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A Muslim Sister who is a doctor in a government facility, writes:


“Maulana is right about the vaccines. My sister’s colleague’s wife is a doctor at the UN. She said a few months ago certain vaccine packages were clearly marked “Not for the US or EU”. So if all vaccines are the same then why must it be marked and differentiated into which countries it can or can not be sent to? It reminded me of a documentary on pesticides on Al Jazeera. Certain pesticides were banned in the EU and USA due to the damaging side effects. But instead of being destroyed, it was exported to third world countries despite awareness of the serious side effects it will cause.


The same with the tetanus vaccine which was found to be laced with HCG, an infertility drug, or the polio vaccines. Its all proper scientific journals on pubmed etc., which mentioned it.


We were taught that viruses can’t be cured. It can only go into remission until they become reactivated, like chicken pox into shingles or herpes etc. And viruses keep mutating.  That’s why the flu vaccine has to be taken yearly and the excuse for not making an HIV vaccine was because it kept mutating. Now in a matter of months there’s a covid vaccine! But the vaccine itself makes no sense.


It’s using an mRNA of a foreign body. The mRNA attaches to DNA to form a protein,  and that is its only function. But now it is a foreign body, MRNA strand which will obviously bind to the human DNA, producing what?


Kevin Mckernan works at MIT and studied genomes and developed a sequencer that was used in the testing.   He himself says that it doesn’t make sense. But the odd thing is that he also mentions about an economy collapse (I read about it in  The Majlis kitaab on the bitcoin).


I believe that  people are really being brainwashed i.e. conforming to act a certain way, etc., into believing all this about the virus. Yes people are getting sick, but why are people throwing logic out of the window and forgetting that they also studied viruses etc., and it doesn’t make sense.  I think its fear.


(Yes, atheists fear their own shadows.  ‘Muslims’ who are bootlicking the western atheists are also displaying traits of atheism. They believe in all this covid drivel. They exhibit their hidden kufr  by way of donning the niqaab of Iblees and adopting shaitaani distancing and the other protocols of kufr. Their  gaze is  furthest from Allah Ta’ala. They  do not believe that creation is under the control and direction of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

They believe that the kufr protocols of the atheists can thwart  Malakul Maut and prevent death, hence they insanely  lick up the najaasat excreted by the kuffaar andcomply with just every stupidity and satanistic act  disgorged by the atheists. They do not believe  what the Qur’aan declares about the moment of Maut:

“No person shall die but at  the appointed time with the permission of Allah.”

—The Majlis)


Continuing her narrative, the doctor says:


My colleagues  (all doctors) at work agree that we should not take vaccines and that  something bizarre is going on. (It is a massive dark shaitaani plot of the cartel headed by Bill Gates.  Governments and  other personnel  connected to this conspiracy have been bribed with  millions and millions of dollars to facilitate the trillion dollar vaccine  Satanism which is being  rolled out currrently. The Tanzanian and Madagascar  governments have booted out these covid Satanists.

But they are  operating in total ignorance of Allah Ta’ala and His intervention. He will destroy them and all those  munaafiqeen who masquerade as ‘Muslims’, but  peddle  the wares of the Devil. – The Majlis


The doctor continuing, says:

The worrying part is that the people I studied with and some of my own family members, would take the vaccine.


Today on scientific mag, there was an article published about the adverse side effects of the vaccine because the 'outer coating' of the MRNA strand bind to PEG which caused severe  anaphylaxis. Yes it can happen with any medication but the rate at which it was occurring in this vaccine was significantly higher than any other medication/vaccine. WHO and the pharm companies know about it. But if they tell all people with allergies not to take the vaccine then a significant number of the population will abstain. So instead, they said that they will not mention it and just observe it, and after the injection patients should wait around for 20-30min for in case a reaction occurs. The link to the article is 'suspicions grow that nanoparticles in pfizers covid vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions' written by Jop de Vrieze.

Even the ex-CEO of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon says something (sinister) is going on. Yeadon was the vice-president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory conditions. I think people are being stampeded by fear into submission to a ‘virus’ which is under the control of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala.  People, Muslims, have to put things into perspective and focus only on Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta'ala.  Regardless of what will happen, we have   to obey Him.    Duas        Jazakallah      Was salaam

(End of the Doctor’s letter)


While  the kufr disgorged by the molvis/sheikhs is lamentable, it is  most comforting to know that  there are many doctors and modernist professionals in other secular fields whose Imaan remains intact. Hidaayat (Guidance) is the prerogative of only Allah Ta’ala. He says in numerous places in the Qur’aan Majeed: “He guides whomever He wills, and He misleads whomever He wills.” Those  whom Allah Ta’ala misguides were created specifically  to be fuel and fodder for Jahannam. Ostensibly, they are the ilk of Hizbush Shaitaan (The Army of the Devil).

Some of the members of this satanic legion are Taqi Uthmani, Taha Karaan, reverend Abraham Bham, Zubair Bhayat, Suliman Ravat, Ebrahim Desai, Menk, the NNB jamiat cartel, the MJC pork and carrion halaalizers and many others. In the history of Islam there never existed such a vile, despicable  cartel of ulama-e-soo’ as we find in today’s Hizbush Shaitaan. It is essential for  Muslims to understand that these  agents of Iblees should not be touched with even a barge pole.  Avoid their evil shadows. Salaat behind these ‘religious’ scoundrels is not valid. In the words of the Hadith they are devils in human  form. They are miserable epistasis with the hearts of wolves ever ready to devour your Imaan. SO BEWARE OF THEM!

14 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 29 December 2020

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