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Just a few days ago, these Munaafiqeen had embarked on a hysterical tirade against the Muslim Community when we had applied to the court for permission to open the Musaajid for the daily Fardh and Jumuah Salaat. So unbearable was the opening of the Musaajid to these scoundrel Hypocrites that in sheer desperation, exposing their Nifaaq, they became stupid ‘friends of the court’ and argued more than even the kuffaar state attorney in their plea for the Musaajid to remain closed.

Their brains are convoluted with Satanism, hence Allah Ta’ala has cast His La’nat (Curse) on them. Thus, the Qur’aan Majeed says about these munaafiq rubbishes: “Thus, does Allah afflict RIJS (FILTH-LA’NAT) on those who have no Aql (brains/intelligence).”

Due to this divine affliction, the brains of these human devils do not operate in equilibrium. Now when these Munaafiqeen have realized that the clamour for lifting the oppressive satanic lockdown is reverberating all over the country and that from all sectors of the population the  government’s lockdown folly is being assailed, and now that the government is  under pressure to accede and grant exemptions,  we see these scoundrel  Munaafiqeen of Bogus uucsa and Bogus jusa (NNB Cartel of Devils) struggling to jump on to the bandwagon of this clamour of the people of the country. 

Without a shred of skin on their decomposed faces and in their necrotized hearts, these rascal Munaafiqs who now realize that they are left trailing behind the clamour of the people of the country, are sheepishly saying:

“The Jamiatul Ulama (i.e. Bogus jusa –NNB Cartel of Devils) has called on the Government to review the current COVID-19 restrictions on religious gatherings.

Jusa (NNB Cartel of Devils) says the risks of the disease initially prompted them to call for the suspension of congregations in Masaajid…” 

The Munaafiq, reverend abraham bham, is a lost soul plodding the path to Jahannam. He says that he follows the doctors, but not Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The moron munaafiq so-called ‘muslim’ doctors had also supported the ‘friend of the court’ – the Enemy of Allah – in his call for keeping the Musaajid closed. Now these jaahil munaafiq doctors – these parasites who suck the blood of people for ill-gotten boodle – are placed above Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) by the Bogus jusa Munaafiqeen. 

Suddenly there is no need to play the role of ‘lifesavers’. They have come to terms with the virus with whom they have signed a pact of hidden terms. When the Call was to open the Houses of Allah, then the story was that the Musaajid are the worst spreaders of the disease, hence have to remain closed. Life had to be saved from the threat posed by the Musaajid regardless of what Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said about disease NOT BEING CONTAGIOUS. 

Despite still subscribing to the KUFR of contagion, these Munaafiqeen are now calling for the Musaajid to be opened. The Rubbishes are fully aware that soon the government will have to relent and grant permission to the churches to open their doors. This permission will automatically extend to the Musaajid as well regardless of Islam not being approved by the authorities. The constitution has to be farcically upheld by submitting to the ‘equality’ principle. 

In the entire shaitaani saga of this ‘pandemic’ these RUBBISH Munaafiqeen have left Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and Allah’s Shariah out of the equation by posing as ‘lifesavers’ of humanity, and by implication classified Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as the destroyer of humanity – Nauthubillah! If any Muslim can still perform Salaat behind this Munaafiq Bham and Munaafiq Karan, then they should earnestly scrutinize their hearts to understand if there is still Imaan in them. 

For fear of being left out in the cold in the wake of the government  permitting the churches to open, these Munaafiqeen are jumping on to the bandwagon with the sole motive of claiming credit for the opening of the Musaajid when in reality, they will have absolutely no share in this development which the oppressive government will reluctantly have to accede to due to  countrywide pressure from the Christian  churches.



When the Musaajid are allowed to open, a host of haraam fong kong conditions will be attached. It is better for the Musaajid to remain close than to operate under satanic restraints. Should a true Mu’min enter a Musjid where the saffs are formed in shaitaani style, then DO NOT join such a fong kong congregation of shayaateen. Stand aside away from the devils and perform Salaat alone. SALAAT WITH A CONGREGATION OF SHAYAATEEN IS NOT VALID.

Muslims should supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to either guide these munaafiqeen to the Right Path or to utterly humiliate and destroy them. They are the greatest and the gravest threat to Islam. In every era in Islamic history these Munaafiqeen had betrayed the Ummah whilst collaborating with the kuffaar. What we are observing today with these petty Munaafiqs in our midst is simply a repetition of history.

26 Ramadhaan 1441 – 20 May 2020


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