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‘maqasid of shariah’

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A Brother criticizing the jahaalat and nifaaq of reverend Abraham Bham, says:

Moulana Bham’s advice to keep the masajid open- because governments adjusted alert level 3 regulations permit casinos and theaters to remain open whilst being ambiguous with regards places of worship-although correct , leaves one befuddled!

With infection levels allegedly higher than the first hard lockdown,and the alleged  mutated strain being more infectious , how does one explain  this about turn from a man who felt so strongly that opening the masajid was against Islamic principles, that he  chose to oppose other Muslims calling for the masajid to be reopened,by presenting his contorted  ‘Islamic’ position as part of uucsa’s despicable ‘friends of the court’ intervention?

What happened to his reliance  on the ‘maqasid of shariah’  regarding the protection of life that he  and others like him misapplied purely to advance their political expediency.

Sadly, it appears as if truth was sacrificed at the alter of pleasing political masters.

Some Ulama  comb  the Quran and sunnah  purely to identify verses or narrations that they are able to misapply and contort to  support their own views and advance their own agenda.

This is a disease  suffered by many ulema who dabble in the cesspool of politics ,and celebrity status pursuits.

They become blinded to the truth and their deviance is made fair seeming to them.

Moulana Bham occupies a position , that if used properly , to serve Allah alone,  with honour, dignity and integrity, may benefit  many Muslims.

However , such two-faced shenanigans  results in the very opposite-widespread confusion and  disillusionment  as well  as mistrust of and  cynicism towards the ulema - a disastrous situation indeed.

May Allah guide us all and give the ulama the courage to speak the truth fearing none other than Allah - the Mighty,the Majestic.

(End of the Brother’s observation)


Some of  the jaahil members of Hizbush Shaitaan such as munaafiq reverend Bham and munaafiq Karaan, seeking to sound ‘academic’ and ‘learned’ stupidly  present as red herrings Islamically sounding terms such as ‘the maqaasid of the shariah’, without having the haziest idea of the bunkum they disgorge in their  satanic  attempts to halaalize haraam and kufr.


The Objectives of the Shariah preclude acts and ideas which  result in the abrogation of the Ahkaam of the Shariah.  The ideas which  these agents of Iblees  suck from the thumbs of their atheist masters whom they are bootlicking  for the attainment of worldly and nafsaani maqaasid , never come within the purview of the Maqaasid of the Shariah.


The abrogation, mutilation and distortion of Shar’i ahkaam are among the maqaasid of Iblees whom  Hizbush Shaitaan’s members are serving. Thus, closure of the Musaajid, cancelling  the Fardh Jamaat and Jumuah Salaat and adoption of the protocols of Iblees are all  among the maqaasid of shaitaan. Sin and  transgression, the worst of which  is to tamper  with Allah’s Laws, are never  within the scope of the Objectives of the Shariah.


Beware of Hizbush Shaitaan!

Some of the members of this satanic legion are Taqi Uthmani, Taha Karaan, reverend Abraham Bham, Zubair Bhayat, Suliman Ravat, Ebrahim Desai, Menk, Solomon  Ravat, the NNB jamiat cartel, the MJC pork and carrion halaalizers and many others. In the history of Islam there never existed such a vile, despicable  cartel of ulama-e-soo’ as we find in today’s Hizbush Shaitaan. It is essential for  Muslims to understand that these  agents of Iblees should not be touched with even a barge pole.  Avoid their evil shadows. Salaat behind these ‘religious’ scoundrels is not valid. In the words of the Hadith they are devils in human  form.



Q.  Our Musjid trustees here in Lenasia (Musjid Hamza, Ext.9) are notorious for introducing the satanic protocols even before the miscreant jamiat announced these. They have ruled: ‘No mask, no entry’. They have even threatened physical aggression if  there is no compliance with their order. Based on this, many Muslims comply, and many don’t come to the Musjid. Please comment.

A. If the shaitaani protocols are enforced by the agents of Iblees, then it is best for the Musjid to close down.  The musallis should  perform Salaat at  another venue or  in several homes, but they should not submit to the kufr  regulations of the Devil. Furthermore, it is necessary for the musallis to expel the trustees. They should form their own committee to run the affairs of the Musjid. The musallis are blameworthy  for tolerating the satanic thugs who have become ‘trustees’ by fraudulent  gimmicks.

Q. I live in Norwood-Houghton. The closest Masjid to me is Musjid Furqaan which is 15 – 20 minutes away. Since yesterday they closed upstairs. Now there is  only social distancing downstairs. Please advise what I should do?

A. If you are unable to find another Musjid or Jamaat Khaanah where Salaat is performed according to the Sunnah, then perform Salaat at  home. Never join the Satanists in their mock ‘salaat’. Do not join the haraam congregation in the Musjid. Salaat performed in terms of the protocols of Iblees is NOT VALID.

Q. I happened to be  for Jumuah Salaat where social distancing was practised. All the musallis had to  wear masks. What is the status of  the Jumuah Salaat performed in these conditions?

A. The Jumuah Salaat was not valid.  Perform  Qadha of Zuhr. Do not in future join congregations which consist of moron Muslims and Shayaateen. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the gaps in the Sufoof are occupied by Devils.

Q. A few Musallis of our Musjid have decided to break the lock which the trustees have put on the Musjid door, and  have their own  Jamaat Salaat according to the Sunnah. Is this permissible?

A. It is permissible and commendable. The Musjid is  not the property of the trustee devils.  They did not inherit the Musjid from their fathers. The Musallis have the right to dismiss the trustees and to appoint  other trustees who will not  conduct themselves as these munaafiqeen  do.

16 Jamadiyul Ula 1442 - 31 December 2020


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