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(1)    Further to the rumpus surrounding the Port Shepstone Jaami Musjid, a senior Brother from Port Shepstone writes:

Respected Mufti Sahib


Having read the article sent to The Majlis as an octogenarion living in Port Shepstone the pain of having to witness this looming strife is frightening. This whole matter is blown out of context. This situation is not about being dismissed because of the Covid 19 issue but in the manner of firstly the flimsy excuse put forward and more importantly where and how it was given. An official notice of dismissal was never given which is the norm. Hence the furore created is coated with Shaitaan wringing his tainted hands with glee. More is the shame. To denegrade this Mufti's life in the public domain need to question the agenda of the author. If the Trustees have solidly considered the implication of the dismissal then let them follow the procedure of the Constitution and treat Mufti Sahib with the respect his status deserves. In every aspect Mufti Sahib fulfilled all his duties as the Imaam EXCEPT Imaamat. He made absolutely sure of a replacement and stood as muqtadee behind the Imaam in every salaah.  To suggest otherwise is a blatant lie. The trustees erred to a great degree of not first asking Mufti for medical document to prove his inability not to perform salaah.I am sure even at this juncture this proof is available.


If Mr Motala as a trustee with his hand on his heart and with Allah as his Witness declare that he had attended a trustees meeting in which a resolution was adopted to dismiss the Imaam, then I could understand his concern. On the other hand can the resolution recorded in the Trust Minutes prove authority granted by the Chairman and Treasurer to make public an employees remuneration. public scrutiny..This alone is a serious violation of an employees rights within the law.


May Allah grant us that type of Tawakkul that strengthens our Aqeeda.

Summa Insha'Allah.


I leave with Allah as my Wakeel.


Your servant and brother.


(End of letter)

We are awaiting more comments from Musallis and others related to the Musjid. 

(2) Another Musalli of the Musjid writes:

I bring to you further information regarding the above Trust:

1.  The Constitution of the above Trust allows ONLY SURTEES to become members.

2.  No Annual General Meetings and elections have been held over the past fifteen years or more. Inspire of it being a requirement.

3.  As a musallee what am I to do?

Your advice and guidance will be appreciated.


(End of letter)

If what you have said is correct, then it is necessary for the Musallis to dismiss the trustees. A new Musjid committee should be instituted.

10 Rajab 1442 – 22 February 2021


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