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On the basis of information circulated by a Brother, The Majlis criticized the trustees in an article, published on 12 February 2021. A Brother, Yakoob Motala on behalf of the trustees claims that the information on which The Majlis had criticized them is false.

We reproduce the letter of Yakoob Motala, and request the Brother who had provided the information to comment. We trust that the Brother will apprize us of his comments. Was the information provided by him false as claimed by Yakoob Motala or are the latter’s comments incorrect.

We hope to hear soon from the Brother. If there is no response forthcoming from the Brother, it will constrain us to publish an Apology as necessitated by the Shariah in the circumstances.

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته

I refer to your gutter language response to false information circulated around the country by an anonymous “brother” -- without your checking the facts of your information with the so called “munafiq” Trustees refers.

If   the Mufti was to be dismissed for Covid regulation matters, then he would have been dismissed around March – April 2020.

When the Mufti was given his notice of dismissal he was told :-

  • “it was decided to terminate your services for operational reasons and nothing else. The  Covid 19 rules and regulations had no bearing on this decision whatsoever”..

Mufti also works at a local Darul Ulum . The Mufti has had an operation for fibrosis or piles in September 2020 and has not been on the mussalla since then but he has  been on full pay since then.. In addition to the four months he has been told that he will receive full pay for February and March 2021..  . He has been given   30 days notice of termination of his services – and asked to hand in the FLAT keys by 31st March 2021.

Aalim Hafez Shoab the son of Ayub Kadwa who led  the jamaat in Faraz Salat in the Masjid during those months (4 months)  passed away  few weeks ago in a motor accident,  [pray Allah grant him Jannatul Firdos] .  That Imam was an honorary Imam as he refused to accept  any money the trustees offered to pay him..Presently Shoab’s Elder brother Moulana Hafez Zakaria is now doing the Imamat and he too is doing it for free. (Their father Ayub  during his youth years served the community as the sole Imam 0f this Masjid for many years with out collecting any salary.[they were doing it fi_sabi_Lillah?]) When Hafez Kadwa is not available the Moazzin conducts the  faraz Salat.

The Trustees I think are looking for an Imam that is fully able to perform all the duties of an imam (looking for a full-time Imam not part time). This is a public Trust utilising Public funds. The Mufti’s salary is :-

  • Cash Around R16,000 nett,   Masjid Trust also pays Mufti’s UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) levis & PAYE (Pay AsYou Earn) fees  plus he has a free spacious flat (which  in the past had accommodated two families)., with free electricity and free water. He also gets 21days annual paid leave,and paid sick leave. ..

Who is feeding the public doctored information?.  The clip that is circulating on cell phones around the country  giving the impression that the Mufty‘s services were terminated  because   of Covid instructions is penned anonymously as the person that wrote it has not had the guts to put his name to it. Also Where did that person get that doctored information?  Only three people (two Trustees and Mufti)  knew what was discussed at the meeting at which Mufti’s services were terminated..

Who do you think is spreading false information?

8 Rajab 1442 – 20 February 2021


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