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Welcoming  the president’s belated decision to  pass some crumbs to the Muslim community regarding the opening of the Musaajid,  Bogus  uucsa’s Munaafiq Kalb Patel said:      “The opening of the Masaajid brings a sense of enormous relief as  the places of worship plays a  prominent role in the lives of all Muslims.”

This kalb and  the other munaafiqeen of  Bogus uucsa and Jaahil mjc must be labouring in the delusion that the entire Muslim community is stupid. These  vermin  are hoping  that Muslims have   forgotten the treachery  which they (these  vile munaafiqs) had perpetrated just a few days ago. Munaafiqs suffer from the malady of myopism.  The Community has not forgotten their treachery.

These  ghutha and hufaalah cartel of Munaafiqeen  who are now bootlicking the president and who are  speaking glowingly about  the Musaajid, are the very same scoundrels who had orchestrated  several bogus  and fictitious  bodies to oppose  the Community’s  request to the president to open the Musaajid.

These very same shayaateenul ins (human devils) had  vigorously argued in the High Court that:
• The closure of Musaajid must be retained.• The Five daily Fardh Salaat must not be  allowed in the Musaajid.• Jumuah Salaat must not be allowed in the Musaajid.• The Musaajid are the worst spreaders of the  disease engineered by Bill gates.• The Musaajid are a grave threat to the lives of the population.

While  this  progeny of Iblees posed as ‘lifesavers’ in the court dubbing themselves the ‘friends of the court’, every Muslim of true Imaan understood that they were the Enemies of Allah Ta’ala.  Now suddenly have they forgotten about being lifesavers.

Now since the president has allowed the Musaajid to function, albeit in a cockyed fashion, the  objective of saving lives has been forgotten by the munaafiqs of  Bogus uucsa.  O you progeny of Shaitaan!  What has happened to your  stated  belief and objective of saving lives on the basis of  shutting the Musaajid and  destroying the Deen? 

The “protocols  to be abided by”  stated by the miserable kalb of uucsa are haraam shaitaani protocols. They befit only the munaafiqeen.

The Bogus uucsa kalb says:  “Muslims must remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over.”

As far as Islam and the Muslim community are concerned, there never  was a pandemic. According to  numerous atheist  scientists and medical experts, Bill Gates’ ‘pandemic’  was  and is  merely a  ‘seasonal flu’ which in comparison to  real  epidemics and pandemics of the past pales into  insignificance.

Th Munaafiqeen have exposed themselves. This  is the best advantage of the  so-called ‘pandemic’. Allah Ta’ala has exposed the Munaafiqeen. May the La’nat of Allah settle on the Munaafiqeen.

3 Shawwaal  1441 - 27 May 2020

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