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The Munaafiq MJC (so-called muslim judicial council) has become adept in the art of halaalizing pork, then attributing their expertise to ‘incorrect labels’. This Satanist evil of ‘halaal’ pork is a recurring occurrence, and without fail and without exception the Devil’s stock answer has always been ‘incorrect labelling’ in the deceptive attempt to deny the pork content of the product.

‘Halaal’ VARK is no long a novelty. It is a norm for those who devour the carrion halaalized by the satanic halaalizing outfits such as MJC, SANHA, NIHT, etc.

The following press report details the latest ‘halaal pork’ debacle.

MJC DebacleIMG-20201105-WA0029.jpg

(End of the ‘halaal’ VARK report)

The MJC personnel are confirmed munaafiqeen of the Iblees class. There is nothing one can offer these louts by way of advice since they come within the purview of the Qur’aanic stricture: “Summum bookmun umyun” – “They are deaf, dumb and blind”. Their blindness is spiritual blindness. Mentioning this type of blindness, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“The (physical) eyes are not blind. But the eyes within the hearts are blind.”

These deaf, dumb and blind scoundrels are perfect fodder for Jahannam.

The lady who had “got a skrik” (a shock) is not free of blame. The fact that she is quite comfortable with purchasing meat products from the kuffaar is indicative of the low and defective level of her Imaan. Those who freely purchase meat products from the kuffaar on the strength of a rotten fraudulent scrap of paper dubbed ‘halaal certificate’, and on the basis of the fraudulent logo-sticker stupidity, must not skrik when they consume MJC and SANHA ‘halaalized VARK-SWINE-KHINZEER meat.

“O People? Consume from the earth that which is Halaal and Tayyib, and do not follow in the footsteps of shaitaan. Verily, he is your open enemy. He instructs You with only immorality and evil.”


When a Muslim procures meat products from the kuffaar on the basis of a silly and dangerous logo or sticker, then he/she is plodding in the footsteps of shaitaan, hence there is no need for ‘skriking’, griping and complaining. None of the lady’s ‘human rights were violated’ by the ‘halaal’ pork sticker. Muslims who have become addicted to devouring MJC and SANHA ‘halaalized’ meat products just do not realize the amount of  pork and haraam they  have ingested over the years.

One consequence of the deluge of haraam carrion and pork meat which Muslims are devouring on the basis of logos and stickers is the explosion of diseases in the community – diseases for which the medical fraternity have no answer. Neither can the doctors correctly diagnose nor prescribe valid remedies. And that is because these diseases are part of Allah’s Athaab (Punishment).

20 Rabiul Awwal 1442 – 6 November 2020

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