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Masks in Salaah

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Masks in Salaah

It is the trait of a coward to write anonymously. They lack the courage to stand firm and unwavering upon their views regardless of opposition; hence, fear constrains them to cover themselves in a niqaab and veil of anonymity. Despite ostensibly being males, they suddenly become purdah-nasheen ladies and even their voices become `awrah. One such male pseudo “purdah-nasheen lady” has been writing some baatil articles under a cloak of anonymity. In a previous article he has hallucinated himself as being a Muhaddith capable of overriding the illustrious Muhadditheen of the past using his own contemporary, puerile “Jarh wat-Ta`deel”. Most recently, he has brought out an article supporting the wearing of masks in Salaah as well as social-distancing, thus opposing the 1,442 years of how this Ummah has performed Salaah and, more importantly, opposing the direct commands of Rasoolullaah .صلى الله عليه وسلم

Generally, articles written anonymously are not worth responding to, because if the writer is too much of a coward to attach his name to what he has written, then what he has written is not worth reading let alone responding to. Nevertheless, due to some requests we have received to refute the baatil disgorged by the anonymous pseudo purdah-nasheen lady, we will answer briefly, In Shaa Allaah.

1. He starts off his anonymous article by saying that there are two potential approaches on how to answer the issue, one of them being “using an independent Ijtihad to deal with this issue.” To “use an independent Ijtihad”, one has to be a Mujtahid. There are no Mujtahideen in this era, hence this point is moot and this “potential approach” is invalid and so it is كالعدم (like something that does not exist). If the anonymous writer believes himself to be capable of independent Ijtihad, then he is indeed a lost cause.

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