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A Moron Murtad's Copro View On Marriage

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A moron so-called ‘imaam’, despite having reneged from Islam, becoming a Murtad, whose corpse even wild dogs and vultures will refuse to consume, professing to be a ‘muslim’ argues that it is permissible for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men even whilst they (the males) retain their non-Muslim religion. His copro-basis for his hallucination is that there is no verse in the Qur’aan which  explicitly  bans Muslim women from marrying kuffaar males who refuse to embrace Islam. The moron’s jahaalat is not surprising. The Qur’aan explicitly prohibiting marriage between Muslim females and kuffaar males, states:
“Do not return them (Muslim women) to the kuffaar, for they (Muslim women)
are not lawful for them (kuffaar men), nor are they( kuffaar men)
lawful for them  ( Muslim women).” (Aayat 10, Al-Mumtahinah)

The absurdity of a murtad moron labouring to issue verdicts in terms of the Qur’aan is indeed hilarious. In addition to his stupid argument, he compounds his stark ignorance with another stupid argument, namely, ‘Islam is a religion in which men and women are equal’. Even laymen will scoff and scorn at this ludicrous stupidity disgorged by the murtad moron who claims to be an ‘imaam’. He must be an imaam of some copro devils.

Even should it be assumed momentarily that there is no verse in the Qur’aan explicitly banning Muslim women from marrying kuffaar males, the moron murtad’s argument is devoid of substance. In the Qur’aan there is no verse which explicitly imposes the performance of Five obligatory Salaat nor are there verses which make explicit mention of innumerable Islamic laws, rituals and practices.  
The Qur’aan does in fact explicitly declare with emphasis the inequality of the genders. The Qur’aan emphatically declares the superiority of the man over woman.
The rot propagated by the murtad moron is too glaringly baseless to require any academic rebuttal. Every Muslim layman and laywoman understand the  Shariah’s position in this regard.
Our naseehat is proffered especially for ignorant modernist Muslim women whose Imaan has become compromised in consequence of kuffaar education and adoption of the immoral western cult of life. Marriage to non-Muslim males is never permissible as long as they retain their kufr religion. The meaning of not being permissible in this context is ‘not valid’. There is simply no marriage between a Muslim female and a kaafir male regardless of a thousand ‘nikahs’ performed between them by some murtad copro moron so-called ‘imaam’.
A union between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man will forever remain an adulterous relationship, and the resultant offspring will be illegitimate. Such a woman’s Imaan is almost certain to be effaced. It is the Waajib obligation of the Muslim community to ostracize such a woman who opts to pass her life in adultery with a kaafir man and breed haraam illegitimate children. It is not permissible to accord her Janaazah services. She should not be buried in a Muslim qabrustaan. Since she chose to pass her life in an immoral relationship with a kaafir male, her non-Muslim co-religionists should possess her vile mal-oon and mabghoodh corpse for dumping.
Some juhala argue that a woman who ‘marries’ (initiates an adulterous union with) a non-Muslim man can still be a ‘practising’ Muslim. Performing Salaat and executing some other rituals do not make a person a practising Muslim. Islamic rituals and practices render a person a ‘practising’ Muslim only if he/she has a valid Imaan. Minus Imaan, practising Islamic rituals even until Doomsday is futile. The Qur’aan emphatically denies the validity of the ostensibly ‘virtuous’ deeds of the kaafir and murtad.
If a person passes his/her entire life in adultery, but acknowledges the sinfulness of his/her conduct and that his/her indulgence is adultery, then such a person remains a Muslim, albeit of defective Imaan. But when a supposedly Muslim woman undergoes a ‘marriage’ ceremony with a non-Muslim man, she in fact rejects Allah’s Law. By entering into a union which she believes to be a valid ‘marriage’, she implies that what Allah has made haraam is halaal. Hence, she loses her Imaan and becomes a rotten murtaddah. In a genuine Islamic state, the corpse of a murtad will be dragged like a dead animal and dumped far from the city precincts in the wilds where vultures may consume the rotten carrion. It is probable that even vultures may recoil with abhorrence at the corpse of a murtad.
Whilst we are on this subject, we should warn Muslims of the danger of switching even Math-habs for the sake of marriage. The spouses should not change their Math-habs. Neither should the wife adopt her husband’s Math-hab nor vice versa. Both should adhere to their respective Math-habs despite the fact that all Four Math-habs comprise the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. The Mashaaikh have expressed the fear of an evil Maut (Death) for a person who abandons his Math-hab and adopts the Math-hab of the spouse. Since the switch is the consequence of marriage, not the Deen, it is tantamount to reneging from the Deen for the sake of the dunya.
Spouses of different Math-habs should be tolerant of their mutual Math-habi differences and each one should respect the other’s Math-hab. Only if a spouse is a complete ignoramus and totally lacks knowledge of the Math-hab into which he/she was born, may the Math-hab of the ignoramus be changed to enable him/her to practise Islam correctly.
When Math-hab is changed for a worldly reason, it is tantamount to reneging from Islam although a ruling of kufr shall not be issued. Nevertheless, there is the fear of losing one’s Imaan at the time of Maut. What the noble Fuqaha and Auliya have said in this regard is the Haqq with which one trifles at the peril of extinguishing one’s Imaan.

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