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“Do not aid in sin and transgression” (Qur’aan)

Aiding the Zaalimeen (oppressors) in their haraam acts is evil and haraam. While we have to adopt Sabr (patience) in these trying conditions of government oppression, it is never permissible to promote and aid the government in its oppression. 

Muslim entities, organizations and persons apart from the Munaafiqeen such as Bogus uucsa, Bogus jusa, Jaahil mjc, Munaafiq Amal and other similar Munaafiqeen, are guilty of aiding in sin and transgression when their requests to the government are encumbered with haraam and even kufr proposals. Little do these Muslims, i.e. the sincere ones, realize that they are committing kufr when they propose haraam conditions and terms for opening the Musaajid. 

Some Ulama as well as well-meaning and sincere attorneys and others have written to the government for permission to open the Musaajid. Along with their sincere request, they have of their own accord stipulated a host of absolutely haraam conditions. The list of the hideously kufr conditions appears in one of our other articles available on this website. 

It is an absolute Imaani imperative to understand that any belief or act voluntarily accepted or proposed, which is in negation or rejection of an imperative belief of Islam is kufr – kufr which nullifies Imaan, which in turn requires renewal of Imaan and renewal of Nikah. If a Muslim commits an act of kufr ignorantly, unwaringly without intent, he has to repent when informed. However, if he persists in subscribing to the kufr despite having been apprized of its notoriety, then the law of Takfeer comes into operation. Such an intransigent jaahil will then be branded a kaafir and excommunicated from the fold of Islam. 

Now understand well that the plethora of kufr conditions proposed by Muslim entities in their eagerness to secure the opening of the Musaajid is spawned by the belief that disease is contagious whereas Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had explicitly and emphatically negated this theory which was the belief of the mushrikeen. Thus, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) stated categorically: “La adwaa” (Disease is not contagious). 

Now when a Muslim proffers the host of kufr conditions, he in negation of Rasulullah’s explicit statement, implies: “Adwaa!” (Disease is contagious). To hell with the theories of the atheist scientists and atheist medical experts, and to hell with their logical arguments. Our Imaan demands that we summarily reject with contempt the doctrine of the atheists. 

It should not be difficult to comprehend that every one of the disgraceful stipulations is in negation of Islam’s belief of “La adwaa”, and it is in confirmation of the theory of the atheists. 

This naseehat is directed to Mu’mineen, be they fussaaq and fujjaar. It is not meant for the Munaafiqeen and the skeptics. All of these characters are bootlickers. The cartel consisting of Bogus uucsa, Bogus jusa, Jaahil mjc and the Jaahil Munaafiq Amal entity are lost souls plodding the path of Jahannam. While there remains an open gateway for Taubah, available to these miserable entitities, for the present we must say that their destination is Ad-Darkul Asfal Minan Naar (the lowest pit in Jahannam).

It is not possible to operate a Musjid on the basis of the grotesque fong kong conditions proposed by Muslims who also have a bootlicking inclination. It is infinitely better for the Musaajid to remain closed than to operate in clownish style which constitutes a mockery of the Musaajid, of Salaat and of our Imaan. 

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “It is improper (i.e. not permissible) for a Muslim to bring disgrace on himself.” Performing Salaat in terms of the disgraceful conditions of the atheists is disgusting and it is the infliction of self-humiliation which is haraam. 

Our advice to the Ummah is to refrain from writing letters to the president for permission to open the Musaajid.  Even when permission will ultimately be granted, as if a great favour will be bestowed to us,  the hated permission will be encumbered by the host of fong kong ludicrities. Experience has established that the government has absolutely no concern for the legitimate religious needs of the Muslim community. This may be likewise for other religious communities. But we are not speaking for them. By Allah, only Islam is the Deen. 

The government has reacted with mind-boggling intransigence in refusing our request which pertains to an essential service – the right to free worship in our Musaajid. In fact, Donald Trump’s declaration that worship in the places of worship is ‘essential service’ should be salubrious to this government who has devastated every sector and department of the country with its draconian unconstitutional ill-fated ‘lockdown’. While the affluent and the wealthy, the government ministers and officials basking in opulence, devouring  the best of foods and living in  the most luxurious  mansions, and driving million rand cars,  tens of millions of  poverty-ravaged   citizens are suffering. Hunger, sicknesses and starvation in the wake of  them being deprived of earning a piece of bread with their daily sweat and labour, are the lot and consequences  of submission to the  cruel and callous theories of a segment of  medical experts. Innumerable medical experts and scientists have debunked the validity of the lockdowns which have pillaged and plundered scores of countries.

It is disgraceful for the Muslim community to write to the president letters in which flattery and bootlicking are the salient features. It is disgraceful and haraam to hypocritically laud praise on the president for his ill-fated lockdown decision.  Every such letter we have seen, is Islamically revolting. The flattery and bootlicking are nauseous to Imaan. We also advise those who have written to the government to write to the president to inform him that the request to open the Musaajid is respectfully withdrawn. The president should have greater concern for the Constitution of the country.

Now what should be our stance regarding our Musaajid?  We have only one option, and that is Inaabat ilallaah. That is: Turn unto Allah Ta’ala with repentance, renewal of the pledge of obedience and moral reformation. Abandon sin and futility.  Return to the Sunnah. Adopt Sabr and Dua. This is our Renaissance.  If the Muslim Community abandons its current rotten lifestyle and strives to morally purify themselves and gain spiritual elevation, then Allah Azza Wa Jal will turn the tables. “And, He is Most Powerful over all things.” (Qur’aan)

29 Ramadhaan 1441 – 23 May 2020


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