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Bulletin No.5

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23 JULY 2020

Bulletin No.5


In a statement issued by the Cross-Worshipper, Munaafiq Reverend Abraham Bham in the name of bogus ‘uucsa’, spurious claims have been advanced as a red herring for diverting the focus of the community from the haraam kufr shenanigans perpetrated by bogus uucsa on the Musaajid issue.

The actual response for these Munaafiqs is quite brief. Since they are not Muslims, their word is not valid in matters of the Shariah. The Reverend being a Munaafiq has no right to voice himself on the Shariah. Thus, whatever he says and disgorges is baseless and not valid. While this response is adequate to debunk the spurious claims he has made, we shall provide some elaboration for those who have been cast into confusion by the red herring deception of the Munaafiq Reverend.

(1) Bogus uucsa’s inability to confirm sighting of the hilaal does not detract from the validity of the sighting in Grobbershoop by Maulana Mas’ood Parker of the Northern Cape Jamiatul Ulama. The word of a Munaafiq has absolutely no worth and may not be presented to reject the claim of a Muslim.

(2) That “none of the uucsa affiliates received moonsighting details”, is of absolutely no significance. Uucsa is a bogus entity consisting of deviate characters. Those who are not related to this bogus entity have no obligation to provide any details to the munaafiqeen.

(3) The Muslim community of Grobblershoop consists of only 8 individuals, not 35 – 40 as bogus uucsa blatantly lies. The alleged 35-40 Muslims scattered in Groblershoop are of the type whose Imaan dangles on a thread. They are fussaaq and fujjaar of the worst order. These foreigners have extremely little contact with the Deen. Hence, they are non-existent in terms of the Shariah.

(4) The five Muslims who saw the hilaal constitute majority of the Muslim community of that remote outpost. On the basis of their own sighting, it is WAAJIB for them to commence the month and to have Eid on Friday 31st July 2020. It will be HARAAM for the Muslims of Grobblershoop to continue the month of Zul Qa’dah when they had seen the moon with their naked eyes. The haraam shenanigan politics of bogus uucsa do not have any role in the determination of any Shar’i issue.

(5)  In so far as the Muslim community of Grobblershoop is concerned, the requisite of Jamm-e-Ghafeer has been adequately fulfilled.

(6) The acceptance of the sighting of Grobblershoop by us (Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.) was not on the basis of Shahaadat. It was on the basis of a declaration by the Northern Cape Jamiatul Ulama that they have commenced the month and that Eid will be on Friday 31st July. This information reached us by Tareeq-e-Moojib (absolute certitude) which precludes doubt and uncertainty. It is valid to celebrate Eid and begin Ramadhaan on this basis.

The molvis in general are deficient in their research, hence they are quickly cast into confusion. There is a need for a panoptic vision to understand the issue from all angles.  If information reaches us reliably that Eid is today in a country, then while it will not be binding to accept it, it will be permissible to accept and declare Eid for us as well. It is based on information which reaches by what is called Tareeq-e-Moojib.

(7) The individuals had refused to testify to bogus uucsa because they are aware of the bogus and munaafiq status of this entity and of the conspirators operating under this fiction. These individuals have no duty to testify to the bogus entity’s munaafiqs.

(8) The decision of bogus uucsa is devoid of Shar’i substance and has no relevance for those Muslims who do not follow these Munaafiqeen.

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