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9 Zil Hajj 1433 – 25 October 2012




On the issue of  the cricketer being  applauded as a 'hero', someone wrote:

"Considering  the cricketer is a figure that many people Are constantly looking at, the following small actions  of his  surely have some weight in terms of the Da'wah of Islam:

1) He refused to wear the SAB (South African Breweries) logo on his cricket gear.

2) He lifted his Shahaadat finger on the pitch.

3) He was not offended when called a terrorist by  the commentator.

4) He was spiritually motivated by Maulana Yunus Patel Marhoom.

5) When he drinks water, he sits.



those whose brains function in the state of intellectual equilibrium are not enamoured or impressed by these drivel comments.


The 'small actions' which in reality are BIG deeds of virtue in Islam and which are acts of great thawaab despite appearing to be 'small',  are applicable to every Muslim, whether he may be pious or impious. If these 'small' acts render the faasiq cricketer  a  'hero' then why  will the millions of  Muslims who are not indulging in kuffaar sports not be heroes when they implement not only the so-called 'small action', but also the great deeds of he Deen? What makes the cricketer a hero and  not other Muslims who are not stupid cricketers, but who are exemplary Muslim? If  the conception of heroism means acting like a stupid monkey hitting a ball and running after it,   then it should be clearly  stated that the chap is a 'hero' on account of his expertise in the stupidity of the kuffaar sport. He should not be proclaimed a 'hero' on the false premises of 'small actions' of the Deen cited to pull wool over the eyes or ignoramuses who equate  kuffaar sport with acts of ibaadat. The 'small actions' which the misguided chap was flaunting ostentatiously, solely to attract the gazes of morons, are  the common bread and butter deeds of  innumerable Muslims who practise their Deen daily without flaunting and showing off  'religiosity'.


A pious Muslim  performs Tahajjud Salaat and all the other Sunnat and Nafl Salaat. He fasts every second day of his life. He gives abundant charity. He looks after the orphans and the poor. Yet no one  projects him as a hero?  On what basis then is the faasiq cricketer being proclaimed a hero? Allah Ta'ala states in the Qur'aan:

"In fact, every person has insight over his nafs even though he puts forth excuses."

Those who are calling the cricketing chap a 'hero' do so because of his haraam activity of cricket.  Now they are using the 'small' Deeni acts as a deceptive front and claiming that he is a 'hero' because of his 'small' acts  whilst others who are practising HUGE Deeni acts are not called 'heroes'.  They dwell in self-deception.


No one becomes a hero for eating his daily  breakfast and supper. The 'small' acts which the misguided cricketer practices in public to awe stupid people are  far less than what is required of a Muslim. The couple  of 'small' act he  flaunts and with which morons are impressed on account of his haraam cricketing expertise, do not make him a 'hero'  in Islam. Even if he spends the entire nights in ibaadat and every day of the year fasting, then too he does not become a hero. He renders himself a favour  with his ibaadat. His 'small' acts are meant for himself – for his own benefit – not for public consumption. Acts of ibaadat  are not to be flaunted nor  to be made  the basis for acclaim.


If a prostitute practices these 'small' acts – and we assure you that there are Muslim prostitutes who  practise much more acts of ibaadat than the misguided cricketer – must she be proclaimed a heroine? If a prostitute  sits and drinks water in public, does she become a heroine? If a prostitute recites the Qur'aan in a bus or in the plane, does she become a heroine? If a  prostitute is the mureedah of a Shaikh, must she be proclaimed a heroine whilst a pious lady  who is a mureedah will not be a heroine? If a prostitute lifts her  Shahaadat finger in the brothel prior to indulging in zina, will she be proclaimed a heroine, whilst a pious lady  reciting the Kalimah Shahaadat in the privacy of  her home a 1000 times will not be a heroine?  What is the difference between prostitution and cricket? Both are haraam. Carrion and pork are haraam even if it be the carrion of a sheep  or a chicken. If  the excreta of a big I  'worse' than the excreta of a dog or of a goat, it does not follow that consumption of the goat's excreta renders one a  hero. This is the relationship between a prostitute and a cricketer. They are on par in the element of hurmat. However, emulation of he kuffaar has blinded all and sundry. Even molvis are entrapped in kuffaar emulation, hence their deadened Imaani perception is unable to understand the obscenity of cricket whilst to a degree they accept the immorality of prostitution.


On which principle of the Shariah does the cricketer become a hero  because he lifted his Shahaadat finger on the pitch to impress and  beguile the crowds of morons viewing his haraam stupidity? Lifting his Shahaadat finger to impress the crowd of morons, fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar was a conspicuous  demonstration of riya.


All the objections which morons are taking  because of the criticism levelled against the chap  are stupid drivel  disgorged by stupid people who lack even a hazy perception of  the Deen. If the fellow is a 'hero', then he is the true hero of shaitaan and the legions of shaitaan who  watch his stupid antics in the stupid game. Morons are impressed by the antics of morons.

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