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Now that the government has conceded to grant ‘partial opening’ of  the places of worship, the Munaafiqeen are desperately  floundering in their self-contradiction and total lack of direction.  After having vigorously campaigned to retain the ban on the Musaajid and Jamaat Salaat,  Bham, Karan and  Patel representing the Munaafiqeen cabal, suddenly and disgustingly  seek to  convey to the Muslim Community that they had not opposed  the Call  to open the Musaajid.
In an adequate response to  these Hypocrites, Advocate Yusuf Docrat exposes the villainy of these Munaafiqeen.


Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullaah

One would think that after an announcement that the Masaajid will be opened that I will join this chorus of people praising organizations such as uucsa for their efforts. I’m not one of those and I’m not one of those is because uucsa itself, moulanal bham, jusa, the mjc have been nothing short of hypocritical in the manner in which they approached the question of the masaajid.

Not too long ago, perhaps 6 weeks or a bit longer they actively opposed an application by Muslims to reopen the Masaajid. The application was to declare the provisions of the regulations that rendered congregational prayer unlawful and unconstitutional.

And in that application and in their public pronouncements preceding that case and subsequent to the case, they presented to this Ummah a version that there is a principle objection to the opening of the Masaajid and the establishment of the 5 daily Salaah in congregation because such activity according to them would lead to illness and death, and according to them the Maqaasid of saving lives in the Shariah trumped any perceived obligation or recommendation or desire to performa Salaah in Jamaat.

This was their position. This is the position they used to undermine those who considered the Shariah to have  a very different position, considered the Shariah to require at all times that the congregational Salaah be established in the Masaajid. As time moved on, it became quite clear, I would imagine to uucsa, that the position it had taken was untenable. It must have become clear to all of them that far from the 1 week or 2 week that they perhaps thought they could sacrifice the question of congregational prayer. This was going to be a long term question.

So what did they do?  They supposedly made representations in which they seek from government the gradual relaxation of the law against congregational prayer and in effect what they tabled before government was in principle no different to what the applicants they initially opposed had sought from the court.
Today, when the announcement was made that places of worship will be opened, it was quite farcical to hear someone like moulana bham express gratitude, recite verses from Qur’an establishing the significance of congregational prayer and worship.  And I just wonder whether it has struck him, and  struck those who had taken similar positions that they have done untold damage to this Deen. They have reduced in the eyes of this Ummah, in the eyes of young people in the eyes of society at large the significance of worship. They subordinated the Fardh of shariah to what is in fact considered in law to be subordinate legislation in the form of regulations. But the blatant hypocrisy, this about turn, this shameless change in direction is a matter that should concern this Ummah. And I don’t wish to be involved in personal attacks on any individual, but I do think that this ummah needs to consider very carefully who it wishes to have as its spokespeople.

Do we really want people who call themselves ulama, who blow hot and cold, who change as the day does to night as the night does to day, who change from the warmth of summer to the cold of winter, in an instant? Who are able to move between princip;es that are contradictory in an instant? Who constantly feel the need to panel beat, to massage to manipulate and ultimately to compromise the Deen purely, so that it fits in with what they perceive to be the correct government policy? Do we really as an Ummah require that?  Should we not be saying to people who see government policy as the furqaan as the criterion of right and wrong  - should we not be saying to them well that is your right but please join the political party in question, but don’t use the deen, don’t use your title as moulana to assert what is essentially a political essential?

Is it not time that we as an Ummah look at what the true role is of the ulama in our society?  Is it not time that we sat down and worked out what we understand to be our role as Muslims? Is it not time that we truly sat and reflected on what we believe on whether we truly understand the question of sovereignty of Allah  and of Tawheed?

Are we really going to sell every foundational principle of this Deen, out of fear of political expediency, or as a strategy or as what people these days call as hikmah, wisdom?  Where does it end?

So Alhamdulillah, Allah has willed that the congregational prayer continue. Let it not be said that this has come from the representations or the hikmah or the ability or the wisdom of uucsa or from the mjc or from jusa. This has come despite their activity it has come despite what they have tried to achieve which is the closure of the Masaajid, and it must be a sobering thought I should hope for their representatives to understand that Allah is the best of planners. And whatever acts of political expediency they think that they are achieving it is not them that is  control but Allah, and on Allah lies the result, and on us is the obligation to make the effort.

I ask this Ummah in S.A. to reflect and to consider very carefully whether we truly recognize Allah as the Lord of lords, the King of kings, the Sovereign, the only true legislator. If we do then Insha Allah it will manifest in us not succumbing to political pressure to our supposed sense of political wisdom or expediency. Insha Allah this will lead us to be principled people  whom even our enemies respect. Because we do not bow down, care and succumb out of fear and because we court favour. May Allah guide this Ummah. Assalaamulaikum Warahmatullah.

5 Shawwaal 1441 - 29 May 2020

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