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This year, Eidul Fitr was actually on Sunday ….. May 2020 although we all throughout South Africa, celebrated Eid on Monday,……. May 2020. This lamentable and grotesque occurrence was the consequence of the confirmed sighting of the moon having been suppressed by the molvis of  the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg. The facts are as follows:


(1) None of our own Hilaal Committees had reported a sighting. We therefore declared that Eid will be on Monday.


(2) After Isha’ we received rumours of a moon sighting in the town of Brits. According to the rumour, the moon was sighted by a number of people in Brits. This information was reliably conveyed to the NNB jamiat. However, they rejected the news.


(3) Since this news had not reached us reliably from any source, we could not make a decision of Eid on the basis of mere rumours and unconfirmed reports.


(4) A day after Eid, i.e.  on Tuesday, it was reliably conveyed to us by some of those who had personally sighted the moon that indeed, the hilaal was sighted and the sighting was reported to  the local Mufti as well as  the NNB jamiat.


(5) The office of the NNB jamiat of Fordsburg had rejected the sighting because there were less than 40 sighters.


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10 Shawwaal 1441 (3 June 2020)


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