. 

If a person is in I’tikaaf in the Musjid, and he is informed of a genuine need of a Muslim brother – such a need which only he (the Mu’takif) can fulfil, then in such a case, it will be valid, permissible and meritorious for him to leave his I’tikaaf and to attend to the need of the brother. But the I’tikaaf remains in place. He will still have to make Qadha of the I’tikaaf which he had nullified for attending to a genuine need of a Muslim brother. But in the current situation there is NO such need which renders permissible abandonment of I’tikaaf. 

Yes, the only reason which absolves Muslims and saves them from sin is the oppression of the government which has closed the Musaajid. The flu does not justify abandonment of I’tikaaf. The oppression of the government and the brutality of the police who unconstitutionally execute the oppressive rules of the government save Muslims from the sin of abstention from the Masnoon I’tikaaf. 

May the La’nat of Allah Azza Wa Jal destroy these back-stabbers and snakes in the grass.

22 Ramadhaan 1441 – 16 May 2020


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