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13 Shawwaal 1433 – 31 August 2012


Another 'halaal' certified PORK rumpus has erupted in Cape Town. Pick'n Pay has apologized for 'halaal' pork labelling in its Canal Walk outlet. The wors with pork-casing labelled 'halaal' and certified by the MJC was discovered by a Muslim doing his shopping at the store.
Although Pick 'n Pay had offered the Muslim  buyer a refund, he refused it and  displayed his dissatisfaction at the flabby explanation proffered by Pick 'n Pay.
Whilst Pick 'n Pay and the MJC caught with their trousers down are at pains to placate Muslims with their 'labelling error' argument and apology, the community does not accept such insipid arguments. 'Labelling errors' have now become the norm. This is the umpteenth time that such VARK-PORK products have appeared  on the shelves of  MJC and SANHA-certified business outlets.
The Orient-MJC Pork saga is still fresh in the minds and hearts of Muslims. The other day there was an ICSA-Pork debacle as well.  The stock response of 'labelling error' is now a monotonous stupidity. Despite Pick 'n Pay's claim of a 'permanent  Muslim supervisor' on the premises, it had devolved on a Muslim customer to discover the 'halaal' VARK wors. The assurance that the contents were devoid of pork is not appealing to Muslims.
What is the function of the supervisor? Why have all similar cases of 'halaal' swine meat and sausages been discovered by consumers and not the supposed 'supervisors'?
There can be no doubt that the greater part of the Muslim community had been fed with 'halaalized' pork and other carrion meats over the decades by these vile Pork and Carrion hawkers who halaalize just every haraam filth and carrion for the gratification of their monetary objectives. But, the greater share of the blame devolves squarely on Muslim consumers, not on the shayaateen who halaalize the carrion and pork products.
To gratify their carnal,  carnivorous greed by   consuming just any kind of rotten, filthy and haraam chickens and meat, Muslims have been smothering their  agitating Imaani conscience and soothing it with the  utterly baseless assurance offered to them by the stupid 'halaal' markings appearing on wrappers and labels.  Muslims should hang their heads in shame and disgrace for purchasing meat products from non-Muslims simply on the basis of a stupid 'halaal' label/emblem and a scrap paper dubbed 'halaal' certificate.
It is unintelligent to expect non-Muslims to honour the Shariah's tenets applicable to halaal food. Why would they not derive pleasure from feeding Muslims pork intentionally, when Islam is a hated religion to them? With so much animosity between Muslims on the one side and the Yahood and Nasaara on the other side, what conscience  would prevent them from deliberately feeding Muslims pork and carrion under cover of the confounded haraam certificates issued by  the conglomerate of carrion purveyors?
"Ponder!  O People of Intelligence." (Qur'aan)
On the Day of Qiyaamah, in the Divine Court, the excuse of having followed the fussaaq and fujjaar molvies and sheikhs of SANHA and MJC will not mitigate the villainy of having devoured carrion and pork. The Qur'aan warns Muslims  against  the deception of the evil scholars. Thus  severely castigating the masses of Bani Israaeel, the Qur'aan Majeed states: "They took their  scholars (their ulama) and their saints as gods besides Allah….."
There have been too many incidents of so-called 'labelling errors'  which should be ample to convince Muslims of the massive corruption in this whole rubbish 'halaal' certificate industry. Every defence put up by the carrion hawkers is a blatant LIE. Their one and only concern is the haraam boodle they are earning from their satanic 'halaal' certificate trade. Halaal and Haraam are not their concern. Their concern is the money. Allah Ta'ala, emphasizing the imperative need for the consumption of pure and halaal foods, says in the Qur'aan Shareef:
"O People! Eat from the earth that what is halaal (lawful) and
tayyib (pure and wholesome), and do not follow in the footsteps
of shaitaan. Verily, he is your open enemy. Verily, he instructs
you with only evil and immorality and that you speak about
Allah what you do not know."

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