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The following is an appropriate ‘tribute’ which a Concerned Sister pays to the cartel of Munaafiqeen:

A sister writes to JUSA (we have withheld her name):


Scandelous!!!  jamiat (Fordsburg) back into the gymnastics arena during lockdown stage 4 - flipping and flopping from here to there again.


After going to court and spearheading all efforts to sabotage South Africa's most senior and prominent Ulama's efforts to LEGALLY engage / negotiate with government over the opening of the Masjids for Salaah with jamaat to be allowed,  jamiat fordsburg is again flipping n flopping all over the place.


This time doing a complete u - turn together with the 'islamic' medics   TO OPEN THE "BELOVED " MASAAJID....which they went all the way  to court to close.


This bizarre twisting and turning by this (non) entity which claims big claims,  to be representing all South African Muslims has left us all totally, totally, totally baffled.


Driven by greed, like power hungry maniacs wanting the "market share" of control over SA Muslims, they rushed hither and thither madly to oppose all efforts towards opening of the Masaajid.


Twice they sabotaged the senior "prominent" Ulama publically. They made every effort to humiliate our elders of Deen. They challenged the support the Daarul Ulooms were providing to these PERFECTLY LEGAL requests made to goverent.


They instigated public opinion against the country's most senior Ulama and Muftis. They instigated the public via all social media platforms to vilify, slander and make gheebat of our seniors in Deen.


They even went as far as getting lawyers to oppose our leaders in Deen in court - to fight for the closure of Masaajid.


They appeared as "friends of the court" - these enemies of Allah. They sustained a "major win"  in the secular courts - and a "major loss" in the court of Allah Ta aala.


Immediately thereafter, they turned and claimed THEY WOULD ENGAGE  the SA authorities to open the Masaajid. This sudden, huge u - turn left us all stunned.


The entire Muslim community saw them for what they were: power hungry maniacs.


Then this fordsburg group realised that the tide of opinion had turned against them. The same public they tried instigating against our Senior Ulama, had seen their true chameleon colours.


The plot then sickened and thickened further.


They then sent out posters begging for money from the Muslim community requesting for funds for the very same Masaajid they wanted closed???


And they referred to themselves as "prominent"  ulama on the very same trashy poster??? The gall to do so!


Now again, seeing the tidal wave of support the senior Ulama are receiving, they turn again, twist words to deceive us that they are now acting on some new information together with their try and open the Masaajid.


You are all frauds of the worst kind. The books of  Islamic Seerah will remember you as such.


You names will infamously go down in the annals of Islamic history as the only "ulama" who went to court to ensure that masaajid remained closed. You will go down in Islamic history as the only ulama who shamelessly fought against your seniors and Ustaads -

May Allah Ta aala's mercy and protection shower down on them - in a secular court.


Your names will most probably appear alongside that  kamal attuturk in our Seerah kitaabs. Our children and grandchildren will always recall your names with disdain and aversion. If it was fame you craved by your actions, it is fame you will eternally receive : you will forever be famous as villians in Islam's glorious history.


You liars!  You frauds! With your (illicitly gained) diplomatic passports you aimed to deceive the Muslim community of South africa, but finally deceived no one but yourselves.

27 Ramadhaan 1441 – 21 May 2020


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