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26 Zil Hajj 1433 – 11 November 2012          


Q.  In Mina and even in Arafaat, western-type urinals have been installed. Males in ihraam stand and urinate most lewdly with part of their aurah exposed. They conduct themselves just like the kuffaar who urinate like animals in the public. Even ladies pass by and view these shameless urinating proceedings. What is happening in even the Holy Places?
A. What is happening there? Kufr is happening.  A process of incremental kufrization is subtly and gradually  taking place. It is all part of the American-Yahood conspiracy whose  chief agent today is the Saudi regime. Shamelessness, immodesty and immorality are fast becoming norms in even the Holy Cities whose spirituality has been completed ruined and extinguished by the Saudi regime. Not only the Saudis are to be blamed for this obscenity. Those animals  masquerading as Hujjaaj who utilize these urinals of shaitaan are worse than even the Saudis who have installed these vile American contraptions. Those who use  these evil contraptions to advertise their immorality are  greater devils than the Saudis who have installed the contraptions.
Q. A large majority of the Hujjaaj make wuqoof outside the boundaries of Muzdalifah. The signboards indicating the boundaries of Muzdalifah are poor and fading, making it difficult for the Hujjaaj to determine the Wuqoof area. What is the consequence of making Wuqoof outside the boundary of Muzdalifah?
A. The onus of  ensuring Wuqoof is made in the correct zone is  on the Hujjaaj. Whilst the authorities  are guilty of gross dereliction of duty for not  placing sufficient and proper notices to show the boundaries of Muzdalifah, the Hujjaaj too are guilty of  not ensuring that their Wuqoof  is done in the proper area. If one is not sure, one has to ask. Those who had not made Wuqoof in Muzdalifah should pay the penalty of a dum - one sheep/goat to be sacrificed in the Haram region.
Q.  Dury the days of Hajj, the Imaams in Makkah stand under the mezenah (place of Athaan) during Imaamate whilst thousands of people are standing in front of him. Is their Salaat valid?
A. The Salaat of all those who stand in front of the Imaam is not valid. They have to make Qadha of all the Salaat they had performed in this manner, i.e. standing in front of the Imaam.
Q. Saudi Airlines does not allow people to bring their own Zam Zam water. One has to  purchase it from them at the airport for 30 riyals. Is there anything in the Shariah to permit such exploitation of the Hujjaaj?
A. Robbery and exploitation are endemic characteristics of the entire Hajj & Umrah institution. As far as  every cog in the Hajj & Umrah machinery is concerned, the objective is only monetary gain by hook or crook, deceit  and fraud. Right from the inception of acquiring a Hajj visa through the entire process comprising of airline tickets, hotel accommodation, transport from Jeddah, Mina, Arafaat, Muzdalifah and now even Zam Zam water,  Hujjaaj are subjected to fraud, robbery and exploitation. Every entity connected to the commercial Hajj & Umrah cartel sucks the blood of the Hujjaaj. The 30 riyals per can of  Zam Zam water which is available free,  is indicative of the  extreme level of greed in which the Saudi Airlines is grovelling. Compelling the Hujjaaj to buy Zam Zam from them is haraam. Charging 30 riyals is haraam. Refusing to take aboard Zam Zam acquired from  other sources is haraam. It is blatant robbery and exploitation. The exploitation begins right at the top – from the king right down to the porters and the taxi drivers. Every link in the Hajj & Umrah  racket is a  mafioso

Q. The king announced that Masjid Nabawi will be extended and the plans that appeared I the newspapers, etc. show that where the Imaam currently stands will change and Raudhah Mubaarak  will be in the middle. Please comment.
A. We have not  understood this scenario. Will the Salaat sufoof (rows) be all around the Holy Grave of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)?  Will people be facing the Raudhah Mubaarak during Salaat? Or do you mean that the Holy Graves of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), Hadhrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu) and Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) will be flattened, demolished and destroyed so that the space today occupied by these Holy Graves will be incorporated into the Musjid. Destroying  these Holy Graves will not be surprising and is not unexpected of the present Saudi regime. We require  more information on this issue for a better understanding of the contemplated move  of the king.
Q. The amount of photography taking place in Musjid Nabawi, Musjidul Haraam and at the Ka'bah is absolutely  ludicrous and totally out of control.
A.  The haraam ludicrousness of the haraam photography is  'totally out of control' by the design of the Saudi authorities. As far as the king and his cohorts are concerned, Hajj & Umrah is an extremely lucrative commercial enterprise netting the regime billions of riyals annually.  Commercialisation  requires attraction. The ignorant masses are allowed freedom to perpetrate their haraam misdeeds such as photography  to keep them happy. After all, the mafia in charge of this massive Hajj & Umrah monetary enterprise has to  show some semblance of gratitude for the billions which all the juhala are spending to enrich  it (i.e. the mafia). The ignoramuses are therefore allowed freedom to express their haraam attitudes and misdeeds.  It is indeed surprising that there still exists a ban on smoking  inside the Musaajid. Perhaps  the time is not too distant for this ban to be abolished, and for the demarcation of smoking areas within the Holy precincts of  Musjidul Haraam and Musjid Nabawi.
The Saudi regime is allowing all of this haraam activity to take place in the Musaajid  since they have isolated Islam from their lives and are gradually and  increasingly relegating the Shariah into oblivion. It is not that they are unable to control the haraam photography. It is  aversion for  the Shariah and the Sunnah which constrains them to behave in this callous manner towards the Deen.  The Mataaf area  can be full to caopacity. If  some stipud, faasiq, faajir state luminary arrives  to engage in a mock tawaaf,  the Saudi security forces will, within minutes, swiftly clear the enture Mataaf area to allow the buffoon to perform in comfort and at leisure  his/her mock rituals. The Haramain Shareefain has been transformed into a haraam tourist resort.
In the final analysis it has to be conceded that the calamity of the Saudi regime  simply portrays the rotten condition of the Ummah in general, and of the Hujjaaj in particular.

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